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"God, lift the hearts of those, for whom this holiday is not just diversion, but painful memory and continued deprivation." -- Rev. D. Kozelka (ret)

The listings below are not meant to be definative or exhaustive lists. Rather, they are good starting points that are either the most recommended, or that contained good lists or directories of grief related Internet resources (including online support groups) or print bibliographies. You can also (1) contact your local crisis center, school counseling center, or church to find local support groups and (2) visit your library to find print resources that your library owns or can get for you through interlibrary loan.

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Internet Resources & Online Support Groups

Military Specific
Print (Book) Resources
Reviews by Janelle.

NOTE: You may find that a particular book is extremely helpful at one point in your life, and totally inappropriate at another. You may disagree with some or all of the ideas in a book. That's ok! Just keep looking until you find the right thing to help you heal.

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