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Memorial Day in 2005 landing on the May 30th of 2005

article submitted on a open forum website by Phoebe Moses

To whom this may concern,

I copied an article which I submitted on a open forum website. Its subject is: Memorial Day in 2005 landing on the May 30th of 2005

Once again, "Amazing coincidence? No, it was amazing providence!" [Thu Apr 21 01:01] Back in April 21st of this year, I was referring to this year's March Equinox - Earth Day's ORIGINAL designated date by John McConnell - landing on the same day as Palm Sunday which was March 20th of 2005. Now, the coming Legal Observance Holiday for Memorial Day since 1971 is landing on the same day as the ORIGINAL designated date by JOHN A. LOGAN, Commander-in-Chief back in 1868 which will be May 30th of 2005.

Earth Day = March Equinox (varies yearly) = Palm Sunday (varies yearly) = March 20th, 2005

May 30th (1868 - 1970) = Last Monday in May (1971 - present) = May 30th, 2005

Back in April, I went on the internet to do a search on "Earth Day" after the March Equinox already passed. Now in May, I follow the same route, the cyberspace way, to do a search on "Memorial Day". I marvel at finding a similar pattern as illustrated in English (my 1st paragraph) and in Math equations (my 2nd and 3rd paragraphs). Notice I did not put the new Earth Day - April 22nd - into any equation; it is not part of God's providence.

The site I opened is I read a poem, "In Flanders Fields" by Colonel John McCrae, a surgeon with Canada 's First Brigade Artillery of World War I, in 1915. I read a corresponding poem by Moina Michael of Georgia who conceived of selling red poppies to benefit servicemen. This grew into the National Poppy Movement, and along with Anna E. Guerin of France even across the Atlantic Ocean into France and Belgium where red poppies were sold to benefit war orphans. I read the popular words to "Taps". I heard the Taps played. Another site is ngl stands for NO GREATER LOVE.

The reason I am writing this article is because this is the WISHING ONLY WELL webpage. I believe it is a good thing to honor soldiers who died for one country. It is very sad this nation (USA) is STILL so divided since the Civil War days. It is also a sad irony when a foreigner would place flower on an American soldier's grave overseas when many Americans do not consider Memorial Day a day to honor the deceased soldiers and pay respect to their survivors. It is as if others are mourning for our children when we are not.

Politics are politics. However, lives are lives. Wars always involve human lives. What I am asking is that let the dead rest in peace. Let their families be also given respect to mourn their love ones. At 3 p.m. on Monday, May 30th DO pause and THINK upon the true meaning of the day. Play the Taps if you have internet, or listen to live "Taps" if you can. The popular words chosen by are beautiful, as well as comforting... As for me, I went to the nearby flower shop. I found out now a day only VFW and Veteran related organizations would carry real and artificial red poppies. I learned a lesson or two about nearby cemeteries; some graves belong to veterans of various wars, including the 1812 War! I asked if the flower shop would carry red poppies if there was a demand. She replied that the nature of people is forgetting people who died. Like years ago, she used to go to Memorial Day Parades.

Well, last year, Washington D.C sponsored a Memorial Day Parade which began an annual tradition.

To ALL, celebrate life while respecting the living and the dead. Peace and WOW!


Grace, peace, health, love, and joy to you and your love ones.
In Jesus,
Praying Phoebe

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