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"How do you say "THANK YOU" to someone who did what they willingly have done? It's only by actions that we can repay those who have come before us." --Mike Schelp, Kansas City

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Paul Patist <>
The Netherlands - Thu Dec 25 08:10:13 2003
Looking for Seabee 1st class William Stickland stationed in Maine in 1944.Help!
Ken Gronbach <>
Haddam, Ct USA - Fri Dec 19 18:07:12 2003
i love your site
ann woodard
wa - Tue Dec 16 16:02:57 2003
the email address is my girlfriends, so do not be fooled i am a gung-ho marine, and i would just like to say that i served my country with the 1st marine division in nam 1967-1968. no greater love is known but that a man would lay down his life for another man. thank yo'al for remembering my brothers who layed their life down for me. SEMPER FIDELIS
michael a. cardoza <>
adelanto, ca usa - Sat Dec 13 23:35:31 2003
I Just want to say to all the family's who have lost one's it is a *itch.. The hurt is out of this world. To my family back home in California I am there with you all.. Love to you all...AAron will never be forgotten...Linda
Linda Leavell-Hill <>
Orlando, Fl USA - Sat Dec 6 15:10:19 2003
I am searching for information on biological father. If anybody knows anything, please contact me at! Thank youWIGGINS, Sidney Dillon, Jr., Soundman 3c, USNR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Dillon Wiggins, Sr., 5325 Florence Blvd., Omaha.
June <>
Tustin, CA USA - Wed Dec 3 15:07:19 2003
This site is amazing....thanks to all the vets! Thanks to my dad, who is a vet and who makes me very proud every day of my life. Love you Dad.
Lori P <>
Stevens Point, WI USA - Mon Nov 24 13:50:24 2003
To all the vetrans: THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! *kiss*
New York City, NY USA - Wed Nov 12 21:50:00 2003
Your link to the official web site for Arlington Nation Cemetery is incorrect.The correct URL is
- Tue Nov 11 19:03:41 2003
I hear everyday the great sacrifice of the American soldiers over in Iraq and just want to thank you for doing what no one else would. Your sacrifice will go towards a safer world that everyone will benefit from. Our thoughts go out to the vets of WW1 and WW2 and to all active service men and women! Although we are not there with you, you do have Canadian support.
Alan Williams
Burlington, Ont Canada - Tue Nov 11 14:50:18 2003
how can i save this page on my hard drive ?
Milking Tits <Milking Tits>
Moscow, Germany - Mon Nov 10 18:31:20 2003
Hi, On Sept 11 1944 a fierce airbattle was fought over the Erz Gebirge. One of the young victims that day was 2LT William 'Bill' Lewis, 38FS/55FG. My friend Ken Breaux wrote a book on the life of Bill Lewis, the events that took place that day and his recovery. For more information and how to order please have a look at Jan Zdiarsky's great website at:
Paul Patist <>
The Netherlands - Mon Nov 10 15:35:53 2003
i realy like this site and i think it tells us a lot about vetrins day i am doing a report on it in school and it is a fun report an dthis site helped me get my info and god bless america i love you
Ashleigh Chaland <>
West Warwick, R I North America - Mon Nov 10 13:03:07 2003
This is in remembrance of Staff Seargent Fransisco Martinez. I love & miss you my friend until we meet again! Airborne All The Way!!!!
Shannah Knight <>
NC - Sun Nov 9 13:23:53 2003
I just wanted to say thank you to all the solider and veterans. That have fought for our country. I hope all of you come home safe. God Bless you and bless the family who have lost a loved one
Mindy <>
Fort Gibson, ok USA - Fri Nov 7 09:15:53 2003
i would love to learn more about the koren war could you by any chance send some info to me? i love learning about history!!!!
Melissa <>
souris, pei canada - Wed Nov 5 13:18:01 2003
I would like thank my uncle Earl Bradford for all the childhood memories to me and my siblings. who was a Korean and Vietnam Vet. who passed away oct 20,2003. The leader of the band has died and his eyes are growing old his is in my instrument and his song is in my soul. his nephew Ralph Bradford in my thoughts and memories.
ralph bradford <ozzy2458@yahoo>
trenton , n.j. mercer - Tue Oct 21 13:31:35 2003
I would thank my uncle Earl Bradford for all the wounderful childhood memories he gave me my siblings. A Korean and Vietnam Vet. who passed away oct 20, 2003. The leader of the band has died and his eyes are growing old, his blood is in my insturment and his song is in my soul. From his nephew Ralph Bradford in my thoughts and memories always.
Ra;ph Bradford <ozzy2458@yahoo>
trenton, n.j. mercer - Tue Oct 21 13:16:01 2003
This site is cool! I'm doing a project for school on Memorial Day, and this gave me all the information I needed! Thanks! And keep up the good work! ~Sarah~
Sarah <>
Holland, Michigan United States of America - Wed Oct 15 06:36:41 2003
Nice web site I am glad that there are those out there that still support service men and women, for several years now men and women have given there lives for this country and what it stands for. It sickens me now that for the last two years men and women have shipped out over seas to this conflict that is going on. And at first after september 11th 2001 alot of people jumped on the band wagon to support the troops that were leaving, and now it is a very rare occasion that you even hear a thankyou or good job troops. More that ever those troops need are support not this cast down eye look you get when you where your uniform to and from work each day. People have taken there flags from there yards or say we dont need to be there anymore or many other things. Well its high time that people step up to the plate and show there support donnate to the above cause and if you cant do that voulenteer some time to the veterans accociation or give a simple thankyou to a soldier you see on the street headed to work. God bless myfellow men and women in arms and a moment of silence to those that have fallen and shed there blood to make this country what it is and give us the freedoms that we have today.The unknow soldier
unknown <unknown>
clarmore, ok rogers - Tue Oct 7 10:07:48 2003
I just want to say THANKS to all people in this community. You really help me.
Chloe-Vervier <Chloe-Vervier>
Moscow, Germany - Sat Oct 4 16:49:03 2003
looked at this great site for a school report. God Bless America!!
Rebecca Keller
KUtztown, PA usa - Thu Oct 2 13:02:49 2003
good site.................
lome, ebe togo - Thu Sep 25 07:35:24 2003
An early memorial ceremony in Friendship Cemetery, Columbus, Ms., has been credited as the forerunner of our modern Memorial Day. On April 25, 1866, four Columbus women (Mrs.Augusta Murdock Sykes Cox, Mrs. Frances Jane Butler Garratt Fontaine, Mrs. Kate McCarthy Hill Cooper Heath, and Miss Martha Elizabeth "Matt" Morton) decorated the graves of both the Union AND the Confederate dead with spring flowers. The impartiality of the women -themselves widows, daughters, sisters or mothers of Confederate dead- was honored and immortalized in a poem written by New England poet Frances White Finch. Finch's poem, "The BLUE AND The GREY", was first published in September, 1867, in "The ATLANTIC MONTHLY". The Decoration Day ceremony (also called "CONFEDERATE MEMORIAL DAY") is commemorated yearly at Friendship Cemetery, Columbus, Ms., by members of the (General) Stepen D. Lee Chapter of the United Daughters of The Confederacy. (Four Congressmen, two Mississippi Governors, two literary figures and five CSA Generals are buried here; also, 2,194 Confederate Soldiers. 32 Union Soldiers, originally buried here, were reinterred in October of 1867, in the Corinth (Mississippi) National Cemetery) The four women met at Miss "Matt" Morton's ante-bellum home (TWELVE GABLES), made plans, and then proceeded to Friendship to decorate graves for both sides,
Joe <>
Columbus, Ms. U S A - Sat Sep 20 10:30:43 2003
BERKELEY, CA - Fri Sep 12 14:34:25 2003
America has stood for what was right in the past and stands for what is right now. Where freedom is challenged by evil, American brave men and women fight and die to secure that freedom for each of us. FREEDOM IS NOT FREE! LET US ALL KEEP THOSE FLAGS FLYING- PATRIOTISM KEEPS AMERICA STRONG!
USA - Thu Jul 24 10:34:27 2003
Your site is just what I was looking for. Great work!
