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Part of The Memorial Day website’s mission is to be a central point for finding information on the day, and to provide an online community for people to share their feelings, pride, respect and honor for those that gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Call for Memorial Day Writings
If you have any articles, essays, lyrics, poems, prayers or speeches relating to the US Memorial Day, please consider donating a copy to webmaster@suvcw.org so that we can add them to this page. You can send your writings in HTML, text (i.e. Notepad), or Word formats. Amateur and professional works are both welcomed. Acceptance of work submitted is not automatic; we will only accept and post works we feel do not detract from the message and theme of the Memorial Day site. Thus, perfectly great works may not be accepted. All decisions are final. All personal writings will be credited to the owner and with a notice that they are for private downloading and viewing only, or for use on a non-commercial Memorial Day related web site (as long as credit to the author is given). Sending in writings is evidence that you have agreed with this policy. Please include your name, email or other contact information, name of the writing, date of the writing (if known), and a statement that you are the original author of the work being submitted, and that you agree to the above policy.

Volunteer to type up past Presidential Memorial Day speeches.
We are slowly adding past Presidential Memorial Day speeches to this web site. There are over 130 years worth to add and thus the process has been rather slow. Most are not online, the majority of them are in the government publication Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States which can be found at many libraries. If your local public or academic library has copies, please consider volunteering to locate a Memoirla Day speech or two from that publication and to type up a copy of them to send to us. Please email us at webmaster@suvcw.org before you start so that we can coordinate your efforts with that of others and thus avoid duplication of efforts.