Veteran Owned Business in Texas & More

In addition to veteran owned businesses in Texas, we also highlight Texas businesses who support Veterans. Leaving the US Military and rejoining the civilian world is one of the hardest trials that veterans face. Both these Texas business types play an important role in our vets rejoining civilian life after leaving the military.

Support these Busineesses!

A big supporter of military veterans and active military personnel is Real Green Services of Austin, Texas. The leading lawn care maintenance and pest control service in the area.

The Hull Firm is a dedicated team of professionals who want to give back and support our military veterans. They have an 98% success rate, which makes them one of the best Austin-based criminal law firms in Austin, Texas.

Texas-based National Title has been a big supporter of veterans and their families. The title and real estate transacation group is a leading full-service company with a Nationwide reach with new title agency offices in Rockwall, Flower Mound, and Dallas, Texas.

McMinn Law Firm is proud to be a big supporter of military veterans. With offices in Austin, Texas, the firm has a high-representation for personal injury, car accidents as well commercial truck collisions.

As a limo service leader, Elite Car Service extends their support to veterans and families with an bi-annually all paid charter and airport shuttle service raffle. They're proud to be one of the many ways they believe in giving back!

The Wayne Wright Law Firm is a proud supporter of military veterans. With offices in San Antonio, Texas and high representation for personal injury cases as well commercial truck collisions.

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Memorial Day Veteran Businesses to Support

Leaving the US Military and rejoining the civilian world is one of the hardest trials that veterans face. Most civilians don’t realize the full impact of veteran owned businesses. With many veterans having zero work experience, the best and easiest transition is the find employment in a veteran owned business with other veterans. Below are businesses that are either owned by veterans or go above and beyond to support our vets.

We ask you to consider supporting these great businesses that do some much for our vets!

Dealer Auto Glass
CBD oil
window cleaning company
fundraising cards
Pool Marketing Agency
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