- Sat Jul 5 10:26:33 2003
my grandfather was in the war at pearl harbor his name was donald l. kenney i have a picture of him and one of his friends that he had met while im the service im not real sure what his name it but my mom thinks his last name might be maylen im not sure if that is the correct spelling or not, but i am in love with everything that has to do with the war on pearl harbor, but one thing that i would really love to know is who this man in this picture is because my grandfather died and i never got to ask him some of the things that i wish i would of been able to so if you think that you might be able to help me on this mistery of who this man it please please please help me thank you
tarra short <>
newburgh, in united states - Wed Jul 2 22:11:36 2003
We would like to thank all the veterans of every war, for giving us the freedom we enjoy today. We must never forget the sacrifices they made for us. My father served in WWII in the Leyte island in Phillipines, but I don't know anything else about him, other than that I THINK he was a medic. If anyone knew Jerry Serkin (U.S. Army), I would so much appreciate hearing from you- or even if you served in Leyte. Thanks
Gail McSorley <>
Philadelphia, PA USA - Fri Jun 20 11:05:54 2003
Message for the Webmaster, Could you please remove all those respectless commercial messages ? I know for sure a lot of people would appreciate it very much !
Paul Patist <>
The Netherlands - Mon Jun 9 11:02:02 2003

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just surfed in and enjoyed my visit you have a very nice site going here
Glenda <>
Grand Rapids, Mi USA - Sun Jun 1 14:29:34 2003
hey ya all sup? this is a sweet page bye!
Bob <>
Bostan, MA America - Thu May 29 17:27:10 2003
I want to thank all those Veterians out their for serving our country. I love you grandpa, thank you, and thank you Great Uncle Richard even though I didn't get to meet you! I'm pround to be an American where at least I know I'm free. ~*Brittany*~ 14 yrs. old
Brittany <>
Ashland, OH United States - Thu May 29 17:12:49 2003
Veterans of Foreign Wars, All-American Post 1040 and its Auxiliary, located in Lynnwood, Washington will hold its Memorial Day ceremony in Veterans Park on Memorial Day, Friday, May 30 @ 4PM. We will also dedicate a POW/MIA memorial at that time. We believe its time to put the true meaning and the correct date back into Memorial Day. This day is a time to remember those Veterans who made the supreme sacrifice so that we can enjoy the freedoms we now hold so dearly to our hearts. God bless America.
Martin Spani, Post Commander, VFW Post 1040 <>
Lynnwood, WA USA - Wed May 28 14:24:03 2003
i love how you keep things alive
Veteran <>
- Wed May 28 14:19:37 2003
HOUSTON, TX USA - Tue May 27 10:34:12 2003
Hello Tom and Doug, I was with my friend Birgit in March I think 28 or 30 - 1993 in Almeria - Spain, met we two there friends Tom and Doug from a USS warship, Tom was 1993, 22 years old. We would stand gladly again with them in contact. Who can help us to find the addresses. Made a photo of us for it, I would like to get this photo gladly, thank in advance. Maybe someone knows the name of the warship in March 1993, in the port of Almeria - Spain was. Please help me all. Yours sincerely Loretta E-Mail
Loretta <>
München, Bayern Germany - Tue May 27 07:21:36 2003
To some extent Memorial Day was begun by the women from both the north and the south who ministered to the dead and dying on the battlefields of the Civil War. Let us never forget that both sides in that conflict were Americans defending their rights as Americans. No war is glorious no matter what the politicians and drum beaters want us to believe. Let us truly resolve to protect and defend the right - but never be found to be aggressors. We thank those who willingly give their all for our country.
Farmville, VA USA - Tue May 27 04:21:43 2003
hello all,i found this site looking for something else.well god must of sent me here and i'm glad he did.this is a wonderful site.there's not alot a person can say that's not already been said.god bless all people and god bless prayer's are w/you,and w/all that have died to make this a free country.
stephen shimek <>
canton, oh U S A - Mon May 26 21:32:23 2003
Thank you so much for a site that honors our serivce men and women by not letting them be forgotten. I know so many people who just look at Memorial Day as a long weekend, but your site (I sincerly hope)will change all that by bringing honor to the fallen and those serving our country today. Thank you again! God Bless all who are serving, you are in my prayers!
CO USA - Mon May 26 21:20:37 2003
I was just visiting a website and ran across this link I have read about all the postings I must say I ahve never seen such an outpouring of American Spirit and Patriotism as I see here today , I want to leave to you with some thing I found on this site I came from We must never forget the ones that have given their lives in the defense of this Great County , we must support our troops of today , and we must instill in peoples minds that Freedom comes with a price , too many take this for granted , I think . enough said God Bless Them All, God Bless This Great Nation James Baxter
James Baxter <>
cincinnati, Oh USA - Mon May 26 20:54:20 2003
God Bless America! We are grateful to those men and women who are away, serving and protecting our great country as we remember those who gave their lives so that we may continue to have an America that's "land of the free and home of the brave"!
Keith, Tamyko & Alston Brown
Douglasville, GA United States - Mon May 26 20:18:50 2003
What a wonderful site!My father served in WW2 and my brother in Vietnam war. My dad still has trouble living with the experience and as he lives with me, It is like I have been through many of his memories of that difficult time. I. God bless Americia! appreciate all that serve more than most
Kim Holtzclaw <>
Marietta, Ga USA - Mon May 26 19:57:45 2003
Bless all you guys &women that have been to hell and back, and to those who never came back, I salute you all ! Lance Noyes Sr. Vet 1971-1973
Lance Noyes Sr. <>
N.Waterboro, Me. USA - Mon May 26 19:12:10 2003
Gray Edward Mumpower
Bristol, VA USA - Mon May 26 18:16:55 2003
to those that serve I send my entire familys' gratitude. you are the epitamy of selflessnes and the closest thing to angels that I know. 3 family members have served in past conflicts and say that it was horrific. I wanted to join but due to numerous health problems I could not. if I had joined the air force or the marines would have had an extra pair of hands. please give thanks for our troops courage
lynette shantle adams <>
phila, pa usa - Mon May 26 17:40:42 2003
My father served in the Army. On January 16th, 2003 he passed away. I want to write this in his memory in hopes that he will never be forgotten. His name is Laurence Manion.
Susan Hendrix <>
Sheridan, Wy USA - Mon May 26 17:35:32 2003
Los Angeles, California USA - Mon May 26 17:07:56 2003
I want to say that as a Sister of a Brave Member OF the National Guard here in Iowa. I want the world to know that I have a special Hero and his name is Donnie Madison Jr. my Big Brother he is serving our country and he makes me so very proud TO Hear Lee Greenwoods God Bless The U.S.A and I also have a few other heros who are gone They are Rex Glasgow he was a POW, My Great-Uncle Elmer Love and Unlce Joe Bacon these brave men have passed away. I also can't forget my cousin Larry Dean Bacon these brave men represent my family well. And I want the world to know that today is Memorial Day a day to pay tribute to the real heros of our great country. This is for all of you I Love you for protecting us and our great land so we can have our FREEDOME!
MeLinda Madison <>
Jefferson, Iowa usa - Mon May 26 16:22:23 2003
Thank you for being here and having such an outstanding site. Shall be back
Pat <>
WA USA - Mon May 26 16:10:43 2003
In memory of Sgt. William J. Tracy, Jr. KIA, Iraq/Kuwait, February 25, 2003, and to all those who fought and paid the ultimate price for our freedom and way of life.
Ross Tracy <>
Lawrence, MA USA - Mon May 26 15:53:13 2003
Our thanks for your efforts to promote proper recognition of Memorial Day.
