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7 Exciting Things to do in Nashville on Memorial Day

Memorial Day Weekend in Nashville

Home of exciting Grand Ole Opry and Backstage Tour, Hop On Hop Off Bus, Belle Meade Plantation and plenty of things to do in Nashville on Memorial Day. We've compiled some of the best activities to do in Nashville on this Memorial Day holiday.

Memorial Day Weekend in Nashville

Memorial Day on Grand Ole Opry and Backstage Tour

Sure, the closest some of us may get to being rockstars is offkey renditions of Rockstar on a karaoke night, but at this attraction, you can get as close as standing on the very same stage your idol once stood on!

Here, guests experience a super-cool live radio concert and a tour of the Ryman Auditorium’s backstage areas, where you learn about the venue’s grand history and explore actual dressing rooms.

The concert is one of the top kid-friendly things to do in Nashville—a perfectly-timed show (45 minutes—just right), church-pew seating (freedom of movement!) and of course, popcorn!

Hop On Hop Off Bus

The popular Hop On Hop Off Bus is not only one of the most fun family attractions in Nashville during Memorial Day, but also an efficient way to see the city.

This double-decker bus has an experienced guide on board who can point out things you may otherwise miss, such as the recording studios and certain sections of town, and all at a great price.

The constant inflow of attractions will also serve in keeping the tots engaged and manageable, so mom and dad can actually focus on the attractions instead of the kids!

Take Gray Line for the best overview of the city.

Belle Meade Plantation on Memorial Day

If you’re visiting the south, you absolutely must visit a plantation and the Belle Meade during Memorial Day is an excellent option, with interesting tours that’ll hold the tots’ attention and a treat for parents right at the end—wine tasting!

The former horse-breeding plantation features horse stables, carriage storage and a great lawn.

The 45-minute tour takes you through the whole site; interesting as it is, the doors are locked when the tour starts and only open after, which means you’re left managing your tots and any “emergencies” the entire time unless you’re asked to be let out.

The Escape Game Nashville

If you’re wondering what is there to do in Nashville on Memorial Day weekend, say hello to The Escape Game Nashville.

A unique escape game, this attraction is one spot where the tykes won’t be complaining about having to be indoors. Up to 8 members are put in specially-designed rooms and participants have 60 minutes to figure out how, as the name says, escape!

Don’t worry; you have a variety of setups and props to help you along the way, and even hints when the going gets really tough!

Tweens are sure to dig the fun, mystery and adventure on offer here!

Music City Hall of Fame

Yes, Nashville is the Music City, but if you want a super-detailed look at all things “country music”, the Music City Hall of Fame is “the” spot to go on Memorial Day.

Apart from the well-displayed exhibits that pack in the genre’s history, the museum has super-fun kids’ attractions, such as the Scavenger Hunt (prizes in the end!) and a kids’ area to keep the tots happy!

The undoubted highlight, though, is the recording studio, a crowd-favorite attraction where you can record, playback and save your music, just as is done in an actual recording studio. Too cool!

Memorial Day on Frist Center for the Visual Arts Nashville

Sure, this doesn’t exactly sound like something the kids would dig, but wait till they try out the interactive activities on offer.

Visitors to the Frist Center can easily end up spending hours here—the art section features a brilliant photography collection that mom and dad will enjoy, whereas the tots may not want to leave the kids’ section!

The kids’ section offers an array of interactive kids activities based on fine art and building, such as sketching, building, water-color painting and even stop animation. Tots can unleash their inner Picassos and the whole family can make art together on Memorial Day!

Nashville Adventure Science Center

Every city has a great venue that combines learning and fun, and at Nashville, it’s the Nashville Adventure Science Center, where science is as far away from “boring” as possible.

Head to the TinkerLab to build to your hearts’ content (you can take your creation home), or the super-cool climbing structure right in the middle of the museum; climbing all the way to the top rewards you with beautiful views of Nashville during Memorial Day.

Last but not least is the Farting Slide. Yep, this slide farts every time you slide down it and yep, kids love it, even if the parents don’t!

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