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Memorial Day Party Ideas: 10 Amazing Ideas to Impress

Memorial Day Party Ideas: 10 Amazing Ideas to Impress

We hope that you can use these ideas to make your Memorial Day memorable. Here are ten amazing ideas to kick off Memorial Day and impress your friends or family.

1. Organize a Hot Dog Bar

It’s tough to compete with a party that has hotdogs with all of the best toppings. Take time to grill special hot dogs and have a wide selection of toppings for your guests to choose from. These toppings put a great spin on the classic plain hot dog into something exciting and fun.

2. Host a Craft Beer Tasting

Craft beer stands above the rest, especially at parties. If you’re a person who loves craft beers, now is the time to show it off. You can do a beer tasting with your party guests. You can demonstrate the wonderful selection of fruit beers, summer brews, and session ales. Your friends can try out all of these amazing beer options.

3. Create a Festive Banner

Since it’s Memorial Day, you can add a basic stars and strippers banner along your yard or any type of wide area. You can use printed flags and customize them to your desired length.

4. Rent a Boat

Nothing says impressive like a boat. If you live near water, then you should be able to get yourself a watercraft. Ideally, you can rent a sailboat. However, you can rent any type of boat. You could even rent a pontoon located on a lake. Don’t focus on luxury. It’s for relaxing and enjoying the sun.

5. Set up a Slider Party

However, if you like burgers instead, you can spice it up with a slider party. Since these are mini burgers, they look very social-media worthy and offer guests many options to choose from, such as spicy jalapeno sliders or bacon and cheese stuffed burgers. This also means your guests will have room to eat dessert.

6. Plan a Southern Style Barbecue

For those that live in the south or enjoy the southern food, this is for you. Enjoy the delicious southern style cooking for barbecue-style cooking. Don’t just do the boring hotdog and hamburger. Instead, add some sizzle such as brisket, pulled pork, and ribs to the menu.

7. Hang Pinatas

You can also make and hang up pinatas that are filled with surprises for guests. For the children, you can fill it up with water balloons, small outdoor toys, sidewalk chalk, and candy. For adults, you can fill the pinatas with little bottles of your favorite liquor.

8. Dip in a Pool

We understand that not everyone has a pool. You can ask others to see if they will let you use their pool. Suppose your friends or families don’t let you try finding one using staycation sites such as HomeAway or Airbnb. You can easily rent a house and enjoy the pool to yourself. Pools are an excellent attraction that doesn’t require extra planning, such as party games or decorations. Additionally, the pool makes everyone relax and have a great time.

Memorial Day Party Ideas: 10 Amazing Ideas to Impress
Memorial Day Party Ideas: 10 Amazing Ideas to Impress

9. Hang Lights and Streamers

One way to add some sizzle at an affordable price to your part is to decorate it with lights and streamers. You can easily spice up your outdoor or indoor space within a few minutes for this holiday.

10. Host a Potluck

If you have to purchase all of the ingredients, that can be time-consuming, expensive, and taxing. For those who are short on money and time, try a potluck. Use the “you bring it; we grill it” style. This means that each guest will bring their choice of meat to the grill to share. Now everyone can enjoy their favorite food, and you get to save a lot of money for the party.

That should give you plenty of ideas for a Memorial Day Party.

In Orlando, check out Memorial Day in Orlando for some things to do in that amazing city.    

Memorial Day weekend is one of the best times to celebrate with your friends, family, and soak up the sun. But what should you do to impress your loved ones? Plan and organize some fun activities for your gathering. There are a variety of themes, locations, and party ideas that you can use. It’s an excellent time to celebrate in your backyard or get out of town.

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