Don and Peggy Howells
- Mon May 26 14:09:05 2003
I just want every one to know that I appreciate every thing that your family and friends do for the U.S. Thanks.:)
Nancy Biddil
PA - Mon May 26 13:56:57 2003
Remember our brothers and sisters on this day, with the utmost of serenity. Today is when the country should focus on the memories of those lost in the pursuit of freedom. Bow your head in respect for those we have lost. Let not a day go by that you don't appreciate what they have given to us. If you aren't willing to defend it, you don't deserve to live free. A Veteran missing my friends
Jeffrey Bova <>
North Hollywood, CA USA - Mon May 26 13:32:21 2003
Our hearts are with America on this Memorial Day. More often than not, the US went to war not to conquer or defend its land but help those, victims of tyranny. History will never forget 1941-1918, 1939-1945 when,thanks in large part America was the champion of liberty by coming to the rescue of European and Asian countries under the rule of evil. Canada also was part of your efforts. We may share the longest undefended frontier in the world but we are more than neighbors.....we are brothers and sisters....... René Morissette
René Morissette <>
Laval (Montreal), Canada - Mon May 26 13:25:18 2003
I am truly proud and blessed to be an American....I thank God for the men and the families that have paid the ultimate price for our freedom....YOU ARE TRULY REMEMBERED ON THIS DAY....GOD BLESS YOU AND THANK YOU AGAIN
James Bowers <>
Sophia, WV USA - Mon May 26 13:13:28 2003
I would just like to say, that I have really enjoyed your US Memorial Day Site. It truly is a Wonderful Site.. I feel that the Past, Present,and The Future Veterans of this wonderful country UNITED STATES OF AMERICA would,does,and will approve of such a well presented Memorial Site as this is. I am an Amercian,living here in England. I am very proud to be an Amercian and I thank each and everyone of our Men and Women for what they have done and will do for us. They all are very Brave and they will always be remembered in my heart. Thank You All! :)
Nancy Wilson
How can people make millions of dollars selling US Flag merchandise?? Plates, napkins,T-shirts, sheets you name it someone has it for sale. sec 8d and sec 8i. Flag should never be worn or have words on it. It should not be printed or otherwise impressed on paper napkins or boxes or ANYTHING that is designed for temporary use and dicarded. Why does the Government let them get away with it? When I say Goverment I mean the legal citisens we the people of this GREAT country of ours. Everyone seems to be afraid to speak up. What a pity. "GOD Bless The USA" John P. Kandarian USA Retired
John P. Kandarian < >
Moxee, WA USA - Mon May 26 12:27:02 2003
To all veterans,past,present and future.In death and life.THANK YOU.Too many people forget that FREEDOM IS NOT FREE. Vietnam Vet (Wolfhounds
Anthony V,DiGiovanni,Jr. <>
North Bergen, NJ USA - Mon May 26 11:32:07 2003
Hi soldiers: Memorial Day is a patriotic holiday in the US. It is a day to honor Americans who gave their lives for their country. Originally, Memorial Day honored military personnel who died in the US Civiln War (1861-1865). The holiday also now honors those who died in any war while serving the US.
Carmen <>
El Paso, TX US - Mon May 26 11:01:06 2003
GOD Bless America. We need to devote today (Memorial Day) to all those who have kept our country free and independant for all these years. Also, we need to show respect to the family members of those who we have lost in the cruelty of war. If our flag offends you, call 1-800-LEAVE-THE-USA~
Erik Widmann <>
Louisburg, NC USA - Mon May 26 10:58:05 2003
HELLO..i wanted to say happy memorial day to all...and to say thank you to all who have fought for our country.. i think we all need to take the time to say a thank you prayer for those who have fought and lost their lifes for our country..and we should remember them on memorial day and so thankful for all the brave souls that risk their lifes for our country..youll be remembered in my heart and soul ALWAYS..GOD BLESS YOU ALL.. AND GOD BLESS THE USA HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY :) "PROUD TO BE A AMERICAN" :)
nichole merrill <>
lompoc, ca usa - Mon May 26 10:48:40 2003
ccarrolll Mathews <>
Knoxville, TN USA - Mon May 26 10:17:58 2003
I was one of the lucky ones. It would not have been possible to convienced me of just how lucky I was when, in 1960 at age 23 when my draft notice arrived. Serving two years in a peacetime Army was very small price to pay for living in this country. Shortly after my discharge in 1962, the Big Red One was deployed to Viet Nam.
James C. Williams <>
Monument, CO USA - Mon May 26 09:20:29 2003
God Bless the U.S.A.
Ira Strouse <>
Waxahachie, TX USA - Mon May 26 09:08:31 2003
I will never forget what those pooor people went threw for us. Every year me and my family celebrate memorial Day. That is a big holiday in our family besides christmas.
Crystal Orosco <>
Schulenburg, tx United States - Mon May 26 08:36:14 2003
I would like to pay tribute to all of the brave servicemen that have fallen in all conflicts from the present day and into the past. Remembered and thanked from England.
Paul Tompkins <>
Kettering, England - Mon May 26 08:29:50 2003
no comment
Robert E Teachout <>
Mulliken, MI usa - Mon May 26 08:06:30 2003
MLC <>
Auburn, NY USA - Mon May 26 08:05:19 2003
Thank you so much for this truly inspiring web site. I am adding it to my favorites list and will begin referring many others to it. May God bless you for your efforts. May America bless God so that in turn, He will continue to use this great nation,which was founded upon Christian principles, as a beacon to the rest of the world.
Hickory, NC USA - Mon May 26 07:54:02 2003
Your staunch friends here in Australia remember you, the people of America. We are indebted always to the US and her men and women, who sacrificed their lives that we might enjoy the prosperity and peace we have today. And you continue to carry the burden of being the great Peace-keepers in this troubled world, the Leaders in liberating the oppressed. You have our love and gratitude! You are in our thoughts and prayers. May God uphold President Bush in his demanding job, and may the good Lord continue to bless the great people Mr Bush leads.
Mike Zarb <>
Sydney, nsw australia - Mon May 26 07:28:20 2003
Thank You Very Much For All That You Did. We Honor You Al!!!
Sylvia & Richard <>
Orlando, Fl USA - Mon May 26 06:51:03 2003
Thank you, all of you.
Peter Torres <>
San Diego , CA USA - Mon May 26 02:23:18 2003
im proud of our country go usa god bless america
- Mon May 26 00:41:20 2003
I've lived with a Veteran my whole life..(Navy Seal of the USS Independance)and Memorial Day is a traditional holiday for our family..We'd attend teh parade in a local town and watch the Memoial Day queen and Veterans march in the parade to our local VFW Post#7069 where there'd be a ceremony...My wish of the holiday was to be the Memorial Day queen and it finaly came true after a few years of volunteering with our local Veterans...Tomorrow I will speak at our ceremony in honor of our men and women that have served our military...I do this because you deserve to be honored, respected, and thanks for earning and keeping our freedom Sincerly, Marissa Rose Carpenter
Marissa Carpenter <>
Clarks Summit, Pa US of A - Sun May 25 23:38:36 2003
We will never forget our fellow Marines, seamen, soldiers, airmen, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, nephews, nieces, fiances and loved ones. In special memory for my friend Harry Murrey, I will contniue to drink one for you so that when I do join you, WE will hav eone together, even if it is a diet coke. OOH RA and Semper Fi my comrades.
Erick G. Cruz <>
Geneva, Il. USA - Sun May 25 22:57:55 2003
Remembering and Honoring those who have given the ultimate sacrifice.
Michael L. Lester, SFC, USAR, Retired
Arkadelphia, AR U.S.A. - Sun May 25 22:18:56 2003
My family and I are eternally grateful for all of those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice so that we may live in a free country. We have been blessed with servicemen in our family that have been able to return home from WWII, Korea, Veitnam and Desert Storm unharmed, our hearts go out to those who have not been as fortunate. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!
M Gavin
Cypress, TX USA - Sun May 25 21:46:42 2003
my wife and i watched the memorial day concert it was excellent, we are canadians but we love america it stands for freedom and hope for the future, we are proud of our militery, they are a people of honor we owe every thing to them our freedom our hope for tomorrow, may God bless them all.
dick malcolm <>
halifax halifax , canada - Sun May 25 20:45:22 2003
ROANOKE, AL USA - Sun May 25 20:36:03 2003
As an Army wife I just wanted to say Thank You to all those who have fought for our country, those who have lost their lives, those still living and those who just joined the military! All of you are in my pryers and thoughts on this Memorial Day!
Stephanie Flynt <>
Hayward, Ca USA - Sun May 25 20:22:58 2003
I am eternally greatful for all the men and woman, past and present, who have given their lives for this nation. Jesus said in John 15:13 "Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one's life for his friends." Jesus was the greatest example of this, and all those who have died in serving our great nation have followed in his loving steps. May Memorial Day be what is was truly designed to be: a day when all the living true Americans REMEMBER those who have literally given all that we may have "a land of the free, home of the brave."
