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Link submissions: The focus is very narrow for the Memorial Day page. Thus, perfectly good sites that rightly honor our Vets are not listed because I'm concentrating only sites and information that deals wholly on remembering and honoring those who have died in service to the United States of America. It's a fine line, sometimes, I will admit up front. I mean no dis-service to living Vets or those who survived the various wars and conflicts America was involved in. Rather, I mean only to heighten the honoring of our honored dead. Please keep this in mind when submitting link requests, or submitting any written work dealing with Memorial Day that you may want me to post on my site: if I deem them to be appropriate to the narrow focus for the Memorial Day page, I will add them. Send link requests (as well as broken link reports) to the Webmaster


Link To Requests: You may link to this site as long as your site does not attack the honor or memory of those who have died in service to America.

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