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Memorial Day DIY Project: Build a Raised Garden

Build a Raised Garden

Let's build a raised garden! When it comes to building a raised garden over Memorial Day, this simple DIY landscaping project can leave your home with amazing benefits that you probably have never thought about.

Benefits to Building a Raised Garden

We've listed the top benefits to building a raised garden, and they include:

  • Growing your garden in raised beds provides an ideal environment for flourishing plants. You can customize the soil to suit specific needs and introduce vital nutrients, such as compost or manure, essential for a vibrant harvest. Enjoy healthier blooms and bountiful harvests!
  • Raised beds can provide a haven for your plants even in the most challenging conditions, such as heavy rainfall or sticky clay soils. By mixing gravel or other drainage material into their foundations, waterlogging and excess moisture will be quickly whisked away, allowing blooms to thrive!
  • Raised garden beds offer an easier way to plant and maintain gardens, especially for those with mobility challenges. With less bending and kneeling needed than in a traditional plot setup, it makes gardening more accessible, allowing all ages to enjoy the simple pleasure of outdoor cultivation.
  • Planting in raised garden beds not only makes it easier to tend your blooms but can also be a smart way to protect them from pesky pests. Say goodbye to slugs and snails with some creative fencing—you might even try constructing a frame covered in netting for maximum security!
  • Expand your gardening season by building raised garden beds! Their sunlight-catching construction helps warm soil more quickly in the spring and hold onto heat for longer into the fall. And to really give your plants a leg up, you can construct covers or hoop houses to create an extra layer of protection from harsh winter weather conditions.
  • A garden bed is a great way to give your outdoor space an eye-catching, personalized touch. Whether you prefer larger beds or smaller ones with winding paths and shapes of your own design, the possibilities are endless!

Ok, so now you know the benefits of building a raised garden, it's time to actually get to work!

Building a Raised Garden

How to Build a Raised Garden

Don't over think this! DIY projects like building a raised garden can be a simple and straightforward process. But first things first, let's gather the landscaping materials and landscaping tools needed to get this project completed correctly. Below, find the materials needed to easily build a raised garden.

Landscaping Materials Needed

  • Wood or other materials for the garden bed
  • Soil
  • Garden fabric or landscaping cloth
  • Hardware cloth
  • Tools
  • Plants or seeds
  • Mulch
  • Water

You can also check out this list of landscaper tools to make sure you have everything you need.

Now that you have the landscaping materials and tools, let's move to the fun part- actually building a raised garden. Follow the simple landscaping steps below and you'll be finished in no time.


Steps to Building a Raised Garden

Keep in mind that these steps to build a raised garden may vary depending on the size of your project. Ready? Ok, let's do this!

  • Search your yard for that perfect patch of sun-soaked bliss in which to grow the garden you've been dreaming about! Make sure it's somewhere easily reached and can be watered regularly, so at least 6 hours of sunlight reach it each day.
  • Before planting your dream garden, consider the space you have and decide how many plants can fit in it to get a beautiful outcome.
  • Create a boundary for your garden that's as solid and dependable as the day is long! Gather some hearty materials like wood, cinder blocks, bricks, or stones to build up your frame. Cut everything down to size before nailing it into place; make sure you stay level while doing so in order to get an even, square structure when all is said and done.
  • Create a weed-proof barrier by lining the base of your garden with landscaping cloth or fabric—no more pesky plants invading from below!
  • Give your garden bed the nourishment it needs to thrive by mixing topsoil, compost, and other organic matter together—a nutritious recipe for success!
  • Ensure your garden is free from unwanted guests! Lay down a layer of hardware cloth before filling the bed with soil, and rest easy knowing that burrowing animals won't be able to get through.
  • Plant your own outdoor paradise! Carefully consider what vibrant, colorful blooms you'd like to have in your garden and get creative with the layout. Use a shovel or hoe to till up the earth so that each of your precious seeds is carefully planted in its ideal spot, where it can bask beneath sun-kissed rays and breathe in fresh air. Get outside and create something beautiful!
  • Give your garden a good soaking to ensure that the plants take root and thrive in their new home!
  • Add a blanket of mulch to the soil for an extra layer of hydration and defense against pesky weeds.
  • Nurture your garden, and it will provide for you. Proper weeding and watering are essential to ensuring that your raised bed yields luscious fruits, vegetables, and more each season for years of enjoyment! Regular fertilization is also key to keeping things thriving—no one-size-fits-all here; identify the needs of each plant individually in order to keep them happy!


This amazing landscaping DIY project of building a raised garden checks both boxes of being very rewarding and a DIY project that can be completed over Memorial Day weekend. As long as you have the landscaping supplies you need and follow the steps above, your finish this project successfully.

You got this! And if anything, you can always hire a landscaper if the landscaping project becomes too overwhelming.

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