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"How do you say "THANK YOU" to someone who did what they willingly have done? It's only by actions that we can repay those who have come before us." --Mike Schelp, Kansas City

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I would like to pay respect to a dear and wonderful man whopassed away this christman of 2001 His name Jack Vanden Heuvel he was from Bristol ct UNCLE SAM was his handle loving and caring in every respect and a Korean vet. we loved you and we will miss you so much love Henry and Jean
hENRY lEPRI <HLepri>
Shelton, CT USA - Sat Dec 29 21:06:16 2001
Do all that you can do just the way your doing it now
Shelton, CT USA - Sat Dec 29 20:56:49 2001
As the result of working on Memorial Day for the last 4 years and only a handful of American Flags being put out at our local cemeteries I have started a program asking for financial support from the community to bring the Avenue of Flags back to its original meaning. As of this date December 28, 200l over $9,000.00 has been raised, 75 new flags purchases, 125 new flag staffs, 1000 flag snaps, 500 flag staff holders and over 100 of the old flags repaired. We will be flying over 460 flags this next Memorial Day which will include a new 5ft by 8ft Medal of Honor Flag being made for our recipient of the Medal of Honor, 5 (five) flags representing the 5 branches of services along with the VFW and American Legion flags. There will be a special flag pole erected for our Medal of Honor Flag with a memorial plate at the bottom siting the name of the individual along with the dates of the action during World War II. We should all pay tribute to those that have served this great country and no longer with us. Let us not forget where we came from.
William L Kendall <>
Jefferson, IA USA - Fri Dec 28 20:39:01 2001
As the result of working on Memorial Day for the last 4 years and only a handful of American Flags being put out at our local cemeteries I have started a program asking for financial support from the community to bring the Avenue of Flags back to its original meaning. As of this date December 28, 200l over $9,000.00 has been raised, 75 new flags purchases, 125 new flag staffs, 1000 flag snaps, 500 flag staff holders and 0ver 100 of the old flags repaired. We will be flying over 460 flags this next Memorial Day which will include a new 5ft by 8ft Medal of Honor Flag being made for our recipient of the Medal of Honor, 5 (five) flags representing the 5 branches of services along with the VFW and American Legion flags. There will be a special flag pole erected for our Medal of Honor Flag with a memorial plate at the bottom siting the name of the individual along with the dates of the action during World War II. We should all pay tribute to those that have served this great country and no longer with us. Let us not forget where we came from.
William L Kendall <>
Jefferson, IA USA - Fri Dec 28 20:37:14 2001
God bless America. Let us all be thankful of all our veterans out there who have sacrifised themselves in all past wars so that we may enjoy the freedoms we were blessed with. Stay active with your legion and V.A. posts. Recruit new members. Let us keep our organizations alive. On memorial day let us 'ALWAYS REMEMBER'.
Rudy Martino <>
lombard, Il. USA - Sat Dec 15 23:26:44 2001
I really like this site and it was full of infomation
Chris Simpson <>
Roswell, GA USA - Tue Dec 11 09:18:22 2001
ashland, va USA - Sun Dec 9 17:54:52 2001
"I am glad that we are honoring and paying respect to those who died."
Kristina Hernandez <>
San Ysidro, CA USA - Mon Dec 3 21:25:54 2001
BRISTOL, ENGLAND - Mon Dec 3 05:46:42 2001
I had to do a report on "What Memorial Day Means to me" and this was the site for notes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alex Karjala
Chester , NH USA - Sun Nov 25 17:42:50 2001
Thank you for all you do. Strive for your own dreams and help others do the same for theirs.
Mark Ratto <>
Cambria, CA USA - Sun Nov 18 14:28:09 2001
I'm doing a essey on Memorial Day and I had no idea what to write untill I look on this website than I wrote and think I'll do way better than I was going to do. Thank you and God Bless You.
sarah delgado <>
mi-wuk, ca USA - Thu Nov 15 22:42:20 2001
Tai-Sha Boddie <>
Norfolk, VA USA - Mon Nov 12 17:30:54 2001
I think this is a good site where 1 can learn about the different things that have happend in our nation. By the lets get bin laden
Tai-Sha Boddie <>
Norfolk, VA USA - Mon Nov 12 17:29:10 2001
i just wanted to say thank you for having this information here for me to use for my memorial day speech.i also think they should change memorial day back to may 30. p.s. that is my b-day sincerly yours, donna ackerman
LaDonna Ackerman <>
Claremore, OK America - Fri Nov 9 17:07:42 2001
Awsome organization!
Bethany <>
Appelton, Wi USA - Fri Nov 9 12:56:01 2001
This is a wondreful site! Like many other students around the US, I'm required to write an essay on what Memorial Day means to me and this site helped me gather my thoughts!
Allyshia <>
VA USA - Wed Nov 7 22:13:35 2001
I am doing a report for school, and I am glad I looked up this website. My Grandpa Castilleja is a Vietnam veteran and I am very proud of him and glad he is alive so I can honor him while he lives after 23 years of service in the Army!
Caleb Tatner <>
Chalk Hill, Pa USA - Wed Nov 7 19:09:59 2001
hey vthis website help me alot to do my essay for my school azalea middle for what memorial day means to me. i see some of my class mates have visited the site alredy. I hope it will help me win the fleet reserve essay
racheal l <>
norfolk, va USA - Sun Nov 4 19:00:21 2001
I really like this website. It really helped me when I was writing an essay for school about "What Memorial Day means to me". Thanks I really learned a whole lot more by visiting this site.
Mandi <>
Checotah, Ok USA - Sat Nov 3 17:10:56 2001
I think Memorial Day is about all the people that died for us. I am so sorry for all the people that died for no apperent reason because of the terriost attacks. Memorail Day is I think the best day for remembering the people that died for us.
Matthew Cullen <>
Norfolk, VA USA - Fri Nov 2 10:01:32 2001
I feel bad that people had to suffer of the loss of a loved one god bless!!
ashley glantz
USA - Fri Nov 2 09:58:37 2001
My hope is, that someday all branches of the Military, in all the wars will be honored, as they so richly deserve.
Jack Dunlop <>
Thousand Oaks, CA USA - Thu Oct 25 19:27:04 2001
this is a really cool place to go into im going to come back into this place some time
jon maher <jon_84maher>
Belle fourche, SD USA - Wed Oct 24 12:27:45 2001
i like the guest book
elizebeth m ahola <>
midland , texas USA - Tue Oct 23 18:31:27 2001
Thank You
Andy Gawlik <>
Angola, IN USA - Mon Oct 22 08:58:08 2001
God Bless You! Thank you for the willing people that made are land free and the home of the brave! United we stand!
Trina <>
St.Simons Island, GA USA - Tue Oct 16 13:12:07 2001
God Bless America
Sigourney <>
St. Simons Island, Ga USA - Tue Oct 16 13:09:12 2001
Hi, I go to North Linn High School!!!We are studing this for English 9.. I was looking through your site and I noticed this so I decided to click on it and sign your guestbook! Thank you guyz for putting up a page. Melissa and the rest of the 9th grade class..
Melissa <>
Coggon, ia USA - Wed Oct 10 11:05:14 2001
This is a great site and a very special testamnet to our fallen heroes. I only hope that we always remember the men and women who sacrificed so that we can be free.
Brad Rybczynski <>
Hamburg, NY USA - Mon Oct 8 14:42:24 2001
the men who died in the war are very good people I respect them greatly.
Jake Costello <>
surrey, B.C. canada - Thu Oct 4 13:09:18 2001
Thanks and prayers.
Chad Chamness <>
Belmont , TX USA - Mon Sep 24 08:48:37 2001
I would like to say, I pray to all the familys who have lost someone in any war or international tradgey. I never lost anyone but I feel very bad for everyone else. God bless all of you. Thank you.
Becky Harrell
Portsmouth, VA USA - Sat Sep 22 19:52:00 2001
I was 12 years old when my father, Walter Gene Thompson, was crossed over from a traggic accident, and died on Memorial Day 1969. He was a former Marine and faught in Korea. I,m not sure what the actual date he died is, because I don't know when the celebration of Memorial Day changed to the last monday of May (in Washington State). Did he die on the 30th? or the 26th? in 1969.
Christine Thompson <>
Elma, WA USA - Sat Sep 22 14:51:34 2001
I would just like to thank you. This site is fantastic! I am in N.J.R.O.T.C at oxford high and we have alot to do with remembrance of the people who gave their lives to us and our country, and those who have suvived to tell us the tales of war..thank you again..
