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"How do you say "THANK YOU" to someone who did what they willingly have done? It's only by actions that we can repay those who have come before us." --Mike Schelp, Kansas City

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Happy New Years!!
Cherylin Martin
Portland, OR USA - Sun Dec 29 17:16:54 2002
Really enjoyed the site. Thanks
Des Moines, IA United States - Sun Dec 22 16:25:28 2002
thank you to all who have,are,and will serve this great country my uncle is or was a vet of the vietnam war i thank you for this web page and say to you keep up the good work.
Jeromey D.Moore <papa_moore26>
Watson, mo U.S.A - Mon Dec 16 00:40:27 2002
I dissagree with any kind of armed pistols espechially in our communities and the danger that it has caused lots of people. Young children these days think that it is cool to play with, their lots of ways that guns are provided to the community and its wronhg
Krystal Kotewicz
pgh, pa Pittsburgh - Wed Dec 4 07:19:31 2002
In Austria it is a shameful act to dignify the soldiers from WW2. At one side they fougth for their country, at the other side they served for a cruel regime. I think f.i. in Russia there is much more patriotism also about WW2, although the Red Army is known as a criminal institution, and not only an instrument to defend the country. This year there was a public outcry, as 150 men dignified the soldiers on national celebretion day in vienna (they where referred to as NAZIS). I know about my family, that f.i. my uncles came to the Wehrmacht with age between 16 and 19. They only were learned, that they had to fight terrorism and bolshewism, which was a danger to germany and europe. They were no Nazis at all, and I ask, what I would have done instead of them. I am annoyed about the journalists in Austria, who are exalted and moralise about things 60 years ago, and what to do a shadowboxing against phantoms of the past. Needless to say, that the most newspapers in Austria are leftist, and have roots abroad (also in US!).Envisage, that you always remember about the crueltys of your soldiers (bombing of civilists, starving-camps after WW2,...) - I never heard one word about this in US- memorial sites! Only german soldiers where criminals, in their genes (this is teached to schoolchildren in germany today as historic truth).
Rene driver <>
wien, austria austria - Fri Nov 29 17:02:07 2002
treva cunningham <>
birmingham, al. usa - Tue Nov 26 13:46:41 2002
I am a WAVE veteran that served in the middle 60's. I did not go to Viet Nam, I stayed stateside. My heart, my thoughts, my fears were all with my fellow military buddies over in Viet Nam. Memorial Day is so special to me. It is a symbol of all of the men and women who fought so hard and lost their lives to save and prove what a great country we have. This is our country and we as Americans will do whatever it takes to save it. Memorial Day is also a weekend that we express our hope and dreams that we will still find the rest of our POW/MIA's, thanks to the Rolling Thunder for all their efforts that they put forth from all over the country on that special weekend to show that we are still fighting for our POW/MIA's
Kathryn (Kat) Collins <>
Memphis, TN USA - Sun Nov 24 21:04:24 2002
thank you to all the veterians.GOD BLESS YOU AND ALL YOUR FAMILY,so i might live free in these UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.without your fighting for me i probably not be here.thank you.
judy pitchford <>
UNION CITY, michign U.S.A. - Fri Nov 22 13:47:20 2002
thank you for the many people who validate their feelings/ must be very hard to give your life for your a country that sometimes does not show thier appreciation at times.GOD BLESS ALL THE VETERIANS.i respect all of you to the utmost.
judy pitchford <>
UNION CITY, mi U.S.A. - Fri Nov 22 13:43:32 2002
WOW!! how could men have done wat they did! it makes me cry when i think about it!well THANK YOU! u can never say that to much!
caitlin vyborny <>
roscoe, ill. - Wed Nov 20 16:35:53 2002
I really liked and enjoyed reading all the comments about all the veterans. A real cool page thank you all for sharing.
Lynda Garrett <>
Pennington Gap, VA United States - Fri Nov 15 21:50:53 2002
There is no way for me to even fathom what these soldiers, their families and their dear friends go through and what they think on these significant days of Remembrance. I believe that I am blessed to be me. Yesterday at lunch, sitting at the table right behind me was a veteran. He sat there with his lady friend and spoke of his friends and some of the memories of his past. When the waitress made the comment that that he was a hero, he said 'No' - of course he did. And if you asked any other veteran or any other man or women in the forces today, they would say the same thing. Although I feel completely blessed for each and every person who has fought for and is fighting for our freedoms, I feel sad that I don't know what more to do. Last evening, I left white flowers at three different cemeteries in and around our city. As well, I put a batch in the river underneath a bridge. The point of me leaving the flowers and the point of leaving this message is to honor some people: 1. My Biological Grandfather whom we never knew2. Gumbs Philip K MSgt 414 CTS/AT - a very dear friend of mine in the U.S. Air Force (Avengers). Always thinking of you! I am so very thankful I know you! Be Safe and Take Care!!!3. Lt. Derek Prohar 6 Platoon Commander 3 PPCLI - a fellow graduate and alumnus of my school (AMCND) Luctor et Emergo (Struggle and Emerge)4. As well as, All The Other Angels Living and Deceased These are the people who's wings we hide behind. Thank you for being our shelter. Thank you for seeing and enduring what the rest us could not and cannot handle. Thank You All and God Bless!! May Angels care you when you are weary!
Rita Daradics <>
Edmonton, AB Canada - Tue Nov 12 13:30:58 2002
AKRON, OHIO USA - Mon Nov 11 23:26:43 2002
Thanks for recognizing soldiers.We really appreciate it.
Jose E. Navarro <>
Fort Stewart, GA USA - Sat Nov 9 12:33:11 2002
I would like to make a few comments. It appears to me that a lot of people miss the point about Vietnam. I must admit that I didn't want to go. I was afraid for my life like everone else. The thing is , when your Nation calls you, you must answer the call. America, and what it stands for is greater than anybody, or small group of people. The Government must rely upon people willing to give their all for their country. I maybe disagree with our leaders policys, but on the same token, I will do what they tell me, because they are our elected officials. I was hit with 4 rounds from an ak47, and spent about 7 months in Army Hospitals. I saw many of my fellow soldiers gunned down in Long An Province, Vietnam. Did this put a stop to my loyalty, no!, it makes it stronger.I am very thankful for our men and women in the service, and may God bless this great nation.
Robert Glenn <>
Durant, OK - Fri Nov 8 00:26:08 2002
At our school we are having a assembly on veterens day we asked that every veteren in sissonville would come.At school today i thought about the program if it goes well i will let you know..
Joshua Slater <>
Sissonville, WV USA - Thu Nov 7 17:00:33 2002
I would like to thank all the people who particapated in the wars . Thank you for fightimng for my rights.
adrienne Cummings <n/a>
sumter, s,c united State - Wed Nov 6 09:54:00 2002
My thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who continue. With respect, Harold.
Chicago, - Sun Oct 27 09:35:50 2002
A good way to say Thank You to a Veteran is to buy a brick with his or her name on it. We are building a Veterans Memorial in Miami Township, Ohio. The bricks range in price from $65.00, $250.00,$500.00. The sizes vary by price. We feel that our Memorial is going be be beautiful. The Veterans name and rank, when they served,and years they served would be included on the brick. Even if you are not a veteran and just want to support them for all they have done for our country you can still buy a brick and put your family name on it. For more info please e-mail me. I'll be glad to answear any questions you might have. The Committe reserves the right to refuse purchase of bricks by any individual or orgination as well as the information placed on the brick. These would make a wonderful Christmas gift.
Connie Kuhns <>
ohio - Fri Oct 25 21:54:55 2002
i love u all
ronke <>
benin, cotonou benin - Thu Oct 24 23:09:18 2002
I feel for everyone who lost someone in those attacks i have started sending this pray that i found on the net it is at the moment circuling the net i have asked everyone to ssend it to everyone that they know it is as follows: Lord God I come before you and Stand in the gap for the Body of Christ to be lifting up all decisions in stretegic retaliations. May you protect and govern the goverentment with sound decision making. May you guide every step as to be ordained by our president. That He May make the decisions accordingly with His leadership team, and respond in the way that you have predestined before the beginning of time. Raise up Oh God a voice that will stand for you even in the midts of storms all around us.Though parts of our country as well as other contries have shaken alittle your kingdom Oh Lord will never be shaken. Lord I pray protection and legions of angels all around our country and the people that you have placed in athority as well as all. may we live truely asONE NATION UNDER GOD and begin to soe unity like never before. You Lord God are in control of all things, and we pray as one body accross this world that you would speak clearly to your people. I pray for prayer worriorers and intercessors to stand and pray. May you give them strenth Oh God to interceed like never before. I thank you for your love that never fails and I also thank you Oh Lord that You, the God of PEACE shall crush satan under our feet (Romans 16:20). May your love preveil in our Land that was given to us by you. So Lord Jesus I ask you to come walk among us, guard us and direct us from this point forward. May your blood be upon this prayer in the name of Jesusamen
jenny <>
budeirm, qld Australia - Thu Oct 24 17:58:07 2002
this was the perfect solution to my veterins day project i got 700 moneys + went out to eat during school and of course got an A+ thankyou and god bless america
jill kasper <>
maple grove, mn - Wed Oct 23 19:15:55 2002
jill kasper <>
maple grove, mn - Wed Oct 23 19:10:34 2002
pls all guy men keep off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
chikeboy <>
- Wed Oct 23 08:47:12 2002
The people that fight in a war should never get forgotten. I hate that not a lot of kids know about "The Forgotten War".
Tiffany Davis <>
Oregon City, OR US - Thu Oct 10 12:09:13 2002
FL united states - Sun Oct 6 19:15:06 2002
Thank you to the men and women who served so dutifully in our armed forces.
links directory
- Sat Oct 5 19:45:58 2002
I chanced upon this site whilst researching a relative who was killed in action during the rhine crossing in 1945.I would like to express my appreciation of the sacrifices the U.S.A. has made and continues to make in the fight against tyranny and despotism.God bless you.
Chris Evans
Gainsborough, U.K. - Wed Sep 18 14:57:52 2002
Remembrance is a virtue. Gratitude is a must. Never shall we forget those who made the sacrifice of life, physical or mental wounds. An example to us all.
