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10 Fun Things to do in Minneapolis on Memorial Day

Memorial Day Weekend in Minneapolis

Home of fun The Escape Game — Mall of America, Hitching Company — North Loop, Great Wolf Lodge Water Park — East Bloomington and lots of things to do on Memorial day in Minneapolis. We've compiled some of the best things to do in Minneapolis on this Memorial Day holiday.

Memorial Day Weekend in Minneapolis

Memorial Day on The Escape Game — Mall of America

On Memorial Day, Start off your adventure with a unique twist by going on a mind-boggling trip to the Escape Game.

Ticking clocks, chained locks, and maybe, secret passages? Explore the mysteries behind the theme and story inside the escape room to get the whole family to safety.

You’ll all be locked in a room with 2 main objectives; find all the hidden pieces of evidence and escape the room within 60 minutes and win the game! This thrilling little activity is one of the best things to do in Minneapolis with kids

Hitching Company — North Loop

Let the Hitching Company take you on a horse-drawn carriage tour on all the beautiful sights Minneapolis on Memorial Day weekend.

The peace and relaxation of moving at a slower pace, along with the sound of the hooves, and the comfort of a professional tour guide while you navigate the city streets is the best way to experience a perfect trip to Minneapolis with kids.

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful ride, a well-versed narrated historical tour or maybe even just an opportunity to touch and make a meaningful relationship with the horse, this is the perfect trip for you!

Travelling with a baby and worried about missing out? This is the perfect opportunity for you to enjoy the whole city with the complete family without compromising your convenience.

Great Wolf Lodge Water Park — East Bloomington on Memorial Day

The Great Wolf Lodge Water Park is one of the best places to take kids in Minneapolis for families looking for a fantastic getaway during Memorial Day.

Enjoy the different water exhibits, swimming pools, and play areas this water park has to offer for the ultimate getaway experience with the whole tribe.

From a series of thrilling rides and attractions like the heart pumping slide called The Plunge and streaming artificial waterfalls, to more relaxing areas of the lodge, this water park has loads to offer that’s sure to set you up on an unforgettable vacation.

With a scaling thrill level for the rides and slides, the Great Wolf Lodge Water Park will undoubtedly be fun for teens and youngsters alike.

Paradise Charter Cruises — Lake Minnetonka

Cruise through the beautiful waters of Lake Minnetonka with the Paradise Charter Cruises and Minneapolis Queen.

Since 1985, the Paradise Charter Cruises has provided an enthralling tour and front row show of events on Lake Minnetonka for a variety of people showcasing the simple beauty and relaxation the waters has to offer.

Let the waters be the captain, as you go through a slow and peaceful excursion through the waters with amazing food, entertainment and music that’ll serenade you all throughout the trip.

If you’re looking for unique family activities in Minneapolis on Memorial Day, smooth cruising with the whole family sounds like a perfect getaway plan.

Nickelodeon Universe — Mall of America

The Nickelodeon Universe is undoubtedly one of the most famous and extremely amusing family things to do in Minneapolis with toddlers during Memorial Day.

Take the kids on a remarkable trip as you take on thematic rides of their favorite characters and cartoons with a wide array of options to choose from.

With 27 rides and attractions, give the kiddos the chance to meet their favorite TV show characters up close and personal inside the Nickelodeon Universe.

Memorial Day on Lake Harriet Bandshell Park — Linden Hills

Lake Harriet Bandshell Park offers loads of fun withs its park filled with free kid-friendly things to do on Memorial Day in Minneapolis.

With its location near the Lake, this park is home to a beachfront that’s terrific for families looking for a quick dip or for those looking for an opportunity to fish and go boating.

Inside the park is magnificent infrastructures that host concerts, performances and other lively events for tourists and locals alike so make sure to complete the experience by touring the whole area of the Lake Harriet Bandshell Park.

Minnesota Zoo — South St. Paul

Want to see exotic and exquisite creatures up close? The Minnesota Zoo is the best place in town.

Boasting and housing over 400 species of animals, this zoo offers a plethora of interactive exhibits for a full wilderness experience.

You’ll also be accommodated by the most well-versed guides that’ll give you wonderful insights and nuggets of information about the different special attractions inside the zoo.

While you traverse around the premises of the zoo, you’ll also learn everything you need to know about animal conservation and the importance of biodiversity.

Minnesota Children’s Museum — Downtown St. Paul

The Minnesota’s Children Museum is a haven for kiddie adventure, imagination and entertainment.

Enjoy three whole floors of interactive, creative and mind-churning exhibits for the little ones to peruse and enjoy!

Take on an amazing trip on Memorial Day to this museum for hours of entertainment and exploring as you channel your children’s creative juices on the different attractions for kids and activities for an immersive experience like no other.

This museum is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Minneapolis with kids that’ll get the ‘lil ones active and about with their young and creative little brains.

Amazing Mirror Maze — Mall of America

See if you can handle the mind-twisting, eye-catching and huh-inducing mazes of the Amazing Mirror Maze in the Mall of America.

This magical and otherworldly maze is a must try for families looking for a unique experience in the city on Memorial Day that holds immense potential for fun with kids.

See infinite reflections of yourself in every corner, crevice and direction! Encounter surprises at every turn, dead ends and maybe run into continuous circles.

Try and find your way around and maybe even earn the title Maze Master.

Children’s Theatre Company — Minneapolis Institute of Art

Glittering decorations, dazzling lights, beautiful interior design and an outstanding experience all within the wall of the Children’s Theatre Company is waiting just for you.

If your family enjoys live performances in a picturesque venue filled with talented local artists and best of all, children, then this destination is the perfect one for you!

Get ready to be blown away by amazing and remarkable productions of stellar actors, actresses and a complete integration of art and artist in shows that sure to touch your hearts in the Children’s Theatre Company.

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