Stephanie <>
oxford, ma USA - Wed Sep 12 14:00:01 2001
I would just like to dedicate this entry to my Uncle James Wood. I don't know what part of the army he served in, but I do know that he was KIA. My thanks to all of the people that put together this site for your consideration.
USA - Wed Sep 5 16:28:45 2001
I know a few Veterans, and I know how much it means to them that people remember this day, so I just want to thank you for this site and for being true to all Veterans everywhere. *anna*
Anna <>
USA - Wed Sep 5 16:17:09 2001
Thank you to all who preserved peace and freedom, especially my Dad.
Bruce Exstrom <>
Lincoln, NE USA - Tue Aug 21 09:06:15 2001
Very nice site! I have a store full of American History and patriotic images on t-shirts and gifts, and would appreciate any comments you have. Stop by to have a look.
Nathan Rudy <>
North Plainfield, NJ USA - Sat Aug 18 09:44:41 2001
Semper Fi or die, I always say! Three cheers for the merchant marine! Regards, Dan Miller
Merchant Account <>
USA - Wed Aug 15 09:42:42 2001
There is no Glory in War!! No one wins!! I Thank God for the men and women I fought with in Desert Storm. My prayers and heart go out to the families members who were left behind. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!
Alton J. Cheaves, Jr <>
Capitol Heights, MD USA - Tue Jun 5 14:53:30 2001
We must never allow future generations to forget the men who lost their lives to protect freedom. Freedom is not free.Thanks for a great website.
Walter D. Crowley <>
Holliston, Ma. USA - Tue Jun 5 13:27:57 2001
I will always remember!!!They are such BRAVE men and women
chrissy blake <>
phoenix, az USA - Sun Jun 3 10:02:17 2001
I think that your website is very well thought out and that anybody who lost their father or grandfather during the war, would love to see this site and learn more abot it.
Emily Rose Chunis <>
Millbury, Massachusetts USA - Thu May 31 15:10:46 2001
I think that your website is very well thought out and that anybody who lost their father or grandfather during the war they would love to see this site.
Emily Rose Chunis <>
Millbury, Massachusetts USA - Thu May 31 15:09:46 2001
I served in the United States Air Force from Oct 1972 until Oct 1976. I never saw any action but was the base I was assigned to was attacked by terrorists. The militaty unit of the sponsoring nation stopped by threat before it got the the weapons depot that I was assgined to. I count my service in the Air FOrce as one of the most important events in my life. I love the freedoms that I enjoy here and it really bothers me when I hear others bad maouting our country.
Victor Presher <>
Boyd, TX USA - Thu May 31 15:00:33 2001
Enjoyed the site. I noted that one of your poems "No, Freedom isn't Free" is listed as author unknown. The author is LCDR Kelly Strong, USCG. She wrote it in 1981 when she was a senior in High School.
Tom Walcott <>
WI USA - Thu May 31 11:01:12 2001
You've created a remarkable site. I just found your fine site before Memorial Day. Using your ideas about how to observe the day, we went out and purchased three big yellow roses, went to Riverside National Cemetery and put our roses on three grave stones that had no flowers. We said a prayer although much shorter than the one on your site. We have a grandfather who died on the Oryoku Maru in 1944 - a prisoner of war of the Japanese. We want our four year old son to grow up understanding that Memorial Day is more than just another holiday. We will observe the day this way with our new family tradition each and every year from now on. Thank you for such a great site.
Chicka <>
USA - Thu May 31 00:24:32 2001
I was here May 27 and left a message. I just learned my uncle, "Rusty" Smyth, served in the Korean War. He is a wonderful man, I love him very much, and wanted to publicly thank him. May we never forget the sacrifices of those who served and their families who sustained them through it all. My heart to yours... Oralee
Oralee Kohler <>
Highland, UT USA - Thu May 31 00:03:06 2001
Interesting website. I work with the Gaston Museum, Joinerville, Texas - gateway to the East Texas Oil Field. Gaston High School had 334 former students serving in WWII, and many who served in Korea, and Vietnam. Gaston Museum has a Wall of Honor dedicated to the men and women who attended, was employed by, or served the Gaston School ISD at one time. We continually add veterans to our 'Wall.' If you qualify, we would appreciate hearing from you. B. Barton
Barbara Barton <>
Joinerville, TX USA - Wed May 30 19:56:40 2001
Memorial Day is very special day as we keep those loved veterans that stood up as Americans in war, close to our hearts and thoughts. For many years I have hoped to talk to someone who actually served with my uncle, Marc Brown, of Long Beach, CA. My brother and I were young when he was killed in VietNam. My grandmother kept his charished belongings until she passed away 10 years ago. This has been a subject my brother and I still have a hard time getting a lot of information on from our father. My uncle was my dad's only brother and to this day it is still hard for my father to talk about. Therefore, the infromation I have about my uncle is very limited. I know he was a Marine and killed in VietNam. Are there any resources my brother and I could turn to and search for someone who knew our uncle. We've missed him so much and wish we had the opportunity to know him better. My memories of him are so few. Memorial Day is not a forgotten holiday. Teri
Teri (Brown) Seaton <>
Burlington, KS USA - Wed May 30 18:52:07 2001
This site is ok but it is good
Alyssa <>
Ashland, ma USA - Wed May 30 12:59:43 2001
I like your web site verry much. It is so cool to learn about Memorial Day and the Vetrins who fought in the war. Kateri Me and my friends are at your website I dont speek english because im from Iraq and my dad has fought in a war Alla I just have to say the same things as Kateri because it is a nice thing to say
Kateri, Alla,Jackie <>
Millbury, MA USA - Wed May 30 07:50:03 2001
I feel bad for all those lovely families who haves lost their loved ones. I do. I am a victim.
USA - Tue May 29 14:35:08 2001
To those who didn't come home. I love you all and will always cherish your memory.
Jim Foster <>
Nashville, Tn USA - Tue May 29 12:22:59 2001
good day to die?!?!?
Lynn Noonan <>
Hartford, SD USA - Tue May 29 11:05:12 2001
This site was really cool. We are completely hooked on it. Anyway! Talk to u later~! :D:D
Paige Fossum & Crista Pick <>
Lennox, SD USA - Tue May 29 10:20:41 2001
This site is fantastic!!!!!!! If more people would review this site, then MAYBE, they would really understand the REAL and TRUE meaning of WHO IS REMEMBERED on Memorial Day! For example, in the local paper here, The Mining Journal, there was a THREE PAGE SECTION "devoted to our loved ones " who are no longer with us". At the bottom of the page was a scene of gravemarkers with the American Flag at the headstones. The section did not indicate that the peoplw with photo's in their rememberance were veterans "WHO GAVE THEIR ALL" to our country. The TRUE MEANING of Memorial Day has gone so far to the way side, someting like this ite is really appreciated by me anwyay. Bill Domowicz USAF Retired. (1960-1980)
Bill Domowicz <>
Gwinn, MI USA - Tue May 29 10:12:28 2001
This site Rocks the awesomest, it is the most Hardcore site there is!! In the interest of fairness this should be named the best sight!! The US is the coolest!! ROCK ON!!
Logan Moeller <>
Hartford, SD USA - Tue May 29 08:54:34 2001
In the intrest of fairness!!!! The rock loves the US of A I love this site it makes me feel good please be my friend and E-mail me
Bret Schumacher <>
Hartford, SD USA - Tue May 29 08:54:06 2001
Rock on USA!!!!!!!!!!!!
Crack Anus <>
Crackland, NM USA - Tue May 29 08:48:54 2001
I love this site! It reminds us of the true meaning of Memorial Day! God Bless!!
King Dingaling
Ft. Wayne, IN USA - Tue May 29 08:48:10 2001
I pray that all the soldiers that are fighting now come home safe.¦
Gerard Bradley <>
Avon, ma USA - Tue May 29 07:32:12 2001
Thank you, Allen Striffler Hq.-1st Bn.-23rd Reg.-4th Marine Division W.W.2 Semper Fi.
Allen Striffler <>
Rye , NY USA - Tue May 29 07:03:57 2001
God bless each and everyone of you who have served and still are serving our country so proudly.
