by Sam L. Carter, 29 May 2005

Sitting here today, reading a poem “Our Flag is Great”, I ponder another time’
I’m reminded, for several years, its come & gone, the “9/11” terrorist crime!
A discernment prior to then, about people’s indifference & disrespectful ways,
Left feelings that drastic times were coming, but not as terrible as the “9/11” days.
At public gatherings, people had no thought of reverence for our Flag’s history,
For sacrifices made by friends & family, many dying patriotically, to keep us free.
Giving their lives or limbs or minds in times of crisis that threatened our liberty,
Going proudly, knowing this Country grew up fighting from sea to shining sea.
Of course there was concern, not wanting to leave loved ones so far behind,
But knowing in their hearts it was necessary to protect this land, so never mind.
Those not returning believed & fought for freedom others earlier died to earn.
For too long this history lesson escaped many, but was soon to be “re-learned.”
Such a sad commentary, we have short memories of freedom they died to earn,
Not adhering to basic principles our founding fathers set out, will we ever learn?
It’s noticeable by all those that had loved ones die in War & what it meant,
In war time, when they died, honoring our flag was showing them a compliment.
Those feelings never left this old country boy’s thinking or appreciative ways,
Being one of a handful to remove a hat or place a hand on our heart in prior days.
I can too vividly remember disrespect at ball games, parades, or at race tracks,
“No Respect” during National Anthem, only laughing & hollering, a sad fact.
Then 9/11/2001, a dastardly deed causing the current liberating Foreign Wars,
Fighting terrorism in places it originates, pushing it away from USA’s door.
Many more personnel in harms way have died over the past several years,
“Memorial Day” gives us pause to be aware of survivor’s heartbreaking tears.
So many died for this freedom in establishing frontiers for Liberty worldwide,
Continuing today with our U.S troops, we should support them all with Pride.
For those dying long ago & the ones giving their all now in current campaigns,
To afford so many, a blood soaked Liberty, honor by letting freedom bells ring.
We should reflect continually on the history of our flag & all the lives given,
Maybe pause today, raise the Flag & say “thank you” for a free life we’re livin’.
“Another Memorial Day” to appreciate all the fallen since the rockets red glare.
Honor all deceased military at this time on “Another Memorial Day” in prayer.