by Bruce Obermeyer, 2001


Their son was only two weeks old; their daughter’s years were three
When duty called this pilot to the war across the sea.
“Let’s just pretend you’re only going on a business trip.
Each day we’ll write about the things we’ve done and then we’ll slip
a note into an envelope and put it in the mail.
You send me yours; I’ll send you mine, I promise, without fail.”
He walked away with pounding heart while fighting back the tears
with “Come home soon, I love you, Daddy” ringing in his ears.
They kept that promise, sealed with love some 30 years ago.
They sent him tapes and photographs so he could watch them grow.
They’re married now with children of their own who, at the Wall,
ask “Was my Grandpa brave?” and Grandma says, “Bravest of all.”