Kim <>
Bradfordsville, KY USA - Tue May 29 05:42:08 2001
I happened on this site by accident...coulnd't leave w/out remembering our father..Lawrence A. Kowalczewski...Gunner for the USS ROI..Aircraft carrier..WWII. Dad passed away 3/29/99. He didn't say a lot about his service, but when we saw or heard something and asked, he would tell us his stories. His hand was injured in an attack, but he carried his wedding ring in his wallet. I remember him saying his ship had just left Pearl Harbor before it was bombed. He never said too much about it, though, I think he felt bad that they couldn't have done more. He was always taking care/thinking of everyone else. We were closest when he got sick and he had to let us take care of him! We enjoyed him until he was 83 years old! What I wouldn't give to hear one more story! We have lost friends and relatives to many wars on this earth, let us not lose another. This country is the most free country in the entire world because of the men and women to fought and gave their lives for us! PLEASE...PLEASE...let us not forget them or why we commemorate this day. In loving memory. Lauren & Annette
Lauren & Annette Kowalczewski <>
Wyoming, MI USA - Mon May 28 22:27:32 2001
I would like to take this time to thank the many men and women who died for our freedom. My heart mourns for you. My heart also mourns for the war dogs. Animals that gave their lives to. Without the war dogs many more lives would have been lost.I want to thank any vetern that reads this. thank you from the bottom of my heart.My heart mourns with the soldier/dog handler for your loss. I just wanted everyone to know this. Thank you for all you have done for me.
Sabrina Burke <>
Black Mountain, NC 28711 USA - Mon May 28 20:57:06 2001
We need this in these times. Keep up the good work.
Donovan Briar <>
Newton, Ks USA - Mon May 28 19:44:31 2001
i looked read this site and that night i could not sleep. i was thinking about the men that had died for me and for all. i wrote a poem and hoped to share it... Know the vibe that is sure to grow,
As we see the death and feel the blow.
The screams grow loud and reach the sky,
As loved ones' spirits are sure to fly.
Past us all for their selfless acts,
Peace for those men, is now intact.
Though they lie in fields of red,
Only now may they rest their heads.
God keep us safe, is what we pray,
And for those who died, our hearts will always stay.

the peom is dedicated to all the KIA, POW, and the MIA. may they all know they are not forgotten.
sarah <>
MD USA - Mon May 28 16:13:56 2001

i think this site is very interesting and a very good way for young child and even adults to learn about all the people who fought for us so that we could have freedom.My grandma showed me this site becuase i grandpa was in the war and i think it is very neat way to learn about the different sevices.
Corey French <frenchyboy16>
Avon Park, Florida/ USA USA - Mon May 28 14:06:45 2001
This site is cool!
Kay <NA>
Fries, Va USA - Mon May 28 13:36:25 2001
@}-;----- Many THANKS!!
D <>
Tacoma, WA USA - Mon May 28 13:31:20 2001
I think this site is a really nice site.
Tweety <>
Toronto, Ontario USA - Mon May 28 13:25:03 2001
Have 3 family members who have served in the UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS!!! And my DADDY was in Vietnam. Talk about a DADDY going thru hell here sits a child who was in hell to without her DADDY!!!!! J L HENSLEY- STROUD
Jennifer Lynne Stroud <>
Charlotte, nc USA - Mon May 28 13:12:13 2001
Perhaps a link explaining how Americans "observe" Memorial Day, as opposed to "celebrate" it. Entire generations are growing up thinking war doesn't exist anymore and don't understand all of the sacrifices made to make their world as safe and happy as it is. It may help restore some of the weight of the holiday upon their virgin shoulders.
WI USA - Mon May 28 13:10:17 2001
I'd like to say thanks for your sight. And I want to post a note of thanks for my brother-in-law, Jack R Clemmons, who has passed on now, but served our great country during both Korean and Vietnam wars, and retired from the United States Army. He and all other military people deserve our gratitude for keeping our great nation safe and Free. God Bless America!!!
Jack Leissa <>
Orlando, Fl USA - Mon May 28 12:28:42 2001
Very professional site, I enjoyed, really enjoyed this site and commend you on the professionalism. It is so neatly organized that I have forwarded this site to some of my veteran friends and was blessed to talk with a couple over the phone as we surfed through. They are in agreement of your professionalism. God Bless all our service men and women and thanks for all you have done to keep our land FREE!
Russell Gdog Gdog <>
Arizona, AZ USA - Mon May 28 11:49:37 2001
J L. Hatfield <>
Pasc., MS USA - Mon May 28 11:21:21 2001
Thank you so much, for the information that you provide throughout this web site. I have really enjoyed my self, this morning, going through and reading and learning. I am so thankful for the men and women of our armed forces, the ones from yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Thank you !!!!!!
Jennifer L. Hatfield <>
Pascagoula, MS USA - Mon May 28 11:07:55 2001
FARMINGDALE, ME USA - Mon May 28 10:41:48 2001
In loving memory of my father, Leonard B. Staver who served in both Korea and WWII. Thanks Dad, for your sacrifice(s).
Andreas M. Staver <>
Independence, MO USA - Mon May 28 09:58:34 2001
In memory of my father, Donald Jack Friedman, who served in the 71st Division, 564th Baker Battery, in WWII. He died in January of 1994. The stories of his time in the service inspired me to serve likewise. Many thanks for creating such a great resource.
Maurice Friedman <>
Rockport, TX USA - Mon May 28 09:50:27 2001
IM LOVING MEMORY OF MY OLDER BROTHER IRWIN S. FISHMAN who served in the 42cnd Rainbow Division and was KIA in Nuerenberg, Germany on April 9, 1945. He was a Truly Loving Brother...and His Memory as such Lives with me forever...THANK YOU IRWIN. Love david :-)
David Fishman <>
Yonkers, NY USA - Mon May 28 09:42:44 2001
When I think of M Day I think about all those young men and boys who fought for our country and I would like to Thank them once again.
Ann Mary Balog <>
Masury, Oh U S A - Mon May 28 09:28:19 2001
Thanks for the informative site. My six-year old daughter, Kara, and I are using your site to learn together about the meaning of Memorial Day.
John Szydlowski / Kara Szydlowski <>
Lakeland, FL USA - Mon May 28 08:41:37 2001
No Comment on this web site. THANK YOU,
4532801, Deatrice Lee <>
Athens, L.A. USA - Mon May 28 08:36:25 2001
I had the distinct honor and pleasure to serve in the Army and am proud to be a veteran. My father served in the Navy in WW II serving exclusively in the Pacific. He joined when he was 38 and had a family who stayed at home and waited his safe return. His brother had joined the Navy in WW I when he was 15 so the two brothers both served their country; one too young and one too old.
Graham Partlow <>
Blytheville, AR USA - Mon May 28 08:05:06 2001
Very appropriate site and most enlightening.
Graham Partlow <>
Blytheville, AR USA - Mon May 28 08:02:42 2001
In honor of all those who lost their lives. I am the daughter of a WWII veteran, Edward Wierzbowski, and I for one am thankful to Joe Mann who gave his life to save my father and others in his unit.(H co 502 101st Airborne)All of these men are heroes and will always be remembered. Airborne All The Way! Nadine Wierzbowski
Nadine Wierzbowski <>
Orlando, FL USA - Mon May 28 03:48:29 2001
Happy Memorial Day America! Remember and Honor those BRAVE Men and Women who gave their lives for the Freedom of America and World. May God rest their beautiful souls in eternal PEACE. And May God Bless America today and Always Amen...
Thomas Sembros <>
Bay Shore, NY USA - Mon May 28 03:26:21 2001
Thank you so much for your site. Brings tears to this retired GI's eyes. God Bless America, Land that I truly love.
Jeff Turkel,TSgt,USAF,Retired <>
North Pole, AK USA - Mon May 28 02:25:21 2001
This is a solemn day for honoring those who made the supreme sacrifice "less we forget".Let's pray that we never do.
Dennis de la Mata <Kgrip>
Chicago, IL USA - Mon May 28 02:17:07 2001
Gerry Fitzpatrick <>
Ocean City, , NJ USA - Mon May 28 00:12:24 2001
In memory of 64th Bomb squadron who gave thir all
David Wexler <>
Surprise &Detroit, az USA - Sun May 27 23:31:26 2001
BENICIA, CA USA - Sun May 27 22:40:30 2001
My father was a verteran of the Korean War and although I never served, Memorial Day has always had an important meaning in my life thanks to his teaching. This morning I stood and sang and prayed in church with my oldest son, home for the day from the Air Force, and Memorial Day took on an entirely new meaning. I am thankful for the men and women that have sacrificed so I can sing and pray on Sundays and I am thankful there are still young patriots who voluntarily answer their country's call. Having my son and his friend worship with us this Memorial Day week-end has gave me an entirely new appreciation for the day and the people affected. God Bless and Protect.
Greg Roach <>
Irving, Texas USA - Sun May 27 22:03:53 2001
Thank you for this wonderful web site. I,as well as others, should remember the true meaning of Memorial Day.
Angie <>
San Mateo, Ca USA - Sun May 27 21:43:31 2001
I am sorry for all the paople that died in the war. I am happy for the people who did not die in the war. Some day I will join the army.