Jean-PierreSchellekens <>
Antwerpen, Belgium - Wed Sep 18 05:51:39 2002
I concur that "Memorial Day" is not taken in the context that it was designed. Most Americans have no ideal what this day is really for. I think that 9/11 should revive the observance day. We should pay tribute to all the heroe's that paid with their lives. And, the days should increase to 2 Days. If it happens to get passed in the legislator, I would without at doubt vote to increase Memorial Day(s) observance. Thank you,Kathy
kathy merus <>
palm beach, FL USA - Thu Sep 12 22:07:46 2002
I visited Arlington five years ago-this is the impression it has left on me. IMAGES OF ARLINGTON Too many lie there walk along designated paths a shadow above each grave If it were your brother or sister, would you question why they gave their life for you If you're a stranger-just understand-you lost them too They didn't ask to be heroes in death They would have rather seen you smile one more time A decision was made soldiers for freedom a noble reason When you hear a whisper, yet no one is there, it is one of them passing a message of courage to you Walk lightly on this sacred ground but let a humble note sound heavily on your heart As their memories live on in death we depart from their final resting place.
M Delle Fave COPYRIGHT 2002
West Warwick, RI USA - Mon Sep 9 15:02:50 2002
I have a 20 year old grandson who is in the U.S.A. Air Force. I am so proud of him. He came home with his wife and son a couple of months ago. When he got on the plane he asked one of the pilots if he could look inside the cockpit. the pilot said sure. Then the poilt ask him what he did in the service my grandson told him I load bombs. the piolts responce was "oh your are one of the killers" My young grandson who was proud to be helping to make our country safer. Said to this pilot " will it's a dirty job , but somebody has to do it". We all know how dangerous it is to be doing what he is doing at this time. In a few months he will be in Korea for a year and he can't take his family with him, but he does't regret joining to help fight the horrors of what happened on 9-11. Ruth kirby
Ruth kirby <>
Lafayette,, Tn U.S.A. - Sun Sep 1 02:21:47 2002
My father brought us to this country of opportunity as children and it provided us with all life can offer. My brother and I served (and he continues to) with pride as a way to pay back a very small portion of what we were given. Our lost soldiers understand the value of freedom and gave it to us as a gift. We should always remember them and those that wake up every day to maintain that freedom. God bless our rave boys and girls.
Roberto Cortez <>
Dallas, TX USA - Thu Aug 22 07:05:20 2002
live and let's live i done enter here so make you no enter at all .
iboman <>
togo - Thu Aug 15 11:00:20 2002
David-Had my husband who retired (EOD SSG) from the Army come look at this site after I did. It's bookmarked for me to use in school if I get the chance. Thanks for having it out here.
Laura R. Charron <>
Emmett, MI USA - Thu Aug 1 15:56:28 2002
Nice Site!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Boris <>
- Mon Jul 29 07:30:50 2002
WARRI, DELTA NIGERIA - Wed Jul 24 22:07:04 2002
WARRI, DELTA NIGERIA - Wed Jul 24 22:04:09 2002
LOWELL, MA U.S.A. - Tue Jul 23 16:20:50 2002
July 22, 2002Dear Sir, How are you? War is very strange, to me. My Dad joinNavy, retired as Chief Petty Officer, many year ago. Once he retired from, White House. He married settled down. Had seen many kind, of War pass over time. Yet never understandwhy, what for. Sometime how nice is, that everbody will mind, there own Business. God Bless You.
Ms Clavelina Carmen De Lawder <>
Morgantown, West Virginia U.S.A.. - Mon Jul 22 10:05:16 2002
I've decided to sign on because of my love for my grand-father, who served in W.W.II.I guess the need to let everyone know that I have a hero for a grandpaw is an oppertunity I could not pass up.I love him with all my heart.And all that he has tought me is everything I need to be the best that I can be.God has blessed him richly in health and love, but I know that he got back what he put out. The love of his coutry and our freedom are some of the reasons why he is my hero.I love you paw-paw. And I speak for America when I say "Thank You,O.V.Kibodeaux,For the love of our coutry".And thanks to my friends and strangers who have faught and will continue to fight to keep ME free.My prayers are with you and my heart is too.GOD BLESS YOU ALL. THANKS
Yevette Babcock <>
Merryville, La. U.S.A. - Fri Jul 19 20:09:30 2002
hello together! nice site. love and peace for everybody! bye
Australia - Fri Jul 19 10:32:20 2002
I commend you on your site. I am one of 6 boys, 4 of which served in WW11. My brother and I served in Korea (The forgotten war). I lost two 1st cousins in WW11. One of which was a John Warren Moneypenny. Marine KIA at Okinawa toward the end of the battle. I have found out that he was killed by a snipers bullet on a mop up operation. I have by shear accident, a person who has is dog tags. Her father served the same time as my cousen but is now deceased. She asks if I can give her his serial number to identify the tags. I have tried relentlessly to get that number with no success. Hoping to find someone who might have served with him. He may have been with the 7th Marine Div or possibly the 3rd, not sure. Would appreciate any help I could get. Maybe some one could direct me on the proper obtaining of the serial number from Marine Record office.Any and all help would be deeply appreciated.Thomas Owen Moneypenny E Mail:
Thomas O Moneypenny <>
Akron 44312, Oh USA - Wed Jul 10 19:48:47 2002
My uncles served with the army during 1942/1945.One recieved the purple heart.Thank God they returned safely.We are proud that they kept this country free for all of us.
Pa. USA - Mon Jul 8 18:05:49 2002
I am taking this opportunity to post what I feel is very important. I am the owner of a Funeral Home, who on July 6, 2002 served a family that lost their brother. The deceased gentlemen or as I look at him hero, as all service men and women are, his name was Donald Roy Ballanger. A Canadian who was a Paratrooper attached to the British Sixth Airborne division. He jumped on D. Day, Ardenes Breakthrough, and the Rhine Drop. He received many service medals. Don was given the nickname Muscles during his service. He served his country as many did, and came home to live a long life as many did not. I wanted to place this for him and those who served with him. I am a Canadian, however I am proud of the way America chooses to remember those who served. Thank you, it was a pleasure reading your site
Darrin E. Watts <>
Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada - Sun Jul 7 10:27:21 2002
Member U.S. Marine Corp 1958 to 1961 sea duty
Larry W. Nelson Sr. <>
Hammond, IN - Sun Jul 7 00:06:26 2002
My brother James Raymond McVicker of Toledo, Ohio fought in the Vietnam war. He was wounded in that war. Thanks Jim for your courage during the war and what you had to contend with when you came home. To all of our men who fought in that war, the ones who came home and the ones that didn't make it back, YOU ARE MY HERO'S. MAY GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU.
Sondra J. Zeck
Cedar Rapids, IA U.S.A. - Sat Jul 6 19:20:32 2002
I really don't know what to say but I do know how I feel. I can't put that into words except to say that I can't look at Our Flag and not be reminded of the sacrafices that so many men,women,and famlies have made to this "Our Great Home"My Dad was and will always be a Marine. He past away in 2000. His name was Billy Wesley Potts from Asheboro,NC.Does anyone remember him? He was in Vietnam. I'm sure someone remembers him.
Tonia Potts Davis <>
Asheboro, NC USA - Thu Jun 27 14:04:16 2002
lived trow the war on rpg boat and agent orange canuser
larry peissig
pewaukee, wi - Mon Jun 17 20:30:53 2002
Thank you so much for such a great site. I enjoyed very much. And also thank you Veterns, for so much you have done for the country. My son is a Air Force pilot, and I know what can happen to him and all the other men and women at this time in history.
Gloria Chehy <dancerglor>
Tinley Park, Il. U.S.A. - Sat Jun 8 21:26:46 2002
Very interesting site. I learned some stuff I didn't know about,about memorial day. THANK YOU!!!!!!!
Stan Mercier <>
St. Petersburg, Florida U.S.A. - Fri Jun 7 15:20:36 2002
I wanted to take a moment and commend you on this wonderful web site. I had the priviledge of organizing a ceremony, which took place 27 May 2002. Present were members from all branches of the military, Boy Scouts, Disabled Veterans, members of the local VFW and a Civil War Re-enactment group. It had to have been the best ceremony in the 9 years that I have been attending. The best part was the placement of a single white carnation on each grave. I had read the touching e-mail about the carnations. We took her suggestion one step farther, to let all who rest in that cemetery know that we will never forget any on them.I am proud to be a member of our country's Armed Forces, and even prouder to be able to live in such a wonderful country. God Bless America!
MSgt Pamela Hamel <>
Fairchild AFB, WA USA - Fri May 31 18:02:52 2002
Congratulations on a job well done! The site is well organized and very informative. You provide a valuable service. As "old school" retired military, I appreciate your emphasis on the unique purpose of Memorial Day: honoring American war dead. Too many well-intentioned people, including the media, are trying to make it a secondary Veterans Day. We already have our own holiday, and your efforts will help to correct this misconception.
Kenton R. Brown <>
Tempe, AZ - Fri May 31 00:33:17 2002
I am so proud to be an American in this great country. I thank our Veterans who fought to give us our freedom. No other country has what the United States has. I am extremely proud of my father, Daniel, who fought in WWII. He received 2 Purple Hearts for his injuries. I have the American Flag, which I received at his funeral, boxed and sitting where everyone can see it. To my father, the flag and Memorial Day were the true symbols of America. He has passed down his feelings to me, my husband and our children. This is a wonderful website; I am so glad that you have done this.
Carol Fulgenzi <>
Columbiaville, MI USA - Thu May 30 22:38:02 2002
GLEN COVE, NY U.S.A. - Thu May 30 10:38:43 2002
I consider Memorial Day to be a national day of mourning. This is how we observe this day in our homes. If we make a three day holiday out of this day the younger generations will not observe it as this day of mourning anymore. Where is our religious days going? Come on county, don't loose everything that we have. Religion and freedom go together.
Connie L. Tierney <>
Pittsburg, KS United States of America - Thu May 30 08:10:51 2002
David, You have done a excellent job for all of us Vets, Many thanks. Ex-Staff sergent, U.S. Army-Special Forces 5th Group-South Viet Nam- 64 to 67 - Retired 90 from DOD. Again many thanks !
Robert (BO) Etzler Jr. <>
New Port Richey, FL U.S.A. - Thu May 30 08:07:28 2002
David, you have done an excellent job! I am glad I found this web page. As you know I am one of the most patortic persons around. I am proud to be an American and thank the good Lord above for this privilage. Keep up the good work. May God Bless and keep all of us in this great nation of ours.
Mary Shively <>
Jonesboro, La USA - Wed May 29 15:35:08 2002
Memorial Day is one of my favorite holidays. A lot of people don't observe the holiday. They only like it because it is an excuse to get a day off of school. I think it is wonderful to have this holiday to honor everbody that has died for our freedom. I wish Memorial Day could be honored like Christmas of Easter.
Katie O'Dell
Tacoma, WA - Wed May 29 15:10:55 2002
I love the United States!! Screw terrorists or anyone else who dissagrees with me!! But seriously I love New York, I lived there for 3 years. My heart goes out to eveyone there.
