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Memorial Day Traditions: 10 Powerful Traditions to Show Pride

But never forget why we celebrate Memorial Day in the first place. It’s a holiday to commemorate the military who have served us valiantly so that we can live our comfortable lives in America. You should still chug your beers and have your hot dogs and burgers at your cookout. However, make sure to honor these brave soldiers by doing these ten powerful traditions on Memorial Day.

Memorial Day Traditions: 10 Powerful Traditions to Show Pride

1. See a Former Battlefield

There are plenty of former battlefields from wars such as St. Gettysburg in North Virginia and Pennsylvania. Since the Civil War, there have been many battlefields along the East Coast, where soldiers have fought hard to defend our country. If you're not in a battlefield area, it might be time to watch a great Memorial Day movie.

2. Tune in to a Memorial Day Concert

Every year, networks such as NPR and PBS will broadcast the Memorial Day concert near the US Capitol. Although the concert includes a lot of music, it pays tribute to the men and women who have fallen but fought valiantly to help make our country what it is today. Oh, and don't converse Memorial Day with Veterans Day, there is a difference.

3. Attend a Memorial Day Parade

There are parades where you’ll find veterans marching to show off their pride. Take your children and have a great time with the veterans. I’m sure you’ll put a big smile on the veteran’s face. You can also include a Memorial day parade before hosting a Memorial Day party.

4. Take Part in a Memorial Service

Veterans will usually plan memorial service events for other veterans’ families, friends, and the general public during this holiday. They always welcome new guests, so don’t be afraid to stop in!

5. Raise an American Flag

One easy way to show your respect for veterans is to raise your American flag. This flag symbolizes what they have fought to maintain and earn our freedom. The flag should stay in half past noon position since it’s the tradition.

6. Visit a Veteran’s Home

Following the great Civil War, there was a substantial quantity of disabled and incapable veterans unable to make it back to their jobs or couldn’t take care of themselves due to their health condition. During 1864, veteran homes began opening up, and many veterans have flocked there since. Given what they have done for our country, it’s the least that we can do. As citizens of America, we can visit them to help them feel comfortable. Talk with a veteran for a few hours and have your children say hi. Appreciate the work that they’ve done for our country. Bring some food or goodies such as cookies to show your appreciation for them. Make sure you let them know that they are not forgotten.

7. Share a Picture of a Fallen Military Personnel or Solder on Social Media

Share a picture on social media of a veteran you either know or a story you’ve heard to help their legacy live on. After all, Memorial Day is for remembering these soldiers who have helped our country.

Memorial Day Traditions: 10 Powerful Traditions to Show Pride
Memorial Day Traditions: 10 Powerful Traditions to Show Pride

8. Go to a Nearby Veteran’s Cemetery

Typically graves are maintained by a veteran’s family members. However, if they no longer have living relatives, then the burden is taken by various veteran groups in the local area. Help them out by dropping in with some fresh flowers to beautify their graves.

9. Hoist an MIA or POW Flag

Try to raise the POW or MIA flag as this serves as a reminder about the sacrifices of these soldiers and the loss of their familiy members. According to Deparment of Defense, there are a whopping 83,000 Americans who have fallen or went missing from the Korean War, Vietnam War, Cold War, World War II, and the 1991 Gulf War.

10. Have a Moment of Silence

Sadly, most people use Memorial Day as a way to get drunk and eat burgers. However, in 2000, Congress passed an act called the National Moment of Remembrance. With this act, it helps to honor troops. On Memorial Day at 3 p.m. all Americans will pause and think about the fall soldiers. It’s a great way to remember and keep these soldiers in our hearts.


Bonus Tip: Support your veteran groups.

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