Tyler Lonergan
lynnwood, WA USA - Sun May 27 21:30:21 2001
What is WAR? after knowing about so many soldiers that had lost their lives for me and my family i finally realized what WAR meant. WAR meant Warriors At Rest to me. I know there is no way to thank the true warriors of the US but maybe someday we can come close to it!
Nancy <>
Sacramento, CA USA - Sun May 27 21:21:42 2001
At my age, you'd think that I would know all about Memorial Day. Your web site has proven me wrong. I have enjoyed this very much and I will be back to visit. The most interesting part for me, was how to observe this day. I never knew that there was a special way to celebrate. We have no way of 'playing' Taps, but we intend to follow the rest of correct way to observe this day. Thanks. Patti
Patti <>
Clarence Center, NY USA - Sun May 27 21:14:51 2001
TERRE HAUTE, IN USA - Sun May 27 21:11:54 2001
I amreally glad that you made this web page because i can share all of the interesting facts i saw on your page with me family tommorrow, memorial day. Thanks again ~Molly~
molly <none>
Brentwood, TN USA - Sun May 27 21:02:40 2001
I am so proud to be an American and an active member of the American Legion Auxiliary. I thank every man and woman who has served our great country and especially to those that gave the supreme sacrifice of their life. I urge everyone who reads this to become a member of the Legion or Auxiliary if you are eligible and support our Veterans. They deserve it!
Mary <>
Swisher, IA USA - Sun May 27 20:38:31 2001
god bless them all
daphne.harpin <>
albuquerque, nm USA - Sun May 27 19:34:59 2001
I am deeply touched and grateful to the dedication and honor of the brave men and women who gave so much to our Country. Their sacrifice can not be measured. They will never be forgotten. Thank You.
Sharon Troll <>
Ventura, CA USA - Sun May 27 17:59:56 2001
James Lawson Hollingsworth....My father and the hero of my brother Jim, me and all of his grandchildren. Thank you daddy.....another debt we can't repay.
Delores Hollingsworth Blevins <>
Barnesville, GA USA - Sun May 27 17:08:09 2001
Thank you daddy and all the other brave men and boys. Your grand children and I will always remember how much you all gave.
Delores Hollingsworth Blevins <>
Barnesville, GA USA - Sun May 27 16:59:53 2001
Thank you for helping to educate me on the meaning of Memorial Day. I am an unwitting young woman in her 20s who never had the importance or meaning of Memorial Day explained to me. Now that I'm dating a former U.S. Marine--for whom I have so much gratitude--I sought to research Memorial Day's meaning and your site has been perfect. Keep up the good work.
K. Robinson
Sacramento, CA USA - Sun May 27 15:14:54 2001
what a blessing to see the "remembrances" for memorial day on this site. I found it by accident, but was really grateful that I did. I served in Korea 1972-1975 and constantly remember those I served with. some of our casualties were those unable to withstand the stresses of the armed forces life, but they were vets too. remember us all.
mark heider <>
north huntingdon, pa USA - Sun May 27 13:39:11 2001
Thanks for this wonerful web site which acknowledges the sacrifices of our beloved military servants; those who gave so much and expected nothing in return except to live in a free country...God Bless.
Roger Mabry <>
SC USA - Sun May 27 13:04:44 2001
Thank you for this site. Thank you to all who died and survived the horrors of war.
Vickie Buck <>
Miami, FL USA - Sun May 27 12:44:51 2001
Love and respect to all whom fought for our country and sacraficed for our rights to be free.
Jarod J Kimerer <jarod>
Scottsdale , AZ USA - Sun May 27 12:06:51 2001
I am a Viet/nam Vet, I am very proud to have serve my Country as so many Vet before me, from the civil war to the conflict that going on around the world today. As an African American. I salute All Veteran here an abroaded.
Willie CCouncil <wc252@hot>
Jacksonville,nc 28546, n.c. USA - Sun May 27 11:15:15 2001
I'd like to first honor my grandfather, Edwin Gibbs Linderman, who served his country well and lived through it all to enjoy a long, loving life. My uncle and his son, James Edwin Linderman, for serving in Vietnam and saving lives. He continues his medicine today as a Physician's Assistant. I am honored to be a member of their family. Finally I salute all of you who served your country and risked your lives to protect the freedom my children and I enjoy. I want you to know I do not take it for granted, and I am teaching my young children to do the same. I wish I could personally hug each one of you! God Be With You... Oralee, Shay, and Levi
Oralee Kohler <>
Highland, UT USA - Sun May 27 10:22:48 2001
I just want to Honor and Thank all the Men & Women of the Armed Forces of America of the Past and Present. Without their commentment and Faith, we would have no Freedom in this Great Country of our. God Bless You All
Gordon Sam <models303_2000>
Dallas , Tx USA - Sun May 27 09:30:16 2001
Just a note to say Thank You to all those men and women who fought so hard and gave their lives to guarantee our freedom.
Patricia Sheridan <>
Coral Springs, FL USA - Sun May 27 09:08:31 2001
Thank you for keeping the meaning of Memorial Day alive!
Matthew J. Barnes, Sr. <>
Urbana, IL USA - Sun May 27 08:57:31 2001
I would like to thank "all" the U.S. veterans for the gift they have given me & my family and friends--the gift or this wonderful country of ours. So many gave too much for what so many of us take for granted these days. I'm proud to be an american & able to enjoy the freedoms the veterans fought so hard for us to have. I'm very proud of my daddy: John E. England, who is a veteran of World War II & the Korean War. Thank you God for letting me still have him with me this Memorial Day 2001. I love you daddy & all our wonderful veterrans also. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH.
Rt.1 Box 179, Jean Hammond <>
Tenaha, Tx. USA - Sun May 27 08:13:04 2001
I'm glad this guestbook is still here. I read what I wrote last year on May 28th, and it still holds true. I miss you, Dad! I love you! God bless all who come here to honor those we've loved & lost through war and life in general... Thank you to all who served for our country, both here on earth & those who have passed...
NJ USA - Sun May 27 05:43:43 2001
I submitted a flash movie to your site, and thank you for running it. The movie is dedicated to all who have served in the US Military, but most of all, to those who have given their all and lost their lives to defend our freedom that I cherish so much. I'm a current active duty military Hospital Corpsman. I strive to do my best and keep up the legacy of all the members, of all the forces, who have served before me. Thank you all, from the very depths of my heart. You will never be forgotten. Jackson Tuggle HM3 USN
Jackson Tuggle <>
Lexington Park, MD USA - Sun May 27 01:12:56 2001
alan wewiner <>
boston mass, ma USA - Sat May 26 16:53:54 2001
I wish each of you a Safe & Special Memorial Day weekend! Please be sure to take the time to remember our Veterans and to teach your child(ren) its true meaning. Thank you Vets and especially those who made the "Ultimate Sacrifice." U.S. Army (RA) 1962-1965
Terrance D Martin <>
Brattleboro, VT USA - Sat May 26 16:26:45 2001
My eternal gratitude goes to those who laid down their lives in military service to our nation; to defend and preserve the freedoms we enjoy and cherish. To my fallen comrades I say, thank you and well done.
Don Banwart, LTC FA (Ret) <>
West Bend, IA USA - Sat May 26 13:42:21 2001
I want to thank all the men women and canines who served in our armed forces to protect the United States Of America with the ultimate sacrifice of life & limb. Thank you for protecting us. God Bless
Candace Hawthorne <>
Metairie, LA USA - Sat May 26 13:22:18 2001
I thought that the poems and writtings were very inspirational. I would also like to remember my grandfather J. Ralston who fought in the Koren war. Bless all who have fought for our country. Peace and Love.
K. Haney
Cadiz, OH USA - Sat May 26 13:14:05 2001
What an incredible site. I have learned so much. I cried. And I am still crying. Thank you for putting these valuable resource together. I teach American History to 8th graders, and we talk about Memorial Day, but now I am armed with so much powerful information, we can really develop our discussions in much more detail. I will send my students to your site. My husband and I are starting a new family tradition this year...we are having a family picnic, but part of our day together we will hold a memorial service to remember the sacrifices our servicemen and women have made for our freedom. Our nieces and nephews are not too young to learn, and the rest of us need to be reminded. Thank you, and know that others are spreading the word. Sincerely, Kelly Manno
Kelly Manno <>
Warwick, NY USA - Sat May 26 13:07:44 2001
To my father, uncles, brothers. Thank you.