Mallory Bentley
Tacoma, WA USA Baby!!! - Wed May 29 15:09:25 2002
I am proud to be an American just to know how someone I dont know laid their life down for me is so amazing GOD BLESS THEM RIP
Monique <>
Blomfield, CT U.S.A - Tue May 28 18:21:25 2002
I can never fully show my admiration and appreciation of all who have served in any capacity to protecting this great nation of ours. I have passed on my love and respect for all soldiers onto my children and with pride display my tears and flag for you all. God bless you and Thank you from my heart.
TX United States of America - Tue May 28 18:08:50 2002
On this Memorial Day, may my best friend and fellow Marine, Lynwood "Roy" Murphy, KIA on May 29th of 1965, while on a night ambush near Chu-Lai, South Vietnam, NOT BE FORGOTTEN!!Semper Fi......
Nick Wiltse <>
Gasquet, Ca. USA - Tue May 28 14:56:01 2002
We Kiwis have just had our own ANZAC Day, (25th April), which is the combined Australia and New Zealand Memorial Day.All men and women throughout the world deserve a day of thanks for giving of themselves unselfishly to defend the freedom and rights of their country. And to remember those of the past that fought and lived, or fought and lost their lives helping to make it better for those to come after them.It is my privilege to honour the American War Dead and Veterans.Diana
Diana <>
New Zealand - Tue May 28 07:27:08 2002
My stepfather, Allen B. Menges, (just Pops to me) served in the U.S. Army for 27 years. He fought and was wounded in Korea and Viet Nam. I am a proud son who has tried to live up to the example he set in my own life. I am a Navy Chief now and nearing the completion of a 20-year career. In the Navy we strive to live by 3 core values, Honor, Courage and Commitment. To many, lofty sounding words like these don't hold a lot of meaning. But to the men and women of the Armed Forces words such as these represent a guiding set of priciples, binding us to a behavior of uncompromising integrity. My father lived by such a code on and off duty. He followed the code while defending his life and the lives of his comrades. He followed the code while killing our enemies. I have spent my military career in peacetime, never firing a shot or being even remotely endangered by an enemy. I therefore lack the capacity to imagine following such a code when faced with the atrocities of war and fear of imminent death as my father did. What I can do is show my respect and gratitude. Thanks pops.
Roger A. Miller <>
Jacksonville, FL USA - Mon May 27 20:23:23 2002
My father was a pilot in the Air Force, during World War II.He use to tell my younger brother and I, stories of the war, what he went through. Today I want to thank all who served our country and asks, all Americans to stand strong together and not let what happenned on 9/11/01 to happen again, lets stand together as a United Nations, God Bless all our Veterans and all Americans.
Richard Hart <>
Las Vegas, NV USA - Mon May 27 19:47:48 2002
My brother Mr. Sherman Napier was in the Vietnam War. He joined the serve at age 17. He was in Vietnam in about 1968-69. He has some good days and some bad day's. I pray for him always as I do for others in the Wars. I send out Love and Honor to all that have served in the War. As my great-great grandmother was in the war persay.She was in the 1962 experiment with Radiation for the cold war, and she died from it. We have had and still is having some bad war's but with God's help we will get through it all. Happy Memorial Day and God Bless AllWarmestMrs. Doris J. Baker
Mrs. Doris J. Baker <>
Cincinnati, OH UNITED STATES - Mon May 27 17:58:13 2002
My father (Clayton G. Schalk) was in the CCC's (Civil Conservation Corps) in the 1930's and 1940's. He fought forest fires and built bridges in Coos Bay, Oregon. He was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. He passed away in November of 2000 and we miss him dearly.
Judy Menzies <>
Largo, FL USA - Mon May 27 17:09:39 2002
I am a Korean Vet and proud of it. USAF, 1950-1954. This is a great site, keep her going. TO THOSE WHO DO NOT UNDERSTAND: Throughout history people have had to fight for peace and freedom. You should be glad that they did, otherwise you probably would not be here to enjoy your freedom to express your opinion. Remember them and express your gratitude to them, for they certainly deserve it, those who died and those who lived through it and have to endure all the terrible memories. We Live in a wonderful country and some people do not appreciate it. Those who do not appreciate it should take a trip to some of the third world countries. I bet they would be happy to get back to the GOOD OLE USA. Its the best country in the world, so honor it. Two of my Brothers fought in WW11, one in the battle of the Bulge and the other flew B17's on missions over Europe. They both survived with terrible memories of the War. I SAY THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE SERVED!!!!! GOD BLESS THOSE WHO DIED AND SURVIVED ON 9/11. GOD BLESS THE USA AND MAY SHE ALWAYS STAND TALL, FREE AND STRONG!!!!! A SPECIAL BLESSING ON ALL THOSE WHO DIED FIGHTING FOR THEIR COUNTRY AND THEIR COUNTRYMEN AND WOMEN!!!!! Thanks: Jerry.
Jerry Cumbie <>
Oak Ridge, Tx USA - Mon May 27 16:16:14 2002
I'm proud and very thankful to live in the USA. All of my praise goes to each person who has contributed to our lasting freedom.
ID God's Country - Mon May 27 15:32:18 2002
All the brave, all the courageous, this a tribute for all of them that fought for their country. We should all feel that importance this day and everyday.
sue smestad <>
burbank, ca usa - Mon May 27 15:25:14 2002
I am A Naturlized Citizen Proud To Be An American and Thank GOD these Individuals Fought and Died For This Country For My Family and Me.
Maria "LuLu" Eidson <>
Escondido, CA US - Mon May 27 14:19:13 2002
Proud To Be An American and Thank GOD these Individuals Fought and Died For This Country For My Family and Me.
Mark Eidson <>
Escondido, CA US - Mon May 27 14:15:37 2002
found this web site listed in the wall street journal, it's interesting. personal data:enlisted in the USN 7 dec 1965; 120 day delayed entry, 4 yrs active; 2 yrs reserve. served on active duty Feb 66 through Mar 69 {1 yr early release from active duty for service in Viet Nam) Honorably Discharge 6 dec 71re-enlisted in USN Reserves Jan 79, served with various units untill retiring Sep 2000 as a Construction Mechanic Chief.I was proud to have had the opertunity to serve my country with the many great individuals within the DOD.God Bless them every one.CMC L.Rizor; USNR (retired)
LeVerne Rizor <>
Huntsville, AL USA - Mon May 27 13:55:56 2002
Semper Fi to all Marines!!!!!!!!! Past,present and future. My thanks also goes out to all who have served and are serving our country. I am very proud to be a daughter of a WWII Marine Veteran. Dad served in the South Pacific Theatre. Survivng Bougainville,Guam and Iwo Jima. Dad passed away but the pride,love,honor and respect for this country that he instilled in us as children;will go on forever.
Patty Simpson Edwards <>
Carterville, illinois USA - Mon May 27 13:46:54 2002
I would like to thank all the veterns for their sacrifice,especially to my cousin found on 29W line 15,Larry L. Stoner. We love you all and peace to you and yours.
Larry Stoner <>
Kearney, NE U.S.A. - Mon May 27 13:46:15 2002
Thanks to every man and woman for protecting our rights and to keep our country free and the best place to live in the world! Semper Fi
Bruce Tyler <>
New Glarus, wi United States - Mon May 27 11:36:58 2002
All I can really do is say, thank you for everything you have done for our country. Your courage will never be forgotten.
Amanda <>
Denton, TX USA - Mon May 27 11:07:22 2002
I want to take this opportunity to thank all who have served with honor and dignity for our country. Though sometimes the politics behind a military action may be questionable; our brave service people have always answered "the call" and have made us proud.My dad, Ned, served in the Navy during WW2...thank you.My ex-husband, David, served in the Army during VietNam...thank you.My daughter, Jessica, is currently serving as a 1st.Lt. in the Army...75th Brigade, Field Artillery...HOO-HA!!!...Thank you darling...I love you more than life.Blessings and love from me, to them, and to all who have served and the families who have supported them.
Zoe Jean Infinity <>
- Mon May 27 11:05:27 2002
PEACE & Greetings: I found this site on local radio station, KTDY's weekly posting (CJ & Deb). It was part of their Memorial Day tribute. My AMERICAN flag has been flying at half mast since sunrise and will remain as such for appropriate time in HONOR of ALL fallen commrades who have made the "ultimate sacrifice" for OUR freedoms: one being freedom of speech!It is so appropriate that I read this site today, Memorial Day 2002, after watching HBO's 9-11-01 special last night. This year to me it all has new meaning and profound respect.I am a 54 year old disabled (DAV lifetime member) VietNam veteran serving with 9th Infantry Division Headquarters Company in 1968-69 in Mekong Delta. My biggest tragedy there besides tryting to survive, was to have to prepare financial papers and notification for "next of kin" for those "KIA" of our units. To know that some loved one "back home" would nvever see their GI alive again was disheartening to me. NO, I wasn't a "grunt" but my logistics support function was no less easy to have to send your buddies final $$$ and paperwork home.Today I e-mailed my father in law and thanked him for what he did in WWII (Silver star and 2 purple hearts) and I took time out to remember those who died during 9-11-01 and ALL who are defending OUR country today. I also said the PLEDGE of ALLEGIANCE to OUR flag! And, finally - but NOT lastly - I PRAYED to GOD for OUR President, Congress and ALL leaders that WE wil return to ONE NATION UNDER GOD and STAY there!GOD Bless America and YOU!
Pat "Santa" LaBorde <>
Lafayette, LA USA, USA, USA - Mon May 27 10:35:09 2002
For all those who served before me,with me,after me,and for those who are no longer with us,We did the right thing !We did what every american should be willing to do for his country.All must be willing to give back for the life we want for ourselves and our families.
HO-HO-KUS, NJ USA - Mon May 27 10:28:25 2002
This is the first time I have heard about this site and I will be sure to pass the information on. I do belive thatMemorial Day date should be a constant May 30th. I am afortunate mother whose sons did not have to go to war and hopefully my grandsons will not have to go either--thanks toall who went before and gave their lives. To them I am grateful.