Roderick <>
Patchogue, N.Y U.S - Sun May 25 19:54:00 2003
Hello David! I was doing a google search to learn more about the background of Memorial Day and this was the first one presented. I thought it looked familiar. Excellent site! Hope you are doing well.
Jayne Rogers <>
Knoxville, TN USA - Sun May 25 19:53:27 2003
To all those love ones to whom one of your family members gave their lives to protect the U.S.A. I want to send my prayers and thoughts to all.And we are truely sorry for your loss,God bless the families and their lost love ones. Signed Cindy Hochreiter
Cindy Hochreiter & Family <>
Orlando, Florida U.S.A. - Sun May 25 17:46:44 2003
Just a simple,but heat-felt, thanks to all the men and women who have given their lives,that I and my family may stil live in cherished freedom.
Carole Christy
- Sun May 25 17:40:27 2003
Bob Edmonson <>
Asheboro, NC USA - Sun May 25 15:08:21 2003
Please remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.
Veterans Flag Depot
USA - Sun May 25 14:15:04 2003
What a great site!!! I hope you don't mind. I chose your site to get my prep for my Memorial Day Radio Show. Please note that I gave full recognition to the authors and your site in case anyone would like to visit it. I cried while researching and it made me realize EVEN MORE how important this day really is. I hope by using this information on the air, I can enlighten some of those out there that still feel it's just a day do shop for discounts and take off work. Thank you so much for taking the time to provide the info. Cathy Marie
Cathy Marie Hail <>
Brownwood, TX U.S.A. - Sun May 25 07:33:17 2003
Came to the web site looking for Presedent speech to honor Memorial Day here in Kabul Afghanistan. I think it is fitting that no matter where we are, we honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. 1stSgt Tevepaugh, William L. Fightin I 3/6
William L. Tevepaugh <>
Jacksonville, NC USA - Sat May 24 23:42:31 2003
Thanks for this wonderful web site--was looking for info for a Memorial Day Church Service and found Just what I was looking for to present some facts about the day. I lost a brother in WWII so know the real meaning of the day and hope someday that it will return to that--we don't need all the sales, etc. to help us observe this day and its true meaning.
+Jean Schmelzle <>
Fort Mill, SC USA - Sat May 24 14:44:25 2003
As one fellow Vet has said people have forgotten what Memorial Day is about , some use this sacred day to advertise sales , sporting events , it is not meant for that , it is to Honor Our War Dead it is a day a respect and a time to reflect on what we should be thankful for , some people have forgotten this , I am all for placing Memorial Day back to the original day , If people want a 3 day holiday weekend let them take a day off on their own time and their own expense , not at the expense of OUR DEAD HEROES
JP Jones <>
Monroe , Oh USA - Sat May 24 12:19:25 2003
For those men and women who made the ultimate sacirfice by giving their lives for this country; it makes me proud to be an American as well as a veteran of the United States Navy Respectfully, RJ(Bob)Hillman
RJ(Bob)Hillman <>
New York, NY United States - Sat May 24 11:07:18 2003
I'm a Vietnam Era veteran. Thank you so much for your wonderful web page. It has brought back memories that have me in tears, and so proud to have served my country!
Southfield, MI USA - Sat May 24 10:13:21 2003
I would like to thank all the men and woman who serve our country. You are my hero's. God Bless America and May God Bless You.
beverly recchiuti <>
Bethlehem, pa USA - Sat May 24 09:26:03 2003
I thank you for this web site. It is the first time in some years that I will not be able to visit the Vietnam Memorial. This helps somewhat in my saying, "I have not forgotten to my long lost Marine mates."
David Emery <>
Hatboro, PA USA - Sat May 24 06:55:10 2003
I thank God everyday for the freedom we have in this country....I praise all of our service men & women, if not for thier courage & strength we would not have a country to love.......
Norma Battles <>
Deland, Fl. USA - Sat May 24 06:39:13 2003
I really appreciate this site. My generation, until recently, had no direct exposure to the price that is paid for the freedoms we enjoy. I only hope we learn and remember what this day is all about - it's not just another three day weekend. Thanks!
Lawrence OConnor <>
Woodstock, IL 60098 - Sat May 24 01:52:17 2003
Yes return it back to the origanal date it is not a day off from work The solders did not have a day off but our jerks that are in power to run this USA I'm sure they need the time off to spend the money they have squandered ( Buying nice things for their life style )To hang out in the Parks we have paid and built for their Stuped off springs ( That Can't pass a Test to get out of High School Buba 3 out of 300 that pass this test ???? Terry Love
Terry Love
Orangevale, Ca USA - Fri May 23 20:22:46 2003
burlington, N.C. usa - Fri May 23 17:51:46 2003
Thank you! YOU are great for putting this site online. I feel that the warriors and soldiers that fought and died for your, and my, freedom have died in vain, unless we honor them. Thank you again for letting everyone know what we owe to the fighters for freedom that we now enjoy. Please keep up the faith for the USA and defend the rights we have in the constitution -- that many have given their lives to defend. David
James David Ferguson <>
Troy, TN USA - Fri May 23 17:47:57 2003
I'm glad I found this website a few years ago. Since then my family has made a tradition of buying flowers at the beginning of the weekend, then visiting a local cemetery on Memorial Day and placing the flowers at the sites of those that served this country. The symbolizism of having beautiful flowers around the house and then having none, after a solemn visit to the cemetery, helps my family remember the great sacrifice others have made for freedom. Thank you for providing this educational website so that we may all learn and share our experiences.
Dan Cravens <>
Austin, TX USA - Fri May 23 15:16:26 2003
This site is very touching and brings up bad memories about September 11.Everyone that lost some loves one in this terrible accident is going through so much pain and no one can explain or help them feel any better.I hope you all have some happy thoughts to think about.
Stephanie <>
San Antonio, TX United States - Fri May 23 13:41:28 2003
Thank you for your informative site. I was about to add 'Happy Memorial Day Weekend' on an email to a US client, but thought I better find out what Memorial Day was really about. Needless to say, I didn't add my (what would now seem) insensitive remark. I don't know if my client observes Memorial Day but, at least, I know what it should mean.
Jill Barringer
Brentwood, UK - Fri May 23 11:20:40 2003
Julie <>
Pittsburg, KS USA - Fri May 23 09:58:51 2003
This is a great site! Keep up the good work.
Danny Hackney <>
Blountsville, Al USA - Fri May 23 08:00:03 2003
Hello Tom and Doug, I was with my friend Birgit in March I think 28 or 30 - 1993 in Almeria - Spain, met we two there friends Tom and Doug from a USS warship, Tom was 1993, 22 years old. We would stand gladly again with them in contact. Who can help us to find the addresses. Made a photo of us for it, I would like to get this photo gladly, thank in advance. Maybe someone knows the name of the warship in March 1993, in the port of Almeria - Spain was. Please help me all. Yours sincerely Loretta E-Mail
Loretta <>
München, Bayern Germany - Fri May 23 06:31:52 2003
This year I have the honor of being asked to make the main address in our memorial day services - I have the privelege of having two hometowns, Winsted,Minnesota and Cannon Falls, Minn - I am proud to say in each, there will be a Memorial Day service - In Winsted they will read the entire roll call for the veterans in the final resting place there. There, in Winsted, 5 brothers will have their name read and 4 of us, still waiting for the honor to have our names read with them, will be in their support. YES, it is time to return to the May 30th observing of Memorial Day and yes I do remember when it was called "Decoration Day". Here in Cannon Falls we to will have our services and this is a proud community, today next to the VFW is a large sign with all the members of this community presently serving during "Iraq Freedom" To all - the very best and lets get May 30th back. Thank you and good night
Glenn L. Weibel <>
Cannon Falls, Minnesota USA - Thu May 22 23:26:20 2003
Thank You for protecting our country. I'll be praying for you guys (and gals) alll the time. Come Home Safe, Come Home Soon.
Anthony Walker <>
San Antonio, TX USA - Thu May 22 14:02:56 2003
America is gonna win this war with outta doubt, we kick butt, and GOD BLESS THE USA
Sarah Hopkins
Ashland, VA USA - Thu May 22 14:01:42 2003
Meet my dad the hero. My dad, Carroll Reid Hopkins created Ashland's Memorial Day Parade. He is on duty in MD right now and wrote to you all. He has served or world and thank god hasn't been sent to Iraq. He's a true hero!