Dave O'Donnell <>
Canton, IL USA - Sat May 26 12:58:38 2001
The prayer and the poems had said it all so beautifully. God bless all the veterans that gave their lives, so that we could be free and happy. God bless their families.
harrietta <>
kingman, in USA - Sat May 26 11:29:33 2001
After years of being enslaved, first by the Soviet Union and later by Nazi Germany, our lives were rsurrected when we saw tanks, jeeps and trucks bearing the white star. My thanks for the blood and sweat of all those who made this possible, you will never be forgotten.
SJL <>
CA USA - Sat May 26 10:47:54 2001
I'm amazed at all of the information on this site, I learned a lot. Want to say a special thanks to my Dad & my father-in-law, Percy (now deceased- was a hero in WWII) and to all the other veterans who fought for their country to give us our freedom. I am a very active Senior Vice-President for my local VFW's Ladies Auxiliariy. My flag waves proudly!
Gloria <>
Oswego, ny USA - Sat May 26 10:25:32 2001
I want to Remember My Adoptive Father-Hugh P. Johnson,whowas a Master Sargent in WWII. I want to Remember 2 Vietnam MIA's--Sgt.HerndonBivens4/15/70 and Lt.Col.Sheldon Burnett3-7-71. Dorothea
Dorothea M.Johnson <>
Twp.OfWashington, NJ USA - Sat May 26 09:27:43 2001
I wanted to use this opportunity to remember my father, Mark L. May, who served in WWII and received two purple hearts. Also my uncle Miles Doss, who served in Korea. I will always appreciate the sacrifice these men and all others that served with them made to preserve the freedom we enjoy. I pray for all the families of veterans and especially for the families of those that shed their blood and did not return home. I pray that our nation will take this time to remember these, and thank our Father in Heaven for the people who answered his call and gave their lives so that we could be free. God Bless You!!
Elena Smith <>
CA USA - Sat May 26 08:45:00 2001
I am the daughter of a WW11 medic that served at Bastogne and Shenogne. Also the widow Of a man the served in VeitNam from 1968- 1969. I remember as a child every year my family would get together and make the rounds of the cemetaries to ut flowers on the graves of the loved ones and flags on those that had been in the service. Now I make that journey with my mother as I have since lost the husband and my father. Now I put flags on their graves aas well as the ones that came before. It is very important the the people of the US remember what these men and boys gave up so that they can live the life they have now. My prayers still go out to all those still missing and unaccounted for in Veit Nam. Please help and pray for these families so that they can know where their son's, father's and husbands are and bring them home. Thank you for this site and letting me be apart of it. In Memory Of my Father Karl L. Little, And My husband, David A. Larcom Deceased.
Marie Larcom <>
Mount Vernon, Il USA - Fri May 25 20:20:05 2001
I was looking for information on Memorial Day that I could share with my second-graders. Today's generation doesn't have a clue about all that has gone before them! My dad served in the Navy in the Phillipines during World War II, and fortunately returned home to live a full and happy life. He and my mother shared much with me (a post-war baby-boomer) about the war years. This is a wonderful website! I learned much about the history of Memorial Day, and found many things that touched me emotionally. I have been fortunate to have been present to observe the changing of the guard, and the presentation of floral tributes at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. This website brought back some of those same feelings. Thank you to ALL veterans and their families!
Madeline <>
Phoenix, AZ USA - Fri May 25 19:43:54 2001
WHITTIER, CA USA - Fri May 25 18:59:42 2001
it really saddened my heart that my father was forgotten on memorial day last year after he served in the korean war.usually all veterans recieve flags on their graves but some are forgotten.i put a big flag on my dad but it got stolen.there just is not any respect for the ones who died to keep us free.thank you one and all.
donna smallwood <physco_donna>
austin, in USA - Fri May 25 18:08:03 2001
so few ever get the recoginition and it is truly sad.i thank god for these fine people everyday.maybe someone will remember to remove there hats in honor of these fine people as the flag goes by.thanks to all that fight so that i might be free.
donna smallwood <>
austin, in USA - Fri May 25 18:02:36 2001
Thank you......................................
Margaret A. Goehring <>
Columbus,, OH USA - Fri May 25 16:24:25 2001
I am a disabled veteran, and i am currently sitting here writing a speach for memorial day ceremonies 2001 here in our small town. i wanted this speach to be as short as possible but yet get the point across as to what we are celebrating and why? I set here with tears in my eyes thinking of what many have given for the freedoms of our Nation. In my many years of Military Service I lost numerous friends due to the defence of our Country and I will never forget anyone of them nor will I forget those who were before us. Claiborne Co. Tenn. Veterans Services Officer Scott T. Marlow
Scott Tracy Marlow <>
new tazewell, tn USA - Fri May 25 15:59:33 2001
to all my friends, that did not come home i remember
james c. taylor <>
pensacola, FL United States - Fri May 25 15:28:38 2001
Thank You For the Brothers who can't In Flanders Field their Poppies Blow to mark their Place
Richard Côté <>
Montreal, QC Canada - Fri May 25 14:01:37 2001
I wanted to do a Memorial Day service for my family as we take off to go camping this weekend. I started doing web searches and found this wonderful site. What a great resource. I've found plenty here to do a family service so my wife and children can remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Thanks, -Ken
Ken Kucel <>
Conway, PA USA - Fri May 25 13:53:33 2001
Please visit "The Wall" a small tribute.
The Wall - A small tribute
USA - Fri May 25 12:32:32 2001
In honor of Memorial Day please remember those who sacrificed everything for our freedom.
Terri Dean
Gibsonburg, OH USA - Fri May 25 12:31:19 2001
I love this site. It is a wonderful way to remeber the many men and women who have served to help us win wars. It is a great way for us to learn more about our history, so maybe that way we won't repeat our past.
2237 Stoney Knoll, Amanda Morgans <>
Colonial Beach, VA USA - Fri May 25 11:58:13 2001
Very nice presentation of information. Thanks for these great site to gather and learn more information. Lets keep the spirit alive in all of us.
Gregory F. Dessel <>
San Jose, Ca USA - Fri May 25 10:31:38 2001
As a Veteran of S.E.A., I would like to commend you on this wonderful web site, and to also ask for the prayers to all the WW2 Veterans, as they are leaving us at the rate of 30,000 per month. God Speed and God Bless the USA.
michael hutson <>
derby, ks USA - Fri May 25 09:53:43 2001
This weekend is the weekend we pay our respects to our veterans. As a veteran myself I say thank you to all those who served their country to make this great country FREE. This freedom was not just handed to us on a silver platter. A lot of young folks lost their lives fighting for something that they cherished so very much, and others take so much for granted, FREEDOM and the right to live in a free country. A very special thank you to all our veterans who willing fought and gave their lives to make the country what it is today. Each and every one of those folks are heroes in my eyes as well as many others eyes. Please take some timeout of your busy weekend to bow your heads and pay tribute to these very special heroes. And please don’t ever forget about our MIA/POW’s. Good bless them all, and may they all rest in peace. -Dc- northtx_harleyman
David Curtis <>
Dallas, TX USA - Fri May 25 09:44:33 2001
I am a stud and Recentley our Lanuage Arts teacher asked us what is memorial day. We weren't quite sure. So that day in Language arts we watched a movie of the Veitnam war. It made a big impact on me. I think we shoud honor all dead and living military soldiers because they either fought or trained so that we might live in independance.
USA - Fri May 25 06:31:05 2001
I am a stud and Recentley our LanuageArts teacher asked us what is memorial day. We weren't quite sure. So tat day in Language arts we watched a movie of the Veitnam war. It made a big impact on me. I think we shoud honor all dead and living military soldiers because they either fought or trained so that we might live in independance.
USA - Fri May 25 06:30:40 2001
My father served honorably in World War II, in the Aleutians when the Japanese attacked. He then served in France and drove on The Famous "Red Ball Express" He was one of the fortunate ones who was able to come home to his family after the War. I have a uncle who served with the 1st Marine Division during The Korean War and return from the Chosin Reservoir honorably. I served honorably for over 20 years in the Army. I served in Desert Storm just prior to my retirement and received the Bronze Star. I was able to return home safely to my family as well. But, now is the time as it should be for us fortunate enough to survive the perils of war as well as those who supported all of us from our Beautiful Country, to take a moment to bow our heads and say a prayer for those whom gave their lives for their country and beliefs. I personally would like to take a moment for a young man whom I went to school with Mark Pontius from Coral, Michigan. Mark was a corporal with the 198th Light Infantry Brigade when he lost his life at age 20. Mark had just gotten married prior to going to Vietnam. Mark arrived in Vietnam on March, 1, 1970 and died on May 31, 1970. I didn't know Mark very well, but each year I reflect back on how this brave young man, just married and barely out of high school laid down his life for Freedom and Justice. And I think of all the sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers who have died serving our country, and I pray that they are at rest now serving beside God and his Army. So I say to each one of you if you are not willing to serve your country and put your life on the line for what is right, then you have no business in this country. Honor those who have went before us and those who will go after us. God Bless you all my brothers and sisters.