Mary C. Tafoya <>
Tinley Park, Il. USA - Mon May 27 10:11:16 2002
I'm just a simple American. Never did anything worthwhile in my life and neither did any of my family members. Just plain country folks. But we always never ever forgot them people that were fighting for our country either. To us them people were the ones you look up to , they were always very special in our hearts and if they lost thier lives, it weighed heavily on our hearts to know that they left very special love ones to them, behind. Just for us and sometimes it didn't seem right or fair. But to me its like their your dad or mom protecting you no matter what and you look up to them . In my heart I know there is no one more special to me than My Mother and Father. And i feel safe they are there. When one of them dies it hurts, you feel the pain ,as if it was your mother or father or brother or sister or son or daughter. I hope the familes know that in their grief they aren't alone because people like me are with them thinking of them in everyway. To me they are Heros! GOD BLESS THEM ALL
Someone Who Does Care
Pennington Gap , VA USA - Mon May 27 09:57:24 2002
We have relatives who gave their lives for this great Nation. I am a veteran who appreciates the sacrifice that was made. Now we have a son in the U. S. Marine Corp who was in Bosnia and is now in Okinawa. God Bless the USA!!!!
John & Donna George <>
Pleasant Unity`, PAPA USA - Mon May 27 09:42:32 2002
This was my first visit to the site. Thank you very much for all of the information! As a teacher, I find it very useful!
Melissa Chaffin <>
Era, TX USA - Mon May 27 09:26:28 2002
Thank you for the wonderful page. This day means a lot to me and my family. My grandfather served as a Sea-Bee in the Korean war and my father served in Vietnam. I have endless respect for any man or woman that serves our country. Without them, we wouldn't be where we are today.A big thank you to all who served.
Benjamin Wieberdink <>
Cedar Grove, WI USA - Mon May 27 09:06:40 2002
This is the first time that I have visited your page. It was quite interesting. I have three uncles, one brother and one son that served our country from World War II, Viet Nam and the Gulf War. Many of my cousins and friends also have served our country. Gone are my uncles and brother. We missed them very much. Memorial Day is a Special day for me snd my family. I am the President of the Ladies Auxiliary VFW Post 5998. Keep your page going.
Mariah J. Cooper <>
Waterproof, LA United States - Mon May 27 08:46:26 2002
Thanks for these pages.Having lost 96 college classmates in WW II (and someway having lived through it) I remember and honor those who have given their lives not only in WW II but in all of the other wars as well. May the current members of the armed forces return home safely is my prayer.
Bill Adams <>
College Station, TX USA - Mon May 27 08:02:43 2002
john Boldman <>
amsterdam, nh netherlands - Mon May 27 06:19:32 2002
I've always been involved in Memorial Day through my membership in the VFW but now that I'm in the Army this day has a more personal meaning for me. Let us never forget those who went before and gave the ultimate sacrifice.
Tina M. Jackson <>
Citrus Heights , CA USA - Mon May 27 03:11:30 2002
I've heard the pray'rs of Mothers,some of them old and gray.I've heard the pray'rs of others,for those who went away.Oft times a pray'r will teach one,The meaning of Good bye.I felt the pain of each one,But this one made me cry:Just a baby's pray'r at twilight, when lights are low.Poor baby's years are filled with tears.There's a mother there at twilight, who's proud to know,Her precious little tot, Is Dad's forget me not.After saying 'goodnite mama',she climbs up stairsquite unawares, and says her pray'rsOh kindly tell my daddy that he must take care.That's a baby's pray'r at twilight,For her daddy "over there" Just a baby's pray'r at twilight...For Daddy...Love and miss you......
Detroit, MI USA - Sun May 26 21:00:03 2002
im sorry all those poor people had to die,im even more sorry that their will be more..we live in a great country....never forget.
kisss <>
ar usa - Sun May 26 19:03:22 2002
This is for my wonderful Grandfather Shelby A. Dorris who I loved and respected with all my heart. He was an MMC for the United States Navy. I regret that I didnt spend as much time with him as I should have, but I do not regret the wonderful memories we have together. Looking at his pictures now I see a PROUD AMERICAN who was willing to die for his country and save others. This day is one of my favorites because all Americans can show there pride in our Nation's True Heroes. I LOVE YOU GRANDPA AND MISS YOU!!!!!
C.D.T <>
Coronado, CA USA - Sun May 26 15:38:51 2002
I am so very proud to be an American, I lost a brother in WW2 , a husband who served in WW2 and Korea, he was wounded but managed to survive. I had a brother who also fought in WW2 and one of my sons served in the Army for 3 years. I am very happy I am a native born American like my family is and I would gladly die for my Country.You have a great website, I wish everyone would read it.. God Bless America , our servicemen and women who serve her and all the veterans..
Dolores Theodore <>
Odessa, Tx USA - Sun May 26 12:53:55 2002
A beautiful website.. I lost a brother in WW2 and a husband who served both in WW2 and Korea. He was wounded but managed to survive. I lost many good friends also in the wars. Still this great country of ours is worth fighting for and if I were a man I would be proud to die for her.
Dolores Theoeore <>
Odessa, TX USA - Sun May 26 12:47:38 2002
I have added you as a Link from our page, including a special link to your "restoration" page. I learned about your site from The Wall Street Journal Article. We have maintained our page for about 5 years, as well as one for Flag Day, Independence Day and Veterans Day.
Walter LaRoche <>
Dunwoody, GA USA - Sun May 26 11:21:12 2002
Thank you to all the men and women who gave their lives for the freedom we enjoy today.Let us not forget and never let anyone take away our freedoms and our faith in god as many would do today if they could. Thank you to all the men and women today who fight for our Freedom and to keep us safe from harm!God Bless You!May you be protected and comforted by the Lord God and Jesus wherever you are and in whatever you do!Keep the faith and we will win!
Lisa Lisenby <>
Plano, TX USA - Sun May 26 08:51:19 2002
I will be 50 this year, and I can't begin to express my feelings of thanks; as well as heartfelt pride, sympathy, and love for the countless numbers of courageous men and women that have so unselfishly given of their lives to protect the freedoms we so often take for granted. I don't think enough people take the time to think (in our fast-paced world) that it is because of these heroes that we can sleep safely in our beds each night. I also believe the greatest disservice that we do to our Veterans and Armed Forces, is to not teach our children from a very early age to respect and support our men and women that serve our country daily and particularily those that have given their lives for our safety and freedom. My heart aches when I see parents allow teens to sit during the National Anthem, not remove their hats, or fail to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. " Nation under GOD, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All." Only because by the grace of GOD they are there to protect those rights for us. So whether you believe in the cause or not; right, wrong or indifferent, our job is to support, love and pray for them; and if you're not teaching your kids and not supporting them, you better be praying they never stop caring enough to stop caring for us. You can picnic anytime, so this year do something really great, like take your kids to a Memorial Service, visit a VA Hospital or Old VA's Home, shake some hands and just say 'thank you' to some Veterans, ask Grandpa to get out his old war pictures of the guys and tell you some stories so you can pass them on to your kids -that's what Memorial Day is about. In closing, I just want to say "God bless you All and thanks a million; not only to all the men and women in the Armed Forces, but to all Veterans and to all the mom's and dad's that lost children, my heartfelt sympathy and prayers are with you each and everyone. You have my solemn pledge that I will support you and make every effort to educate our youth about the true meaning of Memorial Day.And borrowing one of my favorites from the beloved Marines, I'm sending you all a big OooRah, a hug and a handshake - I love you all! Terry
Ms. Terry Karas <>
Weirton, WV USA - Sun May 26 08:05:02 2002
Way back on May 23, Tom Gilliam referred to "Decoration Day" being used to refer to Memorial Day. I remember my grandmother, who was born in 1900, also using that term. Perhaps it referred to the custom of decorating the graves of fallen servicepeople; I'm not sure. Also, she remembered going to the cemetery for picnics, in days before there were many well-kept public parks. I'd suggest going back to that, but 1) I don't trust people not to leave a mess behind, and 2) there would probably be liability issues for the cemetery owners (a sad comment on our litigious society). Anyone have any other comments or info on "Decoration Day"?
Bob Wilkinson <>
Shorewood, WI USA - Sun May 26 02:10:38 2002
Lets push for mandatory military (6 mo) for all our young people.
James V McMahan Jr. BG, PASMR (Ret) <>
Bel Air, MD USA - Sun May 26 01:54:44 2002
To all our vets out there and their families who have given so much, thank you. Thank you for my freedom.God bless!
Mrs. American Achievement
USA - Sun May 26 00:05:21 2002
Thanks for a wonderful site. I am a pastor here in Alaska. My father fought in Korea USN. He was gone for 18 months. He did come home and found me 9 months old. I am proud to be an American and I pray that we as a nation don't ever forget the sacrifice that so many made for us. Let us remember them and let us thank our God. Thank you David for a great site.
Alan Humphries <>
Soldotna, AK USA - Sat May 25 22:22:02 2002
As a member of the corps [10]years & a vet of 2 tours in Nam not 1 year but 2 4 year hitches.62/69.My hat is off 2 all vets.all wars all military personal.
Manfred Ulrich
Farmington, Mi Oakland - Sat May 25 22:19:47 2002
I wanted to say thank you for providing this website for many of us that want to know more about our history and what the good people that have served and continue to serve have given for us. THANKS TO YOU ALL!I have a brother in the Navy and many of my family have served, so God Bless You!
Crystal Celeste <>
Parkville, MO USA - Sat May 25 21:56:41 2002
Written by a son whose parents were both veterans, by a father whose son is currently active in the Army, thank you. I needed some poems for a children's sermon for tomorrow. Found them. All of these writings are important so that politicians know what the real cost of war is. Be sure and vote in the next election.
E Burnett
Tn - Sat May 25 20:03:43 2002
This is my first time visiting this site, and I am so glad I did. The desire to learn more about the history of and how I should be celebrating this day prompted me to look you up. Thank you, thank you. It has been a great help to me. THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE GIVEN YOUR LOVED ONES FOR OUR FREEDOMS. WE NEED TO REMEMBER THE PRICE THAT WAS PAID, AND STILL WILL BE, TO MAINTAIN THEM. I did not notice any entry in the guestbook from Virginia, so thought I surely must enter one.
R Morgan
Matoaca, VA USA - Sat May 25 19:05:14 2002
I'm a US veteran living in Australia. My God bless all those fallen friends and heros.
