by  Jessica F., 3rd Grader, Academy Elementary School, Madison, Connecticut, 2001


Red, white and blue
For those we knew
Who marched off to war.
We honor them now
And show them how
Their bravery we can’t ignore.Heroes of war,
They were so much more,
Father and brother and friend.
Flags at half mast
For those of the past
To whom our gratitude we send.We place flowers on the graves
Of those who were brave,
We salute them far and wide.
Seeing poppies galore
While our hearts soar,
remembering proudly those who have died.


Note: Jessica’s poem was printed in a small mailer to 50 clients of a real estate agent in May 2003. From the mailer’s editor:

“I work for a real estate agent and we send out a monthly mailer to clients and past clients. We used to get letters from this real estate website, but we stopped using them and I was writing my own letter up and wanted to base it on Memorial day, just to kind of remind people of what it was about. I found your site and when I read Jessica’s poem, it was just perfect to base my letter on, as well as some other information included about when Memorial day started and what it symbolizes.” Mellissa Zurcher 22 May 2003