Curtis Rance <>
Killeen, TX USA - Thu May 24 23:40:54 2001
I have never served in the Armed Forces but I do feel I am a good American by what I do as a civilian. I want to thank all the men , woman and children who have served this nation thoughout the years.To understand what a sacarfice they all gave me and the future of America is to remember them with respect you would show a president. I look at every vet and their families as the real strength of our nation.I bow down to all of them with a tear in my eye and I thank you for all, for what you have given me.Freedom that is worth giving all you have and then some.
Bill Hendren <>
Loomis, Ca USA - Thu May 24 23:05:23 2001
I salute you and our many men that has fought and died in our armed services--- They are our heros- for that fought for us and the USA-- And the many men that fought and lost limbs over in Vietham----- I lost a financee to Vietham and I have a dear dear friend who lost both legs over there!! To many of our brave men still relive those terrible days! Thank you for letting me share this with you !!!
Linda K. Grant <>
Batesville, AR USA - Thu May 24 17:56:38 2001
Thank-you for making this site:) I think it is very important to remember all those who have lost thier lives serving thier country. I will be in the US during this Memorial Day weekend and wanted to know more on what it meant. Thank you for all the info on this site!
Leslie-Anne Czinger <>
Parksville, BC Canada - Thu May 24 15:40:11 2001
Thank you for this great service. I wish all Americans fully understood and appreciated the sacrifices made to make and keep our nation free.
David Stanton <>
Novi,, MI USA - Thu May 24 13:33:08 2001
thank you for a site that can show kids the meaning of a almost forgotten holiday.people my age have not and i pray never will understand the hardships,and lose of a loved one in a war.i can only imagine what it is like and my prays go out to the famlies with lost loved ones.they gave us freedom.i thank you.
rachel lancaster <>
whitehall, oh USA - Thu May 24 13:19:27 2001
I really like this. Its really sad. I really thank all the people that risked their lives and died for our freedom
Chelsea Pozzobon <>
WA USA - Thu May 24 12:02:53 2001
This is a good site if you have to do a report in Front and Center because the idiotic kids in your class don't do the'r work.
USA - Thu May 24 11:50:53 2001
We love you veterans. thank you for all youve done to make our country a better place!
Randi <xxsportzchic3xx@aol>
turkey, NJ USA - Thu May 24 11:34:15 2001
To all vets and family members of KIA: Memorial Day to me is a day to memorialize the courage of all our fighting men and women who fought to preserve freedom. And a special thanks to the killed in action and their family for preserving that courage to continue to defend our constitutional freedom from external and internal enemies. God Bless you all. Thanks. Gerry R. Coleman Raleigh, NC
Gerry R. Coleman <>
Raleigh, NC USA - Thu May 24 09:34:56 2001
Although I have not served in a war, I have many relatives who have and they should not be forgtten! My prayers go out to al those, present, past and future who have bravely served their country!
Ron Mitchell <>
Seattle, WA USA - Wed May 23 20:18:41 2001
I am pleased that such a dedication is being made on behalf of those men and women who gave their lives for their country.
JAMESTOWN, RI USA - Wed May 23 16:48:43 2001
A most informative collection of information,half of which I was ignorant of.
Kenneth C.Henderson <>
Worcester, Ma. USA - Wed May 23 14:28:00 2001
great site (keep up the good work)we love i mean love love love** this site p.s.,,,,,,,love the site! just j/king heheheh i know not that funny sorry lost my self bye g2g bye <~~~~cryin! bye love yal
lilly bone <>
Pittsburgh, PA USA - Wed May 23 14:14:20 2001
422-0597, Teri MEYERS <>
PGH., PA USA - Wed May 23 14:08:30 2001
One of my realitives(a distant relitive)served in the civil war and died. Even though it dosn't make me happy that he died I am glad that he served for what he thoght was right. So I am glad that they have a holiday to honor those who died,just like that relitive of mine!
Judy Meyers <nothing>
Pittsburgh, PA USA - Wed May 23 14:04:46 2001
One of my realitives(a distant relitive)served in the civil war and died. Even though it dosn't make me happy that he died I am glad that he served for what he thoght was right. So I am glad that they have a holiday to honor those who died,just like that relitive of mine!
Judy Meyers <nothing>
Pittsburgh, PA USA - Wed May 23 14:03:19 2001
Mellon Kratffs <>
Pittsburgh, PA USA - Wed May 23 14:00:17 2001
My Grandpa served in WW2 and Vietnam War. I think its pretty cool you made a web site on memorial day. THanks for the freedom! U R #1!
Kate <>
Reno, NV USA - Wed May 23 11:06:04 2001
Thank you for giving us the freedom we currently enjoy and Thank you for protecting us and our children.
Herlinda Hernandez <>
Miami, FL USA - Wed May 23 10:52:28 2001
no comment
jake moen <>
greenbush, mn USA - Wed May 23 08:35:31 2001
I was very touched by the Memorial Day Web Site and look forward on spending time with my Grandfather Joe Campos that passed way do to cancer. He was a very Proud Veteran and I want to continue the celebration for him.
Angela Buentello <>
Smithville, Tx USA - Wed May 23 08:15:39 2001
My dad fought in the Vietnam War. Was shot but made it home. I do thank God for the freedom we do have and the people the fought to make it that way.
Sandra <>
sabina, oh USA - Tue May 22 23:29:08 2001
My fiance was a helicopter pilot in Operation Desert Storm. I thank God each and every day for not only bringing him back to me, but for also the strength, courage and true heroism that he demonstrated during this seige. I burst my buttons each and every time I speak of my hero, as each and everyone of this team should. God bless these men and women and those who gave their lives. I want you to know, Steve, that I could not be prouder of you! Thank you giving what I can only dream of giving. I love you!
Debi B <>
Waukesha, WI USA - Tue May 22 22:41:12 2001
I'm not American, but I do have a special place for all men that went to wars and die for the FREEDOM we take for Granted. I had a Uncle that went to the second world war, I'm gratefull to Him and to all, I hope you mind If I say this Weather American,Canadian, British, let it be no more wars. Thank you Clermont Gagnon
Clermont Gagnon <>
Fort Erie ONTARO, Canada - Tue May 22 22:11:37 2001
This is a very good and awesome site for the remembrance of the men and women who gave the ultimate price for our freedom, may we never forget those who died for our country and freedom, may GOD bless you for what you are doing and also bless thisnation, we need it real bad.
Dennis Butler <>
Palestine, TX USA - Tue May 22 16:33:51 2001
In memory of my Father, Will A. Burrows Jr and my Uncle, Norman Burrows who served in WWII and others in my family whoserved. A tribute to my husband who served 1961-63 in Japan.
Bonnie Brothers <>
Salem, IN USA - Tue May 22 13:04:36 2001
this is a stupied site not realy but my uncle has the nobel prize and he says hi to all of you bye
Jeff Johns <>
wilmington, Oh USA - Tue May 22 11:58:29 2001
I am thankful for the freedom that we have as Americans. I think we need to support the issue of bill S.189 sent to Congress on 01.19.99 to return Memorial Day to the 30th of May; not the forth Monday of May so that a three day weekend is made. Those that gave their lives deserve to have their day of honor; not all the commercialism that has been put in place of our fallen heroes! Please remember the true meaning of Memorial Day, many lives have been given for us!
K. B.
Hudson, FL USA - Tue May 22 11:50:19 2001
i feel sorry for all the soliders that died in the war for the country but happy that they died for me!!!!!!!
USA - Tue May 22 10:51:39 2001
In loving memory of my son's father, Ralph Diaz, who served as a Staff Sergeant in the Marine Corp 1972 through 1982, and died proud to be a Marine. Semper Fidelis!
Modesta Figueroa <>
New York, NY USA - Tue May 22 08:52:31 2001
This is a great website for everyone from the child who needs to learn about Memorial Day to those of use who have loved ones to remember.
Cathy Dunham <>
Seattle, WA USA - Mon May 21 22:26:38 2001
I appreciate this outstanding site and all the information that has been collected. it has been a wonderful help in planning our school Memorial Day Program. Possibly there can be a special section where students can submit their essays. Regina Birdsell, Principal , Academy School, Madison CT
Regina Birdsell <>
Madison, CT USA - Mon May 21 18:00:52 2001
Memorial day is like my favoorite holiday
john Colyott <>
Machesney park 61115, il USA - Mon May 21 15:06:36 2001
I am grateful to Steven Speilberg for bringing our fallen heros to our attention through modern film. I am very grateful to all of our military, past and present.