Sarah Hopkins <>
Ashland, va USA - Thu May 22 13:57:41 2003
Thank you...For bieng our protection, our saftey. We pray for you, and feel that much safer with the protection of each of our troops. They, and their families make great sacrafices to help us live free. FREEDOM IS NOT FREE. This war has tough us that, and shown us that without care, love and a great family of others, in Jesus, we would be hopeless, helpless. Without God we wouldn't be able to live, breath, and do things we do every day...Once again i say Thank you to the troops serving our country, helping to protect us, allowing us to live freely, without having to daily hide in fear from the darkness of terorists. Freedom is not free...i hope we can all fully understand that.
Dustin <>
San Antonio, Texas United States of America - Thu May 22 13:53:36 2003
God bless America, our home sweet home!
Brad Frantz <>
San Antonio, TX USA - Thu May 22 13:47:47 2003
I love you Cindy!
Kevin Diehl <>
Dallas, TX USA - Thu May 22 13:46:15 2003
I hope you come back soon and safe!! May God be with you all!!
Joshua Hooper-Shaffer <>
San Antonio, TX United States - Thu May 22 13:45:58 2003
Hello, I pray for ya'll daily!
Jake Flowers
- Thu May 22 13:43:46 2003
Thanks troops!!!
- Thu May 22 13:43:03 2003
Thank you, troops for all you do for us! I pray for ya'll and ya'll's families daily.
Joshua Stevens <>
San Antonio, TX USA - Thu May 22 13:41:50 2003
Thank you all..............for keeping us free.
iloveyork <>
Kingston, Ma USA - Thu May 22 13:36:45 2003
Hey I am a daughter of a veteran from Desert Storm.....It is very hard to deal with due to the fact that he is constantly sick and in a horrible mood. It's not easy....very hard to deal with actually. Thanx for listening! Lorraine
Lorraine <>
Cleveland , Ny United States - Thu May 22 12:11:40 2003
thanks to all our military personnel over the years.
Tony Douglas <>
baxley, ga us - Wed May 21 21:12:30 2003
I have been asked to speak at a Memorial Day Service in St Louis. I thought I knew a little about Memorial Day, and it turned out to be very little! Thank you for this website. For those in the military who have preceeded me, those that served along side me, and those who will serve after me, thank you for making this country the "Home of the free and the brave"
Mike B USN 1966-1970
- Wed May 21 20:28:55 2003
May God Bless America and all of the heroes who have fallen defending her. I will never forget!!!
Laura B.
Hardyston, NJ USA - Wed May 21 16:29:54 2003
i luv this site
miami, fl usa - Wed May 21 12:54:34 2003
this is a very good site . may all those fallin soliders rest in peace . and know that we appericate everything they did for our country
jay garcia <>
maimi, united states - Wed May 21 12:47:07 2003
found out how my friends passted on.....
Thom Cole <>
succasunna, nj usa - Wed May 21 10:00:18 2003
This is a great and very interesting site for us Europeans to learn some more history about other countries! Thanks and god bless you all!!
Lydia <>
Ernsthofen, Austria - Wed May 21 08:31:59 2003
I couldn't read them anymore. I couldn't continue seeing how many people have come together to honor those who have fallen in an act that is beyond bravery. God said that there is no greater gift a man could give than to lay down his life for his brother. I am a Marine Veteran. I did not have the opportunity to serve in combat, but I was more than willing. Those who came before me and those who came after have a bond that noone in the world will ever experience unless they serve in the same line of duty. I want to say thank you. Thank you to all those who died and all those who stand ready to defend our freedoms. God bless you all.
Josh Santiago <>
San Diego, Ca USA - Wed May 21 03:48:25 2003
pittsburgh, PA USA - Tue May 20 22:13:11 2003
I will be visiting Kissimmee from 21 June to 4 July 2003. I would like to pay my respect to the fallen of the USA. I am an ex serviceman,My wifes Grandfather was in the Pennsylvania National Guard in 1917.Can anyone tell me the best in Kissimmee to pay my respects MANY THANKS COLIN HAYWOOD Please E Mail
Colin Haywood <>
Buckley North Wales, United Kingdom - Tue May 20 11:37:49 2003
This website is great for reseach and projects.
Karina Tissnes <>
Boca Raton, Fl. United States - Tue May 20 11:32:47 2003
I found this Website a great source of information. It is an honor to observe Memorial Day as we should, and not by barbecueing. I noticed you have translated the history section into Spanish, but it does not do justice to the original text. It seems as if it were translated using a software. As a Licensed Interpreter & Translator, I'd be happy to do it for you. Just let me know.
Ricardo Salazar <>
San Antonio, TX USA - Tue May 20 09:26:24 2003
As a Vietnam Vet and Past Commander of VFW Post 9568 Memorial Day is the most sacred day to most Veteran's
Orrin D Prosser Jr <>
Hillman, MI USA - Tue May 20 08:41:18 2003
I remember hearing something about your not supposed to wear white before or after memorial day but i'm not sure which day it is (before or after). Everyone I ask has never heard this, is this just a rumor?
Russell <>
High Point, NC U.S.A. - Tue May 20 06:51:07 2003
Memorial day is so special for all the supreme sacrifice our veterans have shown our country. Also I honor my Mother and Father, truly GOD fearing Christians, who were fatally injured en route home from CHURCH on Mother's day, May 13, l973. My Father was also a disabled veteran from World War 1 GOD bless all parents, All veterans, all those presently serving our country, our President who deserves support even from the bleeding heart liberals, and most definitely, GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
W.E.Gene Thorne, Sr. <>
Carroll, Ohio W.S.A. - Mon May 19 13:37:44 2003
I happened on your site while looking for Memorial Day flowers for my grandfather's grave. He actually just passed away a week ago. Reading this web site made me realize that I too had not observed this day with the honor meant. I was very lucky to have him in my life, but so many were not as lucky as my family was. I hope all the effort to restore this day to it's proper respect will be obtained. As for me, I plan on celebrating our blessed freedom and remebering those that gave it to me from now on. Thank you for your wonderful website.
Marissa Schultz <>
Colorado Springs, CO USA !!! - Mon May 19 00:30:12 2003
This site is great! It has been very informative and it is a great resource for those who work with children. Tis is a very important topic and I am glad that there is such a site. Thank you.
Sacramento, Ca - Sun May 18 19:10:18 2003
God Bless and Gods' Speed!!!
John Hamilton <>
Downingtown, PA USA - Sun May 18 18:30:00 2003
Never forget.
U.S. Veterans Network
McAllen, TX USA - Sat May 17 21:29:08 2003
I'm a Viet-Nam Veteran,who helped to form an honor guard in our area to do whatever it takes to keep the traditions of Memorial Day, and Veterans Day alive in our community. We do not belong to a veterans organization so everything we needed to get started with such as uniforms and M-1 Garrands we came up with on our own. In light of that we all consider it a humbling expeirence to fold and present the Flag or fire the rifle salute at a verterans grave sight, or take part in any veteran related holiday or program.
John B. Osborne <>
Williamstown, Ky USA - Sat May 17 20:35:12 2003
If I am not working, I always wear my Union Civil War reenactors uniform in a parade or just to stroll through a cemetery and look upon the graves of the veterans.
Steve Godjas <>
Pocono Mnts, PA USA - Sat May 17 19:12:08 2003
I sought out your site in preparation for a time of special observance of Memorial Day as part of the worship service in the church. Thank you for refreshing my memory about several things. As a child, I remember it as "Decoration Day", and as an adult I remember it as a day to honor those who died as the price paid for our freedoms, and as a reminder to daily thank God for Jesus who died and rose again that we might have everlasing life through belief in Him, which is true freedom indeed.
Albertha McArthur <>
Sequim, WA - Sat May 17 14:22:40 2003
I always thought it was started for the deceased of WW1.Thanks for the history lesson.
Stephen P. LaFleur <>
Lynbrook, NY United States - Fri May 16 18:51:43 2003
I would like to say reading on your web site has made me RE-THINK the way my family and I will spend our Memorial Day weekend. It brought tears to my eyes to think in the daily activities of peoples lives many have forgotten the true meaning of why Memorial Day is observed. Thank you to all the people who have fought in any and every war for our counrty and others. You are will no longer be forgotten by myself.