Paul White <>
Perth, W.Aust Australia - Sat May 25 19:00:21 2002
On this Memorial Day I would like to honor the memory of my dad, who I never met. He was a combat pilot, killed in action while flying a ground support mission against German guns near Cherbourg, Normandy, France on 24 June 1944. Rest in peace, my hero. Even though we never had the chance to meet here on earth, I have gotten to know what a wonderful man you were. I so miss you being here for all those special "family" times, and I realize the price you and our family paid. One day I will finally get the opportunity to put my arms around you and hug tightly. Thanks for your efforts in making the world a safer place, Dad. You truly were a member of the "Greatest Generation." Love, Harry
Harry Strahlendorf, Jr. <>
Swedesboro, NJ USA - Sat May 25 18:39:37 2002
Dan Harrod <>
Eureka, IL USA - Sat May 25 15:11:45 2002
Thank you for this beautiful and informative website. There are no words that are honoring enough to describe the men and women who have put (and are still putting)their lives on the front line of danger so that I and all Americans may sleep peacefully at night - so that we may enjoy the freedom that they have willingly fought for. In my heart is a special place for those who have fought(as well as for those who are now fighting)in wars and battles against enemies we do not understand - for people they do not know. I grieve with those who grieve their losses of loved ones and I honor and respect the ones who served in our American military - for me, an American whom they never even met. God Bless America and God Bless each American.
Gayle Schoen Murray <>
Austin, TX United States of America - Sat May 25 11:34:54 2002
Hello David...I am the proud mother of three United States Marines. I too, am a very proud American! I would like to thank you for creating this wonderful site and I have linked to it on my school web site. It is my mission to bring patriotism back into our school and your site has provided me with some very valuable links that will help me with that. I want to thank all of the veteran's in this country for their service and sacrifices made so, that I and my son's can enjoy the freedom we have today... God Bless You Our America!
Terri Egleberry <>
Wittmann, AZ United States of America! - Sat May 25 10:52:35 2002
I am so proud to be an American and live in the United States of America!
Marilyn Lange
Bryan, Texas USA - Sat May 25 09:36:15 2002
LOUISVILLE, KY USA - Sat May 25 08:34:39 2002
Very nice web site. Please keep up the nice work. I have a grandson who is in the Marines and a son in the Air Force now. Had lots of cousins and uncles in the Navy and the Army, so yes we are always proud to back the military, in all they have done to keep us free and were willing to put their lives on the line for all Americans to be free.
Shirley Mooty <>
Lafitte, La. USA - Fri May 24 23:55:20 2002
This is a beautiful page. We are a NAVY family, so we neverforget what Memorial Day is all about. Thank You for doing this.
Frank and Terry Tody <>
Grayling, Mi. United States - Fri May 24 22:37:22 2002
This is a wonderful websight. May God bless all of those that have fallen in battle and may he also bless those of you that are left grieving.
James Garabedian <>
Chicago, il USA - Fri May 24 22:20:12 2002
we owe our lives to those that died for our country and also those disabled veterans that were wounded in the line of duty. we should thank GOD for each day of our lives and ask him to preserve our country.
diana long
jasper, tx usa - Fri May 24 21:48:31 2002
This is a wonderful website. May we never forget the sacrifices made by those who gave their lives in defense of their country and the sacrifices made by the soldiers, sailors and marines of the Confederate States. They have all given us a high standard to aspire to.
John R. Tillinghast <>
Burleson, Tx USA - Fri May 24 20:25:33 2002
A wonderful page . Lest we forget , God Bless all of them
Mike Vitale
Springh Lake , NJ USA - Fri May 24 18:07:05 2002
Great Job... Very Nice.
Jeri Romero-Feliciano <>
Bremerton, WA USA - Fri May 24 16:40:59 2002
Thanks for the chance to read or check out this Webpage. My wife and I are vets, she an army nurse from WW11, my brothers served in WW11 and Father was the Chaplain at the N'Burg war crimes trials. We are not looking for a handout but that public, an the whole, acknowlege the fact that we served. I fly our national colors, 24/365 days-and yes I do have a light on the flag. Thanks.
Henry H. Gerecke <>
Cape Girardeau, MO USA - Fri May 24 14:20:16 2002
Keep up he good work.
lee heller <>
Dix Hills, ny usa - Fri May 24 14:18:18 2002
Have been sailing in and around NY Harbor for the past two days and it is indeed an extraordinary site, especially this year. I just wish you all could see this "Fleet Week" it'd make you proud.May this Memorial Day Weekend make us truly remember what and who, should be remembered.I was peace time service, USCG 1962-1966, but I can relate.God Bless America!
Robert C. Olson <>
New York, NY USA - Fri May 24 13:43:14 2002
BROOKLYN, N.Y. U.S.A. - Fri May 24 13:21:07 2002
Regardless of ethnic, personal, political and economic differences, we have proven once again that when we are truly tested (as we were with 9/11) we will rise up as a nation and stand tall and proud. The very foundation and soul of this great nation is built upon the sacrifices of our fallen soldiers over the years and will continue to be in the future. They deserve our continuing thoughts and prayers on this Memorial Day and every day! God bless our fallen soldiers and God bless America.
Steve Moffett <>
Dallas, Tx - Fri May 24 12:55:34 2002
As a member of the NH Counterdrug Task Force we work with youth all the time. I had been asked to speak at a local Middle School on the significance of The Military and Memorial Day. It was not an easy job choosing what poems and speeches I wanted to quote because they were all magnificently written and very heart warming! Thank you to everyone who contributed to this site.
SrA Lisa Joyce <>
Concord, NH USA - Fri May 24 10:56:03 2002
I would like to say God Bless America .And since September11,I think we need to take the pieces that's left of the puzzle and put them back together again.
Chanisha Partridge <none>
Cincinnati, Ohio USA - Fri May 24 10:40:07 2002
I dedicate this site in loving memory of my late father, Capt. Archie P Dougan, Fargo , North Dakota, who served with honor and valor on Guadalcanal, Normandy, Ardenes, The Rhineland with the Americal and 100th Inf Division in WW II; may he and the thousand of other brave men now deceased, never be forgotten.......
David W. Dougan <>
Houston, Tx USA - Fri May 24 10:34:31 2002
Thank you....For my father, my grandfather and many friends who have paid the ultimate price for my freedom. God Bless us all.
Wes Morrill <>
Monterey, CA USA - Fri May 24 10:07:53 2002
Thank you for this website! It is very informative and enjoyable to visit. God Bless all those who have unselfishly given their lives to protect those they never knew. God be with those who continue to fight for our freedom today!
kelley harth <>
Idalou, TX USA - Fri May 24 09:38:27 2002
this is a very nice web site!
unknown <>
indpls, in usa - Fri May 24 09:24:19 2002
THANK YOU all who risk or (have) risked and may be even lost their lives in order to help the world to get better. All we need is love, but love won't come easy, as it seems. There's always a rainbow... Shalom and God bless, BaLo*
Barbara BaLo* Lorenz <>
Schwabach, DE Germany - Fri May 24 09:23:45 2002
I think that if we try we could stop all war in the US and stop terrorism if only we could learn to respect eachother... t-bird
Tiffany <>
Sunbury, Ohio USA - Fri May 24 08:25:50 2002
i really enjoyed this page.
chastity montez <>
defiance, oh usa - Fri May 24 08:22:53 2002
dennis thomas <>
williamsburg, indiana usa - Fri May 24 06:02:29 2002
I was overwhelmed with emotion as I read the various writings and historical accounts. I am truly grateful for your efforts with attention to detail. My God richly bless each who contributed to this document.... Lt Col. Curtis L. McCauley, retired, USAFR
Dr. Curtis L. McCauley <>
Emporia,, KS USA - Thu May 23 22:52:51 2002
This is a very informative site, and I have placed a link to it on my homepage for others to surf to your site, hopefully bringing awareness for this coming weekend. Good work!BekOwner/Webmistress of a very unique domain:
Ms. Rebekah F. Whitelock <>
Lakehurst, NJ USA - Thu May 23 22:16:36 2002
Memories of 60 years ago grow dim. For those who want some insight to what happened I would recomend the book by Tom Brokaw. "The Greatest Generation." Nothing about war is glorious. It is hell. I served in the Pacific but it was no different than any place else. The day is to be thankful even though it gets moved around. Other should be remembered to. C.B.'s who worked with us. Lets not forget our wives, sweethearts, family, farmers who put in long hours to make the materials,food and other articles we needed. Thank them all. My flag flies every day.
D.W.Hoeder Sr.
Plymouth, Mn USA - Thu May 23 20:10:27 2002
If we lose sight of who we are as a Nation then we lose sight of who we are as a people.
D Daniels <>
forest hills, ny usa - Thu May 23 18:07:11 2002
I love the USA! We pray for World Peace. Thank you lost ones.
Jilli <>
Tacoma, WA USA - Thu May 23 14:49:31 2002
Wonderful!I am the daughter of Harold Plumadore who fought and nearly died in France during WWII, he taught us to respect our family, our country and to appreciate what we have and what those fine young men and women were willing to sacrifice for us. To those out there who do not understand how much they did give up for All of us, please take 5 min out of one day to visit a Veterns hospital and truly see for yourself. I am ashamed and embarrassed to read such comments like Shelly's and others who say this site "sucks" and note they can't even spell it correctly.
Catharine Levee <>
Johnstown, NY USA - Thu May 23 13:51:05 2002
5-23-02May we as Americans never forget the sacrifices these brave menand women have made and are making to ensure the freedom of this great country. Thank You to all of branches of the UnitedStates military.K.Crumpler( York
k.crumpler <>
bronx, ny - Thu May 23 04:09:50 2002
On May 9 Lance Thompson asked "What was the orignal name of Memorial Day?" When I was a lad growing up on a farm in Northern Indiana in the 1920's, we called it Decoration Day.-COL Tom Gilliam, USArmy,Ret.
Tom Gilliam <>
Kleseyville, CA USA - Thu May 23 03:26:41 2002
I will be the speaker st the Sat May 25, 2002, Memorial Service sponsored by American Legion Tredway Post 194, of Kelseyville CA. It was named to honor Will Tredway, killed in WW I.A great nephew Maj Austin Tredway is a current member of the post.I commandefd B Company of the 2nd Inf Regt in Normandy and the first day of the St. Lo Breakthrough my second platoon leader, Lt. James Tredway Dixon, was killed. A brave and patriotic officer, he was 31 years old, had a 3 year old daughter, Judy,back in South Carolina, and was exempt from the draft but he was a VOC (Volunteer Officer Candidate)from a sense of duty. I had written his wife but at the end of th war we had lost contact. He was the grandson of Thomas Tredway of Virginia who was killed at Gettysburg in Pickets ill-fated charge. Recently his now 60 year old daughter, Judy, with help from the World War II War Orphans, was able to contact me. I plan to tie my talk around these brave men from three diffrent wars, men with the same name but who had lived a continent apart and almost a century apart to remind my audience that our veterans are not each an island but all part ofthe same melting pot that is America. This site is an opportunity to save some of our memories.
Tom Gilliam <>
Kelseyville, CA USA - Thu May 23 03:03:40 2002
Quite the site...