Doylestown, PA USA - Mon May 21 14:32:08 2001
This is a great site to learn about this wonderful day. I have learned a lot and I hope other people learn a lot too!
Katie <>
Woodstock, GA USA - Mon May 21 13:48:21 2001
God bless all of our American Soilders who gave their lives for us. God help the families of these Soilders, and I hope they know that my prayers are with them always. On television people seem to always be looking for a hero, but OUR REAL HEROS ARE ALL OF THESE BRAVE AND YOUNG MEN WHO WOULD RISK THEIR LIVES FOR OTHERS. THEY ARE OUR REAL HEROS. GOD BLESS YOU ALL. PATTY DUARTE
Patricia Duarte <>
Santa Ana,, CA USA - Mon May 21 12:52:45 2001
Please e-mail me at my e-mail address above
This is a great link, Thanks I learned alot!!, Katrina Mohammad <>
Allentown, PA USA - Mon May 21 10:24:18 2001
Well organized and informative. Educationally recommended.
SFC Daniel K. Rivet <>
West Plains, MO USA - Mon May 21 09:14:10 2001
Thank you for this lovely site.
Cherie Lyon <>
Loves Park, IL USA - Sun May 20 17:42:39 2001
This site is GREAT! Was looking for information to be used for a memorial service at church. You supplied everything needed. Thank You and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!
Sherel Huggins <>
Westville, FL USA - Sun May 20 14:26:49 2001
Honoring those who died fighting for freedom was one of my fond memories as a child. Our family would take flowers to the cemetary and tend the graves of our family members on Memorial Day each year. Our local Yreka Drum and Bugle Corp. would march and play that day--I believe they marched through the cemetary playing the patriotic songs which would bring a tear to the eye.
Jan Peacock <>
so lake tahoe, CA USA - Sat May 19 23:28:15 2001
I just wanted to add to my message, that today is the 51st anniversary of ARMED FORCES DAY, so few people care. see ya all around the campus. bob
BOB <>
29 Palms, ca. USA - Sat May 19 20:46:42 2001
Undoubtedly the best site I have found on Memorial Day. I've been the lone member of a committee that has been organizing the Veterans' Day ceremony for five years; but I am doing the Memorial Day celebration this year and I needed some authentic information on the origin of Decoration day --Memorial Day for an article in our local newspaper this coming week. God bless you all for this fabulous site. The information of the two people starting putting on flowers, etc. will be used. I'm a veteran of WWII, 5th Defense Bn. Marine Corps, in the Pacific and stuck around for the Korean Police action, 3/7 1st MARDIV, and finally spent two years in Vietnam, 1967 & 1968. Operations Chief at Dong Ha. Great area, bah, lost three ammo dumps and one fuel dump. I finally retired 1972. Thank you again for the great amount of knowledge on Memorial day. BOB
BOB <>
29 Palms, CA USA - Sat May 19 20:43:51 2001
Searching the web for Memorial Day ideas for the ceremony I hosting at work. Your site is Great wealth of information. THANK YOU.
Brian Foc <>
Springfield, MA USA - Sat May 19 16:20:22 2001
This page is a rarity in the over liberalized world in which we live today. Keep up the good work.
Ft Worth, Texas USA - Sat May 19 13:29:17 2001
I did 20yrs as a tribute to my father who served in WWII. God rest his soul today.
RANDY R. Sunday USN Retired <>
Anchorage, ak USA - Fri May 18 23:36:24 2001
I thank you for this site. May we all remember and honor those who have served our country. This site does that well. I invite you all to visit my United States and War page( I have tried to give some history on the wars the US and our vet's have been in, and in doing so, I hope I have honored our vet's. May All Remember and God Bless You All...., Roberta
Roberta Craig <>
OH USA - Fri May 18 18:39:01 2001
Does irony never cease? It is approximately 0030 hours, the 32nd anniversary of the night my unit was attacked by 1400 fanatical North Vietnamese and Viet Cong. The 200 men of Husky compound fought bravely, sometimes hand to hand, and stemmed the enemies onslaught. We suffered nearly 80 casualties that night while killing or wounding almost 700 NVA/VC. The 18th of May is always the most difficult day of the year for me and one I always spend tearfully and in reverent retrospection. Tonight I decided to visit your site and am overwhelmed to see that so many young people are interested in the true meaning of Memoria Day. We are apparently safer from Santyanna's quote " those who forget the past are doomed to peat it" than I had suspected. Thankyou so much for what you have done. This soldier feels a bit better. Ralph A. Sambuchi CPT USA RET
R.A. Sambuchi CPT USA RET <>
Gardner, MA USA - Thu May 17 23:26:19 2001
rockford , IL USA - Thu May 17 12:30:15 2001
I was just browsing through this web-site and thought it was one of best sites I saw. Thanks, it is so cool.
Berlin J. Almeda <>
Denver, CO USA - Wed May 16 14:01:42 2001
I would just like to thank you for putting up this wed-site, it has helped me tremendously in my history report.
Berlin J. Almeda <>
Denver, CO USA - Wed May 16 13:43:20 2001
I had origionally came to the site for research information on a Speech I am giving in class on the true meaning of Memorial Day. I obtained alot of information and a new perspective on the holiday and will be celebrating it in a meaningful way this year. Thank-you.
Monica Sodic <>
Waynesboro, PA USA - Wed May 16 12:29:15 2001
i feel bad for the people who died in the war and their name didnt get to be known. thanxs, jessica
jessica Ingalls <>
manhattan, IL USA - Wed May 16 09:07:05 2001
I was looking for complete but concise info on Memorial Day for a TV special my kids are doing. Thanks for the great information.
Terri <>
PA USA - Tue May 15 21:18:47 2001
:) love this page :)
NH USA - Tue May 15 17:43:56 2001
NAMPA, ID. USA - Tue May 15 17:05:02 2001
Hi, In 1999 I laid flowers at the grave of a young U.S. fighter pilot who was KIA in my village in 1945. In the Netherlands I know of schools 'adopting' graves of Allied servicemen, keeping those graves in excellent condition ! Does anybody know of adopting graves in the U.S. by schools ? Sincerely, Paul Patist
Paul Patist <>
Castricum, The Netherlands - Tue May 15 04:50:29 2001
Hi. I just wanted to let everyone know about a wonderful new website for veterans by veterans that is launching on May 28, 2001, Memorial Day. VetServer Community (;;; is unique. It is the Internet's first collection of 12 databases that lets members find veterans without knowing their name. Not only that, VetServer alerts members whenever they receive communication from new users. Created by veterans for veterans, only VetServer lets users locate and instantly reunite with veterans from all branches regardless of their current military status, using twelve databases from 1918 to the present. While we don't want to take away from this site at all (it's another wonderful resource!), would you please join us for the opening on May 28, 2001? Thanks!
Melody <>
Plano, TX USA - Mon May 14 08:06:37 2001
I just added this site to my page. I have never been in the military myself. But I have such great pride in the big country of ours. I am a registered nurse by trade but I love to write poetry. I love to go to military parades and wipe tears of pride away each time. I like to read my poem, "Burn the Flag" or "Line in the Sand" this time of year. Check them out at the url listed. God bless America!
anneliese,RN <>
bridgeton, NJ USA - Mon May 14 07:16:03 2001
I am the proud daughter and granddaughter of Vietnam and WW II veterans. I honor all veterans and am grateful to each and every person who risked their life for our country, regardless of my opinion of the wars themselves. I will especially remember you each and every Memorial Day. Thank you.
Heather Graham-Schmidt <>
St. Louis, mo USA - Fri May 11 11:21:52 2001
Thank you for a great site. This will help me a great deal in teaching my sixth graders about what this holiday means, besided a day off from school.
Kerri Coleman <>
Indianapolis, In USA - Thu May 10 13:07:37 2001
This is a very good site. I really learned alot. Keep up the good work!
Antionette Poole <>
Ashburn, GA USA - Thu May 10 12:54:57 2001
Thank-you sssoooo completly much for the history section. I had to do a project for a US History class on how Memorial Day became observed and I got all the info I needed! Thankx!!!
Alli <SJHS>
Sin City! (LOL), Las Vegas, USA - Wed May 9 22:20:13 2001
Was looking for information to add to church bulletin about memorial day. I found more than I every expected. Keep up the good work. Thanks.
S. Lee <>
AL USA - Wed May 9 13:40:36 2001
Great site. Much information about Memorial Day observances, traditions, and standards.