Nichol Bingham <>
Phoenix, AZ USA - Thu May 15 18:54:15 2003
Hey thanks i got alot of information here thanks ~*RENEE*~ god bless america
Renee Siereveld <>
holland, Mi united states - Thu May 15 12:57:51 2003
After browsing many different sites for the history of Memorial Day...I came upon your site and found it quite enjoyable and filled with many interesting facts..thank you for the information you have provided me with. Have a nice day and bob barker rules!
nikita <>
???, ME ??? - Thu May 15 09:22:51 2003
I was looking for guidance on how to observe this very special day while abroad. I can't be home to place flowers on my father's grave but I want to honor him in the proper manner.
Danielle M. Downing <>
APO, AE Germany - Wed May 14 06:12:29 2003
bett., IA U.S. - Tue May 13 16:41:34 2003
hllo, col site, i lrnd lts
holand, mi united states - Tue May 13 12:10:42 2003
brad wehrmeyer
- Tue May 13 12:10:21 2003
I would first like to commend this beautiful site. As I go through it, it makes me think of all the men and women who have sacrificed for their country, the United States of America. As a Native American of the Navajo Nation we have memorials of our own whom are not shown here on this site. We have a Memorial for our Brave Navajo Warriors at our Navajo Nation Capital in Window Rock Arizona, it's not big but it's something to pay tribute to our fallen heros and those who are still with us. I would also like to pay a special tribute to all the Navajo Code Talkers. After over 65 years they have finally been honored the Silver and Gold medal of Honor. Many have never lived to see this day in their honor which they have served for. Our language, the Navajo language saved and protect many lives and even the country of the US against the Japanese. We are truly honored as Navajos for their service. Ahe he! Thank You! And lastly, to all our men and women of the US Armed Forces may God be with you all and your families. From the Navajo Nation our prayers are with you all. And to all our Navajo Warriors in Irag, Afghanistan, and overseas, we miss you all and hope you all come home soon.
Navajo Nation Memorial Tribute
Navajo Nation, AZ USA - Tue May 13 09:29:49 2003
God Bless America and those who protect her
Robert <avilaboyz>
Chandler, az USA - Mon May 12 17:30:54 2003
I create a monthly newsletter at work for our department. While doing a little research on items related to Memorial Day, I stumbled upon this web site and I'm am glad I did. Not only is there a wide veriety of information; the appearance is beautiful. Thank you for your hard work (I'm sure) and all the information offered through this site. I especially love the vintage postcards and pictures. The quizes and puzzles were fun as well. Thank you.
Chrysta Lewis <>
Fort Worth, TX USA - Mon May 12 15:56:18 2003
Honors Denied
Robert L. Zimmerman

Next Memorial Day those servicemen who have died in the service of the United States and those who gave their lives in the War with Iraq, are supposed to be honored. Unfortunately this great honor will be diminished or diluted all year long, and worse, not given at all.

By act of congress, honors were established for those Americans who have died in the service of our Nation. A holiday was created that included the nation's greatest honor. The Flag of the United States of America was to be displayed at half staff from sunrise until noon. A great honor, but less than the honors given to others by act of congress. Only the President of the United States and the State Governors can order Old Glory to half staff for those not specifically listed, to be so honored. The length of time the flag remains lowered to half staff is specified and limited, in order to mourn the loss of the President or other high ranking government officials. Each designated official is given a specific amount of time, up to the maximum which is reserved to honor a President.

No other citizen may order the flag to half staff. Although the intentions are good local government officials, corporations and individuals diminish this honor trying to honor individuals serving the local community. These individuals should and must be honored with respect and mourning, along with all of the others so honored, on the next Memorial Day. The local community should give other honors as appropriate. Only the Congress, the President or the Governors can give full honors of a grateful nation. If the Honors specified are not limited and citizens and local officials decided to give this honor, as it has become custom, then individuals often will get days and weeks of a display intended for a selected few for only one half day.. The Honor is diluted and diminished when not ordered as prescribed by the President or the Governor of a State..

The vast majority of U.S. Flags in the United States will not be lowered, as called for, on Memorial Day. A simple reason and a simple solution. The largest number of U. S. Flags are displayed by corporations, business and public offices, where no one is available on a holiday to give honors to those who have given their lives for our country. There is no one on duty to raise and lower the flag as prescribed. An Honor denied. Perhaps Congress could authorize the flag to be lowered on Friday at 4 PM and raised again Monday at 8 AM on Memorial Day weekend. The very least, is for corporations that can not make someone available to give these honors, should take down their flag Friday. evening so as not to dilute this honor by leaving their flag at full staff, when it should be at half staff.

There is a booklet available from the U. S. government printing office in most major cities it is titled OUR FLAG. The cost is nominal. Everyone who displays the symbol of freedom to the world, should know how to display it properly. Driving in any major city in the U.S. you will find that many of the two flag displays, place the U.S. flag on the wrong side. The U.S. Flag should be on the right as if in a procession away from the building where it is displayed. On the Speakers right on a podium and on the audience left. When three flags are displayed the U.S. Flag is always in the center on a higher staff. The only time the Old Glory is not higher that all other flags in a three flag display is when the other two are flags of other nations.

Fly Old Glory proudly, and do not dishonor it by flying it incorrectly.
Bob Z <>
Houston, Tx - Sun May 11 19:51:35 2003

Mr & Mrs Robert Petito <>
North Babylon, NY UNITED STATES of AMERICA - Sat May 10 17:39:43 2003
I had to research a paper for school on what memorial day means to me and when i was searching on the web i watched some of the movies and it made me think alot of things and now i'v decided that when i grow up i want to be one of the people that serve our country i dont just want to do it because of the fame and the honor i want to do it because i realize that i can make a big differnce in our country one day and now im hopeing someday i will!!!!!
Meagan Drew <>
chichester, NH United States of America - Fri May 9 15:36:05 2003
Very touching, made me stop and think, remember and be thankful for all I have.
Brenda K. Anderson <>
St. Peter's, MO USA - Fri May 9 10:20:27 2003
I would like to thank all the Service Men and Women that have given their lives for our Country. I would also like to thank the people responsible for developing and maintaining this web site. I am one of many Americans that have forgotten, and shamefully neglected, what Memorial Day is all about. I coach youth soccer and am taking my team to a Memorial Weekend tournament. I am going to take some of the information I have read here and explain to my 10 year old girl's soccer team why we are able to "play" on Memorial Weekend. Then, prior to the start of each game I am going to have the girls recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Thank you, God Bless you and God Bless the USA!
Peter Gutsche <>
Brandon, FL USA - Fri May 9 07:22:28 2003
Just thought I'd leave a note. - Julia @ Care Packages
College Care Packages <>
San Diego, CA USA - Thu May 8 18:23:14 2003
To all those who have worn the uniform of this great country, to all those who have a passed away. I stand in awe of your accomplishments and thank god for soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen that have gone before me. CSM Stuart J. Fuller III Command Sergeants Major 40th Infantry Division Mechanized
CSM Stuart J. Fuller III <>
Santa Ana, CA US - Thu May 8 11:46:35 2003
Memorial Day is much more than a three-day weekend that marks the beginning of summer. To many people, especially the nation's thousands of combat veterans, this day, which has a history stretching back all the way to the Civil War, is an important reminder of those who died in the service of their country.
U.S. Veterans Network
USA - Wed May 7 17:02:44 2003
Thanks to all the veterans who have served, fought, and died to preserve the peace and tranquility for our great nation, The United States Of America.
TX USA - Wed May 7 17:00:10 2003
Beatiful web page! Remember the men and women that died fighting for our country!
WI USA - Wed May 7 16:43:49 2003
Thank you for an opportunity to thank all those young men and women who have served or are serving now so that our country remains free. My Dad served in WWII as did five uncles (only 3 of the 5 came home). One of our groomsmen died in Viet Nam one month before he was to come home. That was the only time I ever saw my husband cry. God Bless Our Veterans Now and Forever and God Bless America.
Geri Martorano <>
Columbus, OH United States - Wed May 7 14:47:34 2003
Thank you for making this site to educate people about Memorial Day. It means a lot to me. Back in 'Nam, we didn't try hard to make friends. It just made it harder to bear when they were killed from an overhead exploding shell. You've done justice to the casualties of war.Thank you once again.
