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E-cards sites not included are those that are overly pop-up ad-laden, miss the solemn meaning of the day completely, are mis-categorized (4rth of July and Veteran's Day type cards are important, they just are not Memorial Day cards), or require a paid membership to send holiday cards. A few are not included as they had poor cross-platform browser support. Some sites included below do have some Memorial Day cards that miss the meaning of the day, but are included as most of their cards do deeply reflect the true and solemn meaning of the day.

If you want to send real (snail mail) Memorial Day cards, John 15:13 Memorial Day Cards may be purchased at the U.S. Memorial Day Store (all proceeds go to support the U.S. Memorial Day site and mission):

(if you know of any other online retailer of Memorial Day cards, please let us know)

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