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Memorial Day DIY Project: Install a Bidet Attachment on Your Toilet

Install A Bidet Attachment On Your Toilet

Let's Install a Bidet Attachment on Your Toilet! When it comes to installing a bidet attachment on your toilet over Memorial Day, this simple DIY janitorial services project can leave your home with amazing benefits that you probably have never thought about.

Benefits to Installing A Bidet Attachment On Your Toilet

We've listed the top benefits to installing a bidet attachment on your toilet, and they include:

  • Improved hygiene - Bidet attachments may be just what you need. By providing a thorough and hygienic cleaning of your genital and anal areas, bidet attachments can help you feel fresher and cleaner than ever before. Say goodbye to uncomfortable toilet paper and hello to a cleaner, healthier you with bidet attachments.
  • Reduced toilet paper usage - By using bidet attachments for thorough cleansing, you can lessen your dependence on toilet paper, resulting in a more eco-friendly and affordable option.
  • Soothing and gentle cleaning - Bidet attachments offer a gentler, more soothing cleaning experience than using toilet paper. It uses a stream of water to clean, making it ideal for people with sensitive skin.
  • Reducing irritation and infections - Using water with bidet attachments can reduce irritation and the risk of infections from excessive wiping. Say goodbye to uncomfortable bathroom trips.
  • Eco-friendly - Using bidet attachments can help reduce the amount of toilet paper usage, which is more environmentally friendly.
  • Cost-effective - Investing in bidet attachments can save you money in the long run compared to constantly buying toilet paper. Plus, bidets provide a hygienic and refreshing cleaning experience. Upgrade your bathroom routine today with a cost-effective solution that benefits both your wallet and cleanliness.
  • Easy to install - Forget about hiring a professional to install your bidet attachment. Say goodbye to the messy installation process and fuss-free upgrades - bidet attachments are designed with easy installation in mind. You can enjoy a luxurious, hygienic experience in just minutes and without the added hassle.

Ok, so now you know the benefits of installing a bidet attachment on your toilet, it's time to actually get to work!

Installing A Bidet Attachment On Your Toilet

How to Install A Bidet Attachment On Your Toilet

Don't over think this! DIY projects like installing a bidet attachment on your toilet can be a simple and straightforward process. But first things first, let's gather the janitorial services materials and janitorial services tools needed to get this project completed correctly. Below, find the materials needed to easily Install a Bidet Attachment on Your Toilet.

Janitorial Services Materials Needed

  • Bidet attachment
  • T-valve
  • Hose
  • Mounting hardware
  • Teflon tape
  • Wrenches
  • Instructions

You can also check out this list of janitor tools to make sure you have everything you need.

Now that you have the janitorial services materials and tools, let's move to the fun part- actually installing a bidet attachment on your toilet. Follow the simple janitorial services steps below and you'll be finished in no time.

Janitorial Services

Steps to Installing A Bidet Attachment On Your Toilet

Keep in mind that these steps to Install a Bidet Attachment on Your Toilet may vary depending on the size of your project. Ready? Ok, let's do this!

  • Turn off the water supply - Don't let water flow where it shouldn't! Before starting any toilet installation, make sure to turn off the water supply to prevent any potential water damage.
  • Remove the toilet seat - To easily install the bidet attachment, you'll need to unscrew the bolts that secure the toilet seat in place.
  • Install the T-valve - Secure your T-valve to the water supply hose with ease! Simply use a wrench to tighten and ensure a snug fit. Say goodbye to leaks and hello to a functioning toilet in no time.
  • Connect the bidet attachment - Securely connect your bidet attachment hose to the T-valve with ease using a trusty wrench. Simply tighten it up and enjoy the refreshing benefits of a properly installed bidet attachment.
  • Mount the bidet attachment - Depending on your bidet model, you may need brackets or screws for secure attachment to your toilet. Find out what your bidet requires for a perfect fit.
  • Reinstall the toilet seat - After securely mounting the bidet attachment, use the bolts removed earlier to reattach the toilet seat.
  • Turn on the water supply - To ensure no leaks, turn on the water supply and tighten any loose connections.
  • Adjust the settings - To ensure the best experience with your bidet attachment, adjust the settings according to your preferences. Check for adjustable features like water pressure or nozzle position, and make adjustments as needed.
  • Test the bidet attachment - After installation, test the bidet attachment for perfect functionality.


This amazing janitorial services DIY project of installing a bidet attachment on your toilet checks both boxes of being very rewarding and a DIY project that can be completed over Memorial Day weekend. As long as you have the janitorial services supplies you need and follow the steps above, your finish this project successfully.

You got this! And if anything, you can always hire a janitor if the janitorial services project becomes too overwhelming.

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