Tim <>
IA - Thu May 23 01:23:58 2002
Shelby: You can honor those who died in wars and terrorist attacks without accepting war. Memorial Day is not about accepting war, glorifying war, liking war. It is (supposed to be) a solemn day, remembering and honoring those that died because of war. Some for fighting for freedom. Some because of sneak attacks or terrorism. Some died in wars that maybe we shouldn't have been in, but they are not to blame. And what war are you talking about in your post? We didn't kill ALL of the Afghans. We didn't target on civilians (yes, some did die though). We airlifted food and medicines to them at the same time we attacked the Taliban. We dropped leaflets warning the civilians of coming attacks. We worked with native Afghans to fight against the Taliban. Now we are helping the Afghan people rebuild. Many civilian organizations as well as the US government. Those that cried out "bomb them into the stone age" were people reacting to shock, to horror, and out of great pain and anguish. A common human knee-jerk reaction to such anquish, how many of us are saints? We all have different strengths and weaknesses. Many overcame that initial reaction, and those that didn't, why yell at all of us for those few? Help them to calm down, but you don't do it by belittling, by acting with the same kind of intolerance. As far as having "reason" to suicide bomb someone, think of history, of Stalin and Hitler, for instance, who took some twisted reason, twisted injustices to suit the needs of power mad dictators. There is no forgiveable excuse for the terrorist attaacks. You may need a good reason to bomb someone, but that doesn't mean everyone else does: some don't. Just because you can't imagine how someone could, say, rape a child, doesn't mean that it can't happen. That's a cold and harsh reality. And why Peace, while dearly desired, is so hard to grasp and keep.
Alex Barrel
- Wed May 22 22:29:19 2002
Shelby, please help us remember those who have ensured our freedom. We must remember with all our hearts...our men and women of the United States of America. They are our defenders not ruthless killers; how is it that you've forgotten what happen on 9-11-01?! Because our veterans give everything and ask nothing in return...then we can live free. It is great to be an American. Just give them what you owe them, our thanks and love, our thoughts and hearts. Let us honor them, Memorial Day will be a day that you should look closely at what you are doing, and be thankful that you are an American that has the freedom to live free. Thank you Veterans, you will always be remembered in my heart.
Raydon <>
Toast, NC USA - Wed May 22 16:30:51 2002
You people make me sick!!! How dare you say about people being so brave to go out and kill all of the Afghans and say your brave. How is it brave to go and kill a bunch CIVILLIANS in a freaking THIRD WORLD COUNTRY! You say you'd like to bomb them back to the stone-age. Well guess what they already were! I did a report on Afghanistan, an impoverished country with a sad troubled histroy (just like all the other countries that we bomb How Convient!) Last year before this stupid and unnessisary war started they were the LEAST developted and POOREST country in the world. It's not even Afghanistan thats "evil" it's the Taliban. Osma Bin Laden took over the country ILLIGALIY. They didnt want him And 11 of the 15 suiside bombers werent even Afghanies they were from Saudi Arabia!!!! Plus we had to have done something to them no one justs bombs peole for on reason Ijust want you to think before you go and bomb everyone. Think Peace
Shelby Smith <>
- Wed May 22 15:16:59 2002
Whats up Jet Lee always rember to keep your head up
Amanda <>
Heaven, Sky Here - Wed May 22 15:06:52 2002
hi all waz up amanda....
un_known <>
heaven, sky U.S. - Wed May 22 15:04:38 2002
this is a really cool website.. this is really tigfht..but basketball is even cooler.. i like this web alot show alot history for memorail day..
Jet Le <>
tacoma, wa U.S. - Wed May 22 15:01:11 2002
SANTA ANA, CA ORANGE - Wed May 22 14:03:19 2002
My Dad was in the Battle of the Bulge and fought his heart out for our country,he is gone now but not forgotten. My brother's were in the service in the Vietnam War and they gave there all. I respect them for standing up and believing in their Country. God Bless America
Sharon Moffit <>
San Diego, Ca USA - Wed May 22 12:43:52 2002
May the united states stand tall forever
Jesse Winn <>
Fort Walton Beach, Fl United States - Wed May 22 12:18:13 2002
hey hey iam me and i love my baby Brent.and ole yeah ur web-page sux.......sorry
Nina Nicole <>
WV - Wed May 22 12:16:03 2002
Thank you to my father Edwin Thomas and mother Elida Thomas and their entire generation for setting the example for us on how to live during these difficult times. As they kept God as their commander and chief they were able to overcome any evil and so shall we !
Alice Hewey
- Wed May 22 11:45:53 2002
I am honored to have this opportunity to express my heartfelt appreciation for the supreme sacrifices that many have made, so the rest of us can live our lives in freedom. In particular I am very proud of my father, Sgt. Edwin F.Thomas, who bravely served in WWW II and the Korean War. My mother lovingly cared for her growing family, during my father's tour of duty, all the while not knowing if he would return home safely. Thank God my father did return, although many others did not. Our family will continue to thank God for returning our father to us, and we give our heartfelt gratitude to all who have served and will serve our country!
Melanie Myatt <>
Malone,, N.Y. USA - Wed May 22 10:52:24 2002
I served with the US Army 3rd Infantry "The Old Guard" (1968 - 1970) who provides the guards for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers at Arlington Cemetery. Seeing so many photographs of the Tomb and Cemetery bring back bitter sweet memories. It seems like only yesterday.I also lost several friends to the Vietnam War. The sight of the Vietnam Memorial wall still moves me to tears.
James C. Fosdyck <>
Garden grove, CA USA - Wed May 22 10:11:40 2002
Hello and Thank you for your site, I'm a son of a W.W.II Marine S.Sgt. (Silver Star, Purple Heart)who served in the South Pacific during many "HORRIFIC" campaigns. (Siapan, Tinian, Iwo Jima and Marshall Islands to name a few) He was a quiet man and when asked about his war time experiences all he would say was Thank God you never had the need to serve in your time (meaning Myself, Viet Nam had just ended) and just handed me an old photo album of photographs, these pitures are worth not a thousand words, these photos spoke VOLUMES!!! Most of these Photos were of pre/live and post combat on those Islands and of his buddies and Officers (all of which have a stamp on the back passed by "Naval Censor")... but to my original point, I was in a discussion with one of my co-workers and talked about the upcomming 3 day weekend and their response was we'll party and go boating, with no mention of the "TRUE" meaning behind the day. I was so ticked off I researched and found your site and will be forwarding it to these people... and as far as 9/11, I'm from N.Y.C. and lost a Cousin in one of the towers (his body was never recovered) as well as several Firemen friends) may we over come these Cowardly acts and grow as the GREAT Nation we are and never let our guard down ... GOD BLESS America
Ken Wojtak <>
Warwick, NY USA - Wed May 22 09:44:25 2002
So many people have forgotten the true meaning of Memorial Day. I found this site so that I could give my co workers a reason why we celebrate, not just a day off, so to speak. This has so many great articles. Thank you so much, to the men and women who gave their lives. Also, I will strongly recommend this site to my family and friends. Several areas made me stop and think and cry. Thank you for sharing.
Tanya J Kirsch <>
Rathdrum, ID USA - Wed May 22 09:14:07 2002
When you think (actually think) of the so many men and women who have sacraficed the one life they have to live, many before they actually had the chance to live, you should not hesitate to pay tribute to that sacrafice and come to the realization that because of it we live in freedom - from sea to shining sea.Semper Fi !
Al Platten <>
Middlesex, NJ USA - Wed May 22 07:10:52 2002
It is so moving and noble that such web site is beingpresented by Americans. I wish honor like that was organized for Polish soldiers.....You are a GREAT NATION !!!!SALUT !M.P.
Matt Portalewski <>
WARSAW, POLAND - Wed May 22 02:23:22 2002
As A widow of a Marine, I applaude you on this web site. We need to bring back the true meaning of Memorial Day, a day to recall and remember those who have served and died to keep our country free. Encourage your family and friends to find the nearest Memorial Day Service at the local American Legion or VFW, display your flags, take time to thank a veteran for a job well done. Many of our Military people are gone now, but don't let their memory die too. Yvonne President of the Ladies Auxilairy VFW post 445, Charleston, SC
Yvonne <>
Charleston, SC USA - Tue May 21 23:09:14 2002
Thank you so much for a site such as this. My husband is a Disabled Vet, and We definitely keep all vets and military folks in our minds and hearts.God Bless!!
Lynn Owen <>
Hazel Green, AL USA - Tue May 21 21:08:22 2002
Thank you for having this web site. I believe that we need more information about our history and keep the tradition and pride alive.
Kris Hill <>
Woodinville, WA the best in the world USA - Tue May 21 18:41:27 2002
This page brought tears to my eyes. I have a son proudly serving in the US Army and am learning every day to appreciate what we have because of the lives and commitments of our troops. Past, present and future.
Terry Marshall <>
Baytown, TX USA - Tue May 21 15:35:52 2002
I have no idea what it is like to face the enemy in battle as did so many of our fellow Americans. I shudder to think of the ways our soldiers and sailors died for our nation. Some jumped out of a foxhole or from a landing craft only to be hit by a bullet or exploding shell. They probably never fired a shot. They were there among hundreds ordered to march forward into a hell that was not of their choosing. Nevertheless, they were there for America, for us, for me and my family today. I thank them for being there for me. I shall forever remember their courage, sacrifice and duty to nation. They are my memorial of trust. For from their flesh and blood was bequeathed anew life, liberty and the pusuit of happiness for our people. God bless them and their families on this Memorial Day 2002!
Rev. Robert W. Starrett <>
Dover, DE USA - Tue May 21 14:56:54 2002
This is an amazing site, I believe that everyone should have a passion to know and understand our nation's history. To know the price that was paid by each and every person that has served our nation from the time of Christopher Columbus until now, is something we can only imagine to grasp.
Stephanie <>
Tigard, OR USA - Tue May 21 14:00:43 2002
excellent site. It provided information that I alone could not give my children. Our children are not being taught our history in school anymore. The significance of Memorial Day has been lost somewhere, and replaced by car races and cookouts. Pretty sad.
michele rick <>
madison, wi usa - Tue May 21 12:17:05 2002
This is a great webpage, but remember, the lord says to celebrate a loved ones life after they pass, for they are in a much better place now. God bless everyone.
- Tue May 21 11:53:03 2002
A wonderful site, it should be required reading by all Americans, especially school kids.
Bill W, Retired USAF <>
Madera, Ca - Tue May 21 10:29:04 2002
Thank you. I am encouraging my troops to learn and remember the true meaning of memorial day and to thank them for their service to their sountry. I hope many of them take the time to visit your site.