'Bbird' Kelly
NJ USA - Tue May 6 20:16:20 2003
I just want to thank all the women and men that served and are serving our country .My brother and my cousin served during the Vietnam war. My brother was lucky to come back alive, but my cousin was killed in Vietnam. Yes my brother did survive the war,but he is still suffering with mental and health problems. I think all our soldiers are very brave because I think of how they can cope with all they have to face. All that fear and not n knowing what is next. I pray for all of them now and during the Vietnam war. I thank you for this site. It is very informative and it brings back memories of the other wars. God Bless everyonR.S.M.
Rosa Martinez <>
Austin, Tx. USA - Tue May 6 18:30:19 2003
Looking at this site reminds me of how incredibly lucky I am to be an incredibly lucky I am to be part of a way of life that will readily and unselfishly pay whatever price is necessary to protect its freedom and basic human rights. God Bless America.
Joe Huff <>
Garland, Tx USA - Fri May 2 14:35:46 2003
Nice site, seems to be very popular!
- Thu May 1 18:35:41 2003
Thank you to all of the fallen heroes and their families. May their strength and courage endure and inspire and may their sacrifices never be forgotten. I am truly blessed to be an American and am privileged to be living in the greatest nation on Earth. May God bless America always!
Steph <>
Fremont, OH USA!!! - Thu May 1 16:07:56 2003
I recently had to write an essay on the topic of Memorial Day, and this site was both helpful and enlightening. Thank you for your help, Sarah
Sarah Boehm
Budd Lake, NJ 07828 - Wed Apr 30 16:15:11 2003
A very informative site! I am the President of the Dept. of N.H. Auxiliary to Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (SUVCW). I am also President of the local Gen. Simon G. Griffin Auxiliary 11-SUVCW. One of the original purposes of this Order is the proper observance of Memorial Day, that is May 30. In New Hampshire, I encourage our members to add, "RETURN MEMORIAL DAY TO MAY 30th", in large, block letters to all of their out-going surface and e-mails. I plan to link this site to our Department Auxiliary websites and will ask the Department Sons to the same. I have periodically contacted my U.S. Congressmen on this matter and will encourage our N.H. members to do so, as well. Last year, we posted a poll on our Aux. 11 website re: the May 30th issue. To the readers of this Guestbook entry, everyone's small effort helps. Add, "RETURN MEMORIAL DAY TO MAY 30th" to all of your surface and e-mails, and encourage friends and family to do the same. EVERYONE can do this. Thanks for a great resource.
Bonnie J. Tolman <>
Keene, NH U.S.A. - Wed Apr 30 05:31:20 2003
Thank you for this site, it is quite informative and interesting. I will pass on your info to the people I serve. Really, really good.
Winnie Ellsworth <>
Doylestown, PA USA - Tue Apr 29 16:24:49 2003
I LOVE THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):):):):):)
Kristin <>
Romulus, ny U.S.A - Sat Apr 26 22:17:09 2003
My mom and I were looking the meaning of Memorial Day for a class project that I needed to do. I did not know that there was so much information about this. I am really proud to be an American. Our whole family would like to thank every man and woman that has fought for our country and freedom. THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!
Ashtin Scotting < (mom's e mail)>
White, SD USA - Fri Apr 25 22:24:28 2003
this is the best memorial day site any one could ever find!! Good jod on this site!
amanda amborn <>
Beloit, Wi usa - Fri Apr 25 21:01:25 2003
Thank you for still remembering those who gave their all. Thank you for not commercializing on others loss and pain. A very touching website.
Candy Daniels <>
Powhatan, VA USA - Fri Apr 25 12:52:05 2003
My daughter needed some Memorial Day info for a project at her church and was looking for information. Your site was the best we have every seen.
Joyce Rose <>
Lakeville, MN USA - Fri Apr 25 12:39:34 2003
This site is very informative. I very much enjoyed the prayer, it put the heart in the right place.
Valerie Barry
Mayfield, KS USA - Wed Apr 23 20:20:14 2003
On the last weekend of May, my fathers family will be gathering together for a family reunion. This is the second year (2003) we will gather again like this. It is the perfect time to gather this year. I have a nephew who is serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom. He is still there and we pray that he'll be home soon. As we gather this year we will be thinking of him and my uncle, who passed away last September and was in the army during WWII. Thoughts will also be with my uncle on my mothers side who also served in WWII and passed away this past September. In rememberance of those we love, we gather together. Keeping the family close enough to know that we do love each other. At this time I'd also like to thank those who have served and are serving to protect our country. You not only make our world a better place for Americans to live you are working to make it better for others. Dianne Kirkpatrick
Dianne Kirkpatrick <>
Schriever, LA USA - Wed Apr 23 19:56:51 2003
Having seen the ups and downs of Internet sites since 1996, we can see that your site has what it takes to succeed in long term.
The Plaza
- Tue Apr 22 13:59:47 2003
God Bless America Iraq you are going Down
Allison Smith <>
Plaza, N.D. North America - Tue Apr 22 13:47:16 2003
God Bless all who have fought & died or returned. You have paid the ultimate price for freedom. May all of you find peace in knowing that there are many of us who love you and thank you for your sacrifice.
Nellie <>
Mocksville, NC USA - Sun Apr 20 09:24:06 2003
To Bob in Arizona: If you don't like it, leave - I'm sure Osama Bin Laden would welcome you with open arms!
- Thu Apr 17 10:29:57 2003
Thank you to all who served - My dad is a Vietnam Vet and I know how lucky I am that he came home, and that such a wonderful man is my father. Blessed be.
R. Pierce
USA - Thu Apr 17 10:24:27 2003
this website helped me write an article on memorial day for my school newspaper!
Kathleen Walsh <>
Mc Guire, AFB, NJ United States - Wed Apr 16 07:28:04 2003
I am not sure what to say except heart will always ache for those we have lost.....but I pray that they will always be remembered in our hearts and minds throughout the rest of eternity.......
Mary Ann Stickel <>
OBETZ, Ohio United States of America - Mon Apr 14 20:02:32 2003
LET US REMEMBER TOGETHER-Let us march-and be seen to give voice and form-To those who lay in silent graves-At home and on distant shores-Let us remember together-Let us recognize-The failure of war is the failure of reason-And remember the precious and bloodied custodians-Who humbly return us to peace squandered-Let us remember together-Let us know-At the earliest age-Peace is not merely the absence of war-But a completeness complete-Let us remember-The great victories are-In the battlefields of hearts-When we succeed in preventing all children-From becoming Veterans,Victims and Orphans-Let us remember-Let us know beforehand-We are doomed or blessed-By what we accept -To be the inevitable-Let us remember together-Of all of us-Who are priveliged to vote-To wear this nations uniform-To wave our flag-To worship our creator-Let us remember-Surely Mother must have told us-To do unto others-We should all have known better-Let us remember*****AMERICA BLESS GOD*****
SFC Carroll Reid Hopkins <>
Ashland, VA United States - Mon Apr 14 10:12:08 2003
There is no doubt in my mind that America has the most caring, strongest, and moral people in the World. We prove it everyday by helping those who need help and sticking up for those who can not protect themselves. I am proud to be an American and I am proud of the Men and Women who have lost there lives for us so that we could live life the way we are accustomed to. GDO BLESS THE USA!!!!!!!!
Laurie Jones <>
Findlay, OH USA - Wed Apr 9 08:41:32 2003
I owe everything to all those who have died while keeping our freedom and all those who still are. You are the reason my son and I are able to enjoy everyday together knowing we are safe and well taken care of. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Therese Grace <>
St louis, mo UNITED STATES - Wed Apr 2 13:44:37 2003
thank you to all you veterans out there. i am trying to become a helicopter piliot myself someday,if any one has any information for me please e-mail me at really, anything at all would help. ~nick
nick hargis <>
oklahoma city, ok us - Tue Apr 1 19:38:54 2003
My Uncle survived the Vietnam era, Though I remember many looking and treating him with disrespect. He was our Angel. My prayers are with those over seas protecting me and my children! And prayers to my family members whom serve locally in the police and fire depts., dealing with the hate and anger here. Peace to all and prayers!