Jim Counsman <>
- Tue May 21 02:08:08 2002
Thanks for all the resources on Memorial Day. I needed to write some narration to go along with singing patriotic songs in church for Memorial Day. The web site helped me to re-focus the occasion on remembering our veterans.
Rick <>
MI - Mon May 20 19:01:22 2002
Great website! It's up to us to remember those who gave their lives for OUR FREEDOM.Thanks to all who served, prayers to those who gave their lives FOR US,God bless America.
diane <>
- Mon May 20 15:42:33 2002
Thank you for putting up this site. I host a weekly Thursday afterwork happy hour. Over drinks each week we have a discussion topic. Both this Thursday (before the official Memorial Day weekend) and next Thursday (the traditional Memorial Day) the question will be "What are you doing to put the "memorial" of those who died in service of our country back into Memorial Day?
David Trumbull <>
Boston, MA USA - Mon May 20 15:18:37 2002
This site wuz very useful with my school project which wuz to research on Memorial Day and how it was started.thanxsAnd one more thing......................U.S.A rocks GOD BLESS AMERICA
Mia Vasquez <>
Raymondville, tx U.S.A. - Mon May 20 13:21:36 2002
Time to remember Those That Died on 9/11.
Todd D. Mitchell <>
Oakland, CA U.S.A. - Mon May 20 13:00:08 2002
Tis site was very educational and helpful to me for my school project. Thankz
Michelle Almond <>
Woodlynne, Nj United States - Mon May 20 09:11:32 2002
Very informative site. Thanks for careing.
- Mon May 20 07:33:59 2002
Thanks, I have to go to a school and explain to the little kids about this day. As a Vitnam vet, may be getting old, but like the guys before me. You just pass down the flag to another generation. I have some good friends gone to the wall. But Bill Barry, you still owe 2 packs of cigarettes. Your daughter was born that morning. You borrowed that morning in Ft. Devens the day, she was born. John V. Cartisser, Major, U.S Army,Retired
John V. Cartisser <>
Tuckerton, NJ usa - Sat May 18 21:15:01 2002
My Dad was in WW II and my husband was in Viet Nam. Although my Dad was wounded, I thank God he and my husband came home. My husband is looking for a buddy of his from California, Dennis Paulson. They were in Nam together.I PRAY everyday for our Soldiers, over seas and at home.I know what their families are going through.May GOD send his Angels to protect them.Becky
Becky Hunt England <>
Morgantown, WV U.S.A. - Sat May 18 19:25:29 2002
I really enjoyed reading the information posted on this website. I was only looking for information for a paper, and found thousands of stories of people who really have suffered to make this country a great one. Thanks for informing me on things that in the past I didn't even think were important.
Gina <>
- Thu May 16 17:47:08 2002
Please visit my web page in honor of my cousin Andy Brucher and MAJ John Brucher MIA..also my dad's cousin George Kehl...Other links..send a card..more..Peace..God Bless
Marge Ward <>
NC USA - Thu May 16 11:34:32 2002
Why only leave the flag at half-staff until NOON?! Surely it should be left in that position ALL DAY, if one means the sentiment, and wants to observe it properly! And why not get up an on-line petition to be signed for the old Memorial Day date (frankly, these "holidays: on other than their real dates has ALWAYS sucked!!!)? You won't get much reaction by telling people to go off-line to add their voice!!!
Jane Doe <>
- Wed May 15 10:34:19 2002
Sorry, I spelled my name wrong on the one below- It's supposed to be Sydney not Sydneye! Sorry!
Sydney Newland <same from below>
Toms River, NJ US - Tue May 14 18:02:06 2002
I think this site is really cool. I'm using this site for an essay I have to do for school for homework. It has GREAT info that I can use!
Sydneye Newland <>
Toms River, NJ United States - Tue May 14 18:00:30 2002
My grandfather was in a couple of the was and is buried in Arlington National Cemetary. This website rocks!
Heather Barger <>
Shamong, NJ U.S. - Tue May 14 15:14:03 2002
This website is the coolest!My grand-father was in a couple of the wars and is buried in the cemetary in Arlington.
Heather Barger <N/A>
Shamong, NJ US - Tue May 14 15:10:55 2002
Hey i think this site is cool how they keep a body from every war in a box to remeber the people who died for us.
Jim Ghegan <BHouseJG">
Shamong, NJ United States - Tue May 14 13:01:15 2002
A lot of people died in wars. It is suprising.
Mark Clemmens
Shamong, NJ USA - Tue May 14 13:01:05 2002
This site ROOOOOOOLS I LIKE IT ALOTTT. Im at school now. But it is wierd that they shve bodies in a box.
Kris <>
Shamong, NJ USA ALL THE WAY - Mon May 13 13:04:08 2002
holy crap..i solute all of the dead soldiers...thank u for dying for rools
john <>
nj usa - Mon May 13 13:02:14 2002
Im at school and this site is cool. But i think its wierd they put bodies in a box.
Kris <>
Shamong, NJ USA ALL THE WAY - Mon May 13 13:00:48 2002
Hey im at school this is a cool site.
Kris <>
Shamong, NJ USA - Mon May 13 12:57:25 2002
i have here something i wrote while i was a navy seal in 1971-1975 would hope u publish it. are u an american--- as i woke up to the noise in the streets below i ran to the window to see what was going on below. i couldnt exactly see much from the window above the streets so i grabbed my coat and ran down the steps to the streets. there wrere soldiers and american flags held by many spectators. it appeared to be the funeral of a young soldier that was killed in vietnam. as i walked through the streets to get a better look at theparade like funeral, i began to wonder were these people here for the spectacle of the scene or were they there in honor of the soldier that gave his most prized possession when a cold bullett pierced his body taking his life in honor of the freedom that he had fought to preserve for his country and fellowman. tears started to flow down my cold face. it was then that i realized what being an american was truly about. pride and freedom. as i walked through the crowd i heard a comment that he was only a boy---well i said to myself he was more of a man than most of us will ever the age of nine i realized that age is only a number but its whats in the heart that really matters and determines a man from a boy. now i say to u-- are u one of those that when the national anthem is played u tend to hum alon or do u sing alon with that feeling in your heart and hand over the heart tears running down your cheeks as u watch the flag sway in the breeze. if so god bless u--U ARE TRULY AN AMERICAN
david lee hartford <>
lynch, ky united states - Sun May 12 13:01:17 2002
Great site! and thanks, especially for the numbers in the "intro" section that "we honor the 1.8 million that gave their life for America since 1775" and over at "act" to "politely teach others" and here in New Hampshire the Governor is, right now, preparing a "Proclamation" (to get a copy of later), and the City of Concord Mayor has this subject on the agenda for the Council Meeting at 7:00 o'clock p.m. Monday night where in our R.S.A. Chapter 332-D in Title 30 of Occupations and Professions (the 1995 book with nothing in the 2001 Supplement at pages 379+380), there are seven (7) sections at pages 475-477 under the "SUNDAY BUSINESS ASCTIVITIES" with section 4 Exceptions to the Sunday Sales section 2 by local bylaw or ordinance, but NO EXCEPTIONS (from the word except, of an exclusion, to take or leave out) for Memorial and Veterans Days, in that RSA 332-D:5 reads: "Retail Businesses, Closed on Memorial and Veterans Days. Any retail business that is required to be closed on Sunday under the provisions of this chapter MAY not be opened for business on Memorial Day and Veterans Day until twelve noon." (emphasis added for this "may" word that is NOT one of the mandatory words of either: SHALL or MUST, and so maybe, to check the State Archives for the HISTORY of this RSA to its source in 1967, to see if perhaps the prosecutors at the time might have testified to its passage of to not seek the up to $1,000 fine by RSA 651:2,IV(a) but from those most blatent violators, and maybe only AFTER having been so reminded by a citizen who could also file a complaint afterwards, because the section :7 Penalty is that "A PERSON who violates any provisions of this chapter is guilty of a violation." (emphasis further added for the "individual" by statute rather than the corporation, thus putting the local manager of a national business to set the hours as in the statute or if over-riden by his/her boss then a corporate decision to in effect decide that commercial business over-rides the decoration of the dead, and so them choosing to pay the fine as a cost of doing business! And so a few days ago an informal survey was conducted by my use of the phone and visits to find out that a few local stores (and in the mall) will be shutting down early in the evening, but that "Regular Hours" will be their start, and one store manager who told me after my purchase that she has only volunteers that day and they both start and close, late and early by one hour respectfully. So maybe to mitigate any maximum fine, if any, or like I said, to go IN SEARCH OF...who be the most blatent violators, with a cc of this to: #116 the Retail Merchants Association, #275 N.H. Grocers Assoc., + #484 the Associated Grocers of New England, Inc. (the numbers referring to their filing numbers as paid lobbiests to the General Court, as recorded at the Office of Secretary of State, see also: #33 for The Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce, + #63+77 for the McDonald's Corp.) to see how they react. These are mentioned as possible targets because a memorial is ALSO defined in the Webster's Dictionary [10th edition (c)1993 @ page 725] as "a statement of facts addressed to a government and often accompanied by a PETITION or remonstrance" (emphasis ADDed again for the word "petition" because of my THREE (count 'em: 3) Article 32 Petitions to the General Court have fallen on ears that play deaf!!! All of whom, except only a few (1,2, or 3), have TAKEn their $200/2-year compensation in legal tender by check or direct deposit RATHER than the lawful money option in the statute BEFORE they did accomplish their Article 31 job description to "assemble for the redress of public grievances AND for making such laws as the public good may require" (emphasis ADDed for one and THEN the other in THAT order! them in effect operating in REVERSE! but with a block by their House Speaker, who is a THIEF and WILL be brought to local District Court as you can read about in message #460 over at CAIRE ( to be exact), and so to see if McDonald's might like to join 7-Eleven in their offset (as in the Biblical of: charity covereth a multitude of sins), 7-Eleven(R) with the distribution of phone cards to the first 100 veterans per store last year (and this year too?), but if not, and THEY be blatantly in opposition to this statute, then to agressively prosecute! noting that this should NOT be the case because Senator Jack Barnes of Raymond SAID in his testimony for The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag in House Bill #1446 this year that he IS patriotic (see my message #451 over at CAIRE again for that same day of April 4th) BUT so WHY do his McDonald's' franchises in the cities and towns of: _____________ not observe the law!? Surely he can be educated of this statute still on the books and most likely will comply and hopefully be an example to others, PLUS remind the House Speaker BEFORE the planned last day of the session being VETO day Wed.., May 22nd, that in these memorials (as by my Peitions) that the living AND the dead have their memorials!!! Amen, Joe Haas P.S. Jack Barnes' profile is over at and from the Blue Book (a/k/a the mug-shot book with their photos, at page 156 for him) when compared with the telephone book, gives his complete name and address of: State Senator John S. "Jack" Barnes, Jr., P. O. Box 362, 108 Harriman Hill Road, Raymond, New Hampshire 03077 Tel. 603:895-9352. cc to him now to reply and act as one, who under this pressure, will hopefully shine as a diamond! -- diamond as in the baseball diamond too!! (;-).
Joseph S. Haas <>
P.O. Box 218 Ashland 03217, NH United States of America - Fri May 10 12:57:33 2002
Thanks you so much for the time and effort it takes to put together all of this information! My husband is active duty Navy and those who served before him have left a strong legacy for us all to be proud of. My goal this Memorial Day is to remind others of the meaning of the day and the great sacrifices made by people just like themselves that kept our country strong and free. "War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important that his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself." …John Stuart Mill
Julie Hielen
Fernely, NV USA - Fri May 10 12:07:52 2002
I am a disabled Vietnam combat veteran. I love America! So many memories come back on this special day.
Ron Akins <>
Oregon City, OR USA - Fri May 10 10:42:12 2002
i love america. i heart america.
bangor, ma usa - Fri May 10 07:53:34 2002
what was the original name of memorial day
lance thompson <>
hou, tx usa - Thu May 9 14:26:42 2002
CUMBERLAND, MD USA - Tue May 7 18:10:33 2002
This web site is not only a tribute to those who lost their lives fighting for _our_ freedom, but it is also a testimony of Mr. Merchant's devotion to the memory of those individuals. Not many people would take the time, and attention to detail that he has to upkeep this site. I am highly inspired by his efforts, and I appreciate the fact that this site is informative and dignified. I am proud to have had my maternal grandfather serve his country in the First World War, my own father served during WWII, my uncle served in WWII and Korea, my brother was in the Air Force, my two cousins were in the Navy, and my nephew was also in the Navy. All of these men were able to come home alive when they served during wartime, and my other relatives who made the choice to serve their country did not have to fight for our freedom. _All_ of them 'came home' --- sometimes it doesn't matter if they come home from Korea, or Nebraska. But they were able to return to their families because _someone else's_ grandfather, father, uncle, brother, cousin, or nephew _did_ give their life. We must never forget the sacrifice that our men and women have given during our history as a free country. I will be flying the flag proudly on U.S. Memorial Day, and I encourage others to do the same. Show that you remember those 'who didn't come home'.
Anita Lynn <>
Cleveland, TN USA - Tue May 7 15:46:51 2002
Very informative and pleasureable to surf thru the information. Thank you!!
Robert J. O'Brien <>
Dubuque, , IA USA - Tue May 7 15:38:30 2002
My uncle just joined the air force and im very proud of him. Even though i miss him very much i know he is doing what he is for our country:)
Megan Burd <>
mesa, az USA - Tue May 7 15:20:18 2002
My grandpa was a ww2 veterian. im very proud of him and all of you
holly carmony <>
New Tazewell, tn U.S - Tue May 7 09:24:26 2002
i am very interested in this site and what you can learn from it. I like it so much that i am going to make a presination for my school from what i have learned. Have a nice day and thanx for all your help!kyle
kyle bentley <>
malpecrest, ny United States of America - Mon May 6 09:19:01 2002
I'm thankful to live in this wonderful country, and so thankful to the men and women who serve and have served to keep us free! Thanks for a great web-site.
Julie Tillett <>
Knoxville, TN USA - Fri May 3 09:06:25 2002
It may be the singlemost important thing my father ever did. Because of men like him, we have the freedoms that manyof us take for granted.
David Szelogowski <>
Bay City, MI U.S.A. - Fri May 3 06:05:36 2002
Great web site. I like the way you give imformation about Memorial Day. Nice colors and pictures. It looks like nice the way you use the pictures to honor the soldiers who died.
Jasmyne <>
Bellwood, IL United States - Wed May 1 20:08:58 2002
i'm a visitor from shanghai,but cherish the same respect to those heroes who defend their motherland fearlessly.thanks for your vivid description,which impresses me deeply.i'll keep it in mind that a great memorial day for those in paradise.
ruby <>
San Jose, - Wed May 1 16:22:20 2002
Awesome website i guess.
Sandy , OR United States - Wed May 1 11:00:19 2002
christy <>
pgh, pa USA - Tue Apr 30 09:41:20 2002
Great Web site-too many people forget the true meaning of our Memorial Day. Thank you, veterans!
- Sun Apr 28 19:32:55 2002
I'm doing a newspaper just like cory and i want to say that it was helpful bye
Katlyn <>
Pittsburgh, PA USA - Fri Apr 26 10:26:31 2002
I am doing a memorial day project in school and I find you sight very helpful.
PA USA - Fri Apr 26 10:15:28 2002
I like your page on memorial day it really helped me with the essay that we ahd to write. Once again THANK YOU
Jimmy Nadeau <>
Waterloo, NY America - Tue Apr 23 07:10:31 2002
Memorial Day is indeed our most personal of holidays.
John Shepler <>
Rockford, IL USA - Sun Apr 21 16:29:15 2002
Loved the site. As president of a local VFW I was looking for inspiration and ideas to help me get a fresh outlook on the address I will give at our services this year. I did not want to use anything from other years. I found some sources I had not seen before.It seems particularly important this time( the first ceremonies since 9/11) to make it clear that we understand we will add the names of many new service people and American heroes to our rolls of honored dead. They have given to us their "last great measure of devotion".Again, thank you for the rememberance you give them every day.
Janet Ross <>
Hackensack, NJ USA - Fri Apr 19 15:23:21 2002
I thank God everyday for my health,my family and my country. Each passing year of my life I appreciate more and more what my father and every other serviceman sacrificed for me. When the time comes, our country has always risen to the occassion, and we shall do it again. God bless the United States of America.
Jim Arnold <>
LaPorte, IN USA - Wed Apr 17 14:56:42 2002
Dumb Site
Bob <hbjhgjhkhi;>
Greensheet, KN U.S. - Tue Apr 16 15:51:30 2002
LOME, LOME TOGO - Fri Apr 12 21:53:26 2002
Thank you to all the Veterans from World War 2 to the present time. Thank you so much for give all you had.
Anna Green
Willmar, MN USA - Wed Apr 10 13:25:53 2002
what was the war for any was?
Ha Do
Dickinson, tx - Wed Apr 10 09:22:03 2002
I'am really into World War 2.
Sprint <>
- Sun Apr 7 09:50:23 2002
The Wilmette American Legion Post 46 would like to say "Thanks To All that Served!" Freedom is not free and we will never turn our back on a vet ! Our Drill team is ready once agian to march down main street ~ and this year will be an even greater event ! God Bless America
Mike Luxem <>
Wilmette, IL USA - Thu Apr 4 16:42:47 2002
PALO A.LTO , CA USA - Thu Apr 4 11:58:22 2002
I am proud to say I was born on Memorial Day, May 30,1983.
Dominique Rose Sacco <>
Scott Depot , WV US - Tue Apr 2 12:08:58 2002
My father (USAF MSGT.Robert E. Maxson Jr. ret.) was in the Air Force for 24 years. He was in Viet Nam from the time I was 6 months old until I was a year and a half. He lost quite a bit of his hearing in one of his ears, which only seems to get worse with age. Of course, if you knew him, you may think he was just playing on that fact! He does not share a lot of that time with me, and I am sometimes saddened by this fact. I know that there are some things that people would rather not remember. But I am very thankful that he is still with me, and that I was able to grow up with my "Daddy". I am still "Daddy's Girl" even at 33. He is very proud of his country, and I am very proud of him!!!
Andrea (Maxson) Roddy <>
Maryville, tn USA - Mon Apr 1 10:38:06 2002
My father (Lt. Col. David S. Short) spent 20 years in the army, a lot of it on campaigns under fire and as a military advisor. I am very proud of him and his accomplishments in the military and after. He was a good man. I also would like to mention my older brother who was in Korea in the army and under fire too, Spc 4, David S. Short, Jr.
Virginia Short <>
ID United States - Wed Mar 27 20:13:29 2002
I think your website is really neat! It shows alot of emotion!
Kim England <>
Peru, in Usa - Mon Mar 18 11:38:59 2002
Actually, Memorial Day is officially on May 30th. Since 1968 however, it is "observed" on the last Monday of the year (as noted on the main page). While confusing to have the day officially on one day, and observed on another, Congress did this as a way to ensure workers a 3-day weekend. This is explained in the "History" section and with additional info in the "Help Restore The Traditional Day Of Observance!" section of this Web site.
- Sat Mar 16 01:20:08 2002
According to your home page, Memorial Day is on May 30th. In actual fact, it is on May 27 this year. It looks bad when a site devoted to Memorial Day doesn't know when it actually occurs. Nice site otherwise.

[webmaster: As the site explains, Memorial Day is officially May 30th, but it is officially observed on the last Monday of the month to ensure a three-day weekend every year. It is a bit confusing, and many wish Congress never included Memorial Day as part of the bill to create three-day weekends for some Government holidays]
Brad Kemper <>
Redwood City, CA USA - Thu Mar 14 18:52:20 2002
Truly an honorable ambition. Thank you and kind regards. Jens
Best Rate Merchant Accounts <>
- Wed Mar 13 17:40:11 2002
Let us remember this with all our hearts...least we forget that we love them, that we think of them, and that we honor them. These are our men and women of the United States of America. They will give everything and ask nothing in return...but we owe them our thanks and love and thoughts and hearts. They sufered our pains for us not lets us know that they aren't forgotten. Let us honor them...every last one of them....
J. Laws <>
King of Prussia, Pa. The United States of America - Fri Mar 8 11:00:53 2002
Very nicely done. Keep up the good work.EN-1 (SW) Thomas Nouza, USNR (Ret.)
Tom Nouza <>
Bellerose, NY USA - Mon Mar 4 07:59:39 2002
Let not forget the men that didn't come home,along with the ones that did.My husband is a nam vet an I am proud of him,an all the men that fought over there. I am only 34yrs.old, an my husband tells me a little about. so let not forget them Welcome Home
dawn hedrick <>
clermont, fl united states - Tue Feb 26 14:02:30 2002
I would suggest using shades of blue. Much more relaxing to look at.
Catherine Lake
Los Angeles, CA USA - Sun Feb 24 12:02:24 2002
Lest we forget
- Wed Feb 20 12:25:36 2002
virgil e shelton <>
clarksville, tn USA - Sun Jan 6 11:23:24 2002

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