Lori Marie Ice <>
North Canton, OH usa - Tue Apr 1 08:19:25 2003
Hi !! How are you doing please send me information on events that happen in 1966. The month of June . I would like to know the most popular sport events and more.
Ella Holland <>
Kansas City, Mo United State - Mon Mar 31 12:40:05 2003
APRIL 23, 1923 - FEBRUARY 7, 2003 SGT. JOSEPH VINCENT FERRIZZI SR. - US ARMY 2ND CALVERY (18 YRS OLD) RECONESION IN SQUARDON RANK SEGERENT. ARMY JAN. 28, 1943. FORT JACKSON, SC (13 WEEK TRAINING (147LBS BOXING CHAMP)) ENGLAND IN 4/1943, FRANCE (JUNE 6TH D-DAY 3,000 SOLDIERS WENT IN 300 CAME OUT, HE WENT IN JUNE 25, 1943 19 DAYS LATER), LUXBURG, BELGIUM, GERMANY, CHECUSOVIX, GERMANY (WAR OVER - TREATY SIGNED MAY 9, 1945, DID A 3 MONTH OCCUPATION - 20 GERMAN PRISIONERS WERE NOT ABUSED HE SIMPLY HAD THEM BUILD A BOXING RING), FORT INDIAN TOWN GAP TO BE DISCHARGED IN 10/1945. KOREAN WAR 1948 (TRAINED FOR 18 MONTHS - NEVER SERVED IN KOREA - TRAINED OUR SOLDIERS). This man was my father and he was PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN SOLDIER OF THE U.S. ARMY. Some of you should be ashamed of yourselves. This is our Country, our Government and our President. (Right or wrong I shall stand by our Country and the decisions made by President Bush, A man of Honor, Hope and Freedom!) ONE NATION "UNDER GOD" FOR LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL! Some may not know where their loved ones are when they take Gods hand, but I know where my father is, he is in Iraq watching over "Our Soldiers". For he is a Veteran of Combat, he will serve the American people once again. Only this time as the "VETERIAN ANGEL". TO ASSIT OUR MEN IN COMBAT, TO COMFORT THEM AND YES TO TAKE THE HANDS OF THOSE WHO WILL DIE FOR OUR COUNTRY AND LEAD THEM TO HEAVEN AND GOD. THIS MAN WAS MY FATHER AND I LOVE HIM AND WILL MISS HIM FOR ALL THE DAYS OF MY LIFE. (IN MY DREAMS I WILL ALWAYS SEE YOU SOAR ACROSS THE SKY CAUSE YOU WERE MY LIGHT MY STRENGTH - Faith Hill "There You'll Be". (spelling never was my major LOL) VICTORIA LOU SWAUGER FERRIZZI BARRON WOODBINE MARYLAND, U.S.A. (March 22, 2003)
Victoria L. Swauger Ferrizzi Barron <>
Woodbine, MD USA - Sat Mar 22 14:02:23 2003
Greetings from Houston, TX. My name is Lisa. Let me thank you for such an informative site. I used it to compose
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- Fri Mar 21 22:09:52 2003
I'm very thankfull, for the courage that you have given to me. While on my first enlistment in the Marines. I had always hoped that if I ever had to go to war. That It would be with a Vietnam Vet. They went through hell for us, an yet we still do not give them thanks that they desearve! There I was on my way to SWA. My high scholl sweat heart's father spent a tour in veitnam. I was the first person he had spoken to about the time he was there. This just months befor the war. I was sent to a inactive Co. I thought I was a goner for sure. I later found out that I was going to a Co. that had Veitnam Vets there. So thank you all! SIMPER FI!
Chad Miller Sr. <>
ColumbiaCity, ore - Fri Mar 21 08:35:57 2003
May God be with our soldiers on the eve of battle. We are praying for your swift victory, and safe return home.
- Wed Mar 19 12:50:41 2003
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omo bendel <>
bamako, abj mali - Mon Mar 3 05:11:18 2003
USA - Wed Feb 26 10:38:00 2003
I read many of the comments, and even though I served in the marines 68-71 (Danang 69-71), I am strongly opposed to war. Especially the one we are faced with. Yes, the individuals that attacked the WTC on 911, are cowards, but we as Americans stood up to them by showing our spirit, hope and love by giving back love. This is what my God has taught me, to love and keep loving. For me going to war is not the answer, and I think we are being fooled again by the media and this administration. I know I am no coward as I have done my time in hell, but damn if I am going to buy into this warmongering president and administration. hell! It was Rumsfeld that sold the arms of mass distruction to Iraq in the first place during George Dubbya's daddy's turn in office. Why should my children have to pay for their ill gotten mistakes? Please everyone pray for peace and seek resolution through a more peaceful approach than war. God bless you all, God bless this govenment, God Bless America. Charlie Atilano
Charlie Atilano <>
salinas, ca usa - Tue Feb 25 22:39:13 2003
What can i say? It's been a long time, but today it seems like we are back right where we started (Iraq), and I can clearly see the cannon fodder of my children dying, and for what reason? Just like Vietnam, why was I there? Today, I still wonder, and I am getting that feeling of not trusting my government again. Is this right? I should not have to protest for some egotistical rich, right wing individual just because this administration has to be right in their political thought. War must always be the last means of reconciliation, not the first for distruction. I pray to my God, who is a loving, compassionate and understanding God (Jesus Christ), and ask that he bring peace. Please everyone, pray for peace.
Charlie Atilano <>
Salinas, Ca USA - Tue Feb 25 22:22:22 2003
I don't need to compromise my principles, because they don't have the slightest bearing on what happens to me anyway. -Calvin
CalvinAndHobbes Quotes <>
UK - Mon Feb 24 12:20:39 2003
Nice site. Good job.
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Hackensack, New Jersey USA - Thu Feb 20 13:11:15 2003
Excellent site. Love your work
Samantha Williams <>
USA, none USA - Sun Feb 9 22:56:26 2003
Marion Swim,John Irving,John Alden,Jason Johnson,Mike Johnson,Matt Johnson. All served in the United States Army
Mansfield, MA - Wed Feb 5 18:23:25 2003
To all of the families and friends of the seven brave astronauts, your grief and loss is ours to, as well as many others. From this day on and after they will never be forgotten for the coutagious mission they set out for but sadly, never returned. Empty spots are in hearts everywhere. God bless them and their families.
vona and george smith jr <>
green cove springs, fl us - Tue Feb 4 07:21:38 2003
BERKELEY, CA USA - Fri Jan 31 12:45:00 2003
i love this site
mugu <>
loma, juve tonga - Thu Jan 30 13:22:27 2003
I have several family members that have been in the Armed Services, 1 served 2 tours of Vietnam. He has since died, but never been forgotten....
Marla Aguayo <>
Phoenix, Az USA - Thu Jan 30 08:32:39 2003
oops! check the spelling of "donations" on your home page
xx, xx xx - Wed Jan 29 12:55:19 2003

[thanks, it's been corrected!]

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- Tue Jan 21 20:31:54 2003
All patriotic Americans are invited to Ashland,Va.on Monday May 26th 2003 to participate and observe the second annual Memorial Day March and Assembly.This is not Veterans Day,Independence Day,Armed Forces Day or Flag Day.On this day we will REMEMBER by name and honor those from our local community who gave their lives that we might be free.This observance is focused on Ashland/Hanover,Va service persons that died in military service to America in the 20th and 21st centuries.For more details simply e-mail me.
Carroll Reid Hopkins <>
Ashland, Va USA - Wed Jan 15 12:50:36 2003
James L. Jackson USMC 1965-1973 aka JL. died May 25, 1995 Co C 1stTkBn,1st.Marine Div. I want to post this message to find someone who knew my husband...he died due to angent orange indused cancer..I want his memory to live on because he was proud to be a Marine.
Nita Jackson <>
Banning, Ca. - Fri Jan 10 15:16:55 2003
I was wondering if you are my Uncle Bill that I have not seen since Nana died ? My fathers name was Julius but everyone called him " Jack ". If you are my Uncle I just wanted to know how you aare doing and what you have been up to in the 25 years since I've seen you.
Ron Domowicz <>
Richmond, Va US - Thu Jan 2 15:27:51 2003

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