Michelle <>
Royersford, PA USA - Wed May 9 10:33:01 2001
I want to thank you for having this website for. My father served in the army during the Korean War. Along with the endless numbers of soliders that have served in the armed forces, they deserve the honor and the respect the recieve from this holiday. It is a shame that so many people have forgotten why this holiday is honored, and who this holiday is honored for. I want to thank you again for having this website for I will be visitng it very much and I will be able to learn each time I visit. Thank You Again, Robert S Montgomery I Know my Father would be very Proud.
Robert S Montgomery <>
Lander, Wy USA - Tue May 8 22:25:30 2001
This is in honor of my mother, June McCreary Cannard, who passed away April 7, 2001. She was a very big part of the annual Memorial Day Parade & Commemoration in our town, by finding interesting veterans, politicians and historians to speak at the Memorial. The members of the VFW and ALP told us that if ever they were to give a military honor guard to a non-soldier, she would be it! My father, James Cannard, was a bombadier and POW during WWII. Two of my three brothers served in the Navy during the Vietnam Era. My grandfather McCreary had served in WWI, WWII, and Korean. This also honors them and all those who served with them. Thank you for this opportunity to post this message for others to see and hopefully, inspire others to honor their loved ones, as well.
Amy Cannard Bole <>
Chicora, PA USA - Tue May 8 19:59:00 2001
I find my heart heavy with pain whenever I hear my students voice their apathy regarding our Armed Forces. There is little to no patriotism in our youth today. My heart aches as I remember my Dad and the pain endured till his death from a bullet to his knee during WWII, my high school friends who did not come back from Vietnam alive and all those who lie at rest, who served and gave their lives for us. I Thank God for those of you who have served, serve and those who have lost loved ones. Thank you for this site and your patriotism.
Joanne Waugh <>
Lowell, MA USA - Tue May 8 17:31:52 2001
May we all pause a moment this Memorial day to give thanks for the freedom we enjoy.
SGM(RET) Paul Caldwell <>
Detroit, MI USA - Tue May 8 16:56:27 2001
Thank you for sharing this website with us.
Irene M. Varner <>
San Antonio, TX USA - Tue May 8 13:07:57 2001
this web site is a memory of all the people who have died in the vietnam war.lots of veterans are criticizedabout the war but if they would of never fought we would n't be where we are today.thanks
kipper <>
fargo, nd USA - Tue May 8 12:04:02 2001
A very outstanding Web Site with some very good information. I have enjoyed it each time I go back to it. Andy Hill Webm@ster of the 31st Transportation (H-34) Company.A group of some outstanding ole U S Army Aviators back when helicopters were being born! Stop by at our web site and sign out guest book. Thank you and you have a GREAT DAY
Andy Hill <>
Mt Vernon, OH USA - Tue May 8 09:32:39 2001
My Father served in the Army before and during WWII. I served in the Marines in Vietnam. This is fantastic site. I only wish my Dad could have seen it. I want to THANK all the service Men & Women who made the sacrafice to defend our country and protect my way of life. May the many who have made the Suprem Sacrafice rest in peace in the arms of the Lord.
Ronald P. Horsham <>
Albrightsville, Pa USA - Tue May 8 08:31:09 2001
Although I was born 16 years after WW2 was ended, I have learned a lot about it at school, and by reading books and articles. It is clear to me that the American Army was a big (maybe even the biggest) contribution to our freedom (together with the Canadian and English army). Because it is already 56 years ago, there are less and less people who where involved in that war. There are a lot of young people now, who are , unfortunately, not really interested in this history. I think, we never may forget what happened that time, and we certainely have to remember all those soldiers who gave their lives for our freedom. If they had not done this, I think the world would be very different and worse from what it is now. Why don't you promote this site more in the Netherlands so that also the younger people get to know more about this? I visited this site because I am in America this year during Memorial day. This because my girlfriend is American, and it is nice to be together with the holidays. Therefore I wanted to know some more about Memorial day, and it must be said; this site is perfect to get all the information you need about Memorial day. Perfect! Thank you!
Wim Holsbeeke <>
Dronten, Netherlands - Tue May 8 06:45:48 2001
Hey Beth! This is a great site i luv it
Chris Sizer <>
Cincinnati, OH USA - Mon May 7 17:17:46 2001
I love this site it is so moving
Beth <>
cincinnati, Oh USA - Mon May 7 10:29:58 2001
This is an excellent site. I am researching a speech I am to give on Memorial Day and I was moved by what I read. Thank-you!!
Don Brown <>
Washinton, MI USA - Sat May 5 15:34:52 2001
I would like to express my deepest gratitude to everyone in all of our armed services living and deceased pow and mia alike. I can't thank you enough. Just a reminder let's keep an eye on the care our veterans are receiving in all of the V.A. hospitals. if anyone can send me any information on the standard of care our veterans and active duty members are receiving I would appreciate it.
Joseph Cundari <>
Farmingdale, N.Y. USA - Wed May 2 19:57:01 2001
Very well formed site. Informative and touching. I'm 30 year retired military, I as well as many more have seen the elephant! We won't forget, NEVER.
Rich Flegle <>
Junction City, KS USA - Wed May 2 14:51:56 2001
my greatgrandfather was a top turret gunner on a B-17G. Their plane was shot down over the Medditarain Sea. He was a P.O.W. for 16 months. I just wanted to say I miss him.
Daryle Jockisch
Vermont, Ill USA - Wed May 2 13:06:02 2001
Howdy, this is very helpful site yall
Amber little
vermont, il USA - Wed May 2 13:04:28 2001
I like this website and it has a lot of information !! Thanks Bye Jenn!
Jen <>
IL USA - Wed May 2 13:03:27 2001
This website is very educational and shows how to respect the ones who have died and served for our country.
Tom Branson
Ipava, IL USA - Wed May 2 13:03:20 2001
This is a really good website. I'm going to try to bring my grandpa here. He never served, but he was ready to defend our country.
Table Grove, IL USA - Wed May 2 13:00:41 2001
Love this site and visit often.My site is in memory of my dad who was KIA in vietnam in '68 while serving with the 1/4th cav.
pam <>
Russellville, Ky USA - Thu Apr 26 23:24:40 2001
I would like to remember our veterans whom have died for us. I am doing an essay about Memorial Day so I came to this web site and I like it. Thank you for your information!! Also, I would appreciate it if you could take some time and maybe email me about the moving wall. It came to my town a couple months ago. Thank you
Shelby <>
Coldwater, OH USA - Thu Apr 26 20:37:42 2001
Dear Pennsylvania Military Museum, Hi!Im Amber and I just was at the Pennsylvania Military on April 20,2001 on a feild trip with the Danville Middle School students and I just want to say that I had a really great time, and always it was great to see all that information that I never seen before. I had some relatives on the plaque that I saw there on Friday!! I went home and searched those people up on the internet thats how I new they were my relatives!! I wanna say thanks for letting us to show deep respect for what the military had to show us!! I had a really great time and I think I want to come back again to show all the effort and the hard work that you put in towards the grounds!! Well I gotta go and I hop you can write me back at my e-mail address above!! Thanks so much!!Amber
Amber Davis <>
Danville, Pa USA - Fri Apr 20 17:48:33 2001
In Vietnam, I served with A company 2/22nd infantry, 4th infantry division, from 1966 - 1967. I would love to hear from any of you guys that served around this time. I think this site is great. Remembering all that gave thier lives.
Clinton Miller <>
East Hampton, NY USA - Thu Apr 19 17:36:56 2001
Great web site. Found it doing research for a Memorial Day presentation. Tremendously thought provoking site which has something for everyone. As a military retiree it provides a fitting tribute to those of us who served and lived but pays special tribute to those who served and paid the supreme sacrifice. God Bless them all.
mike fitzgerald <>
normal, il USA - Tue Apr 17 13:33:33 2001
As the Grandaughter, and Sister of United States Marines, I was touched to see the stories, pictures, and history of the country's gratitude and praise of these brave souldiers.
Trish Goodermote <>
Petersburgh, NY USA - Mon Apr 16 15:11:57 2001
Memirial Day Rules!
Dijah <>
Ridgely, Md USA - Sat Apr 14 18:38:29 2001
You have created an excellent resource to honor veterans. I was also very pleased to see the extent to which you have included resources from other countries (ie American cemetaries overseas etc) Best regards from Maryland
Val <>
Washington, DC USA - Wed Apr 11 11:32:08 2001
THis is a good site where you can learn information on how Memorial Day came to be, and info. on the decicted. i like that you made this site is shows respect for the people who have died in wars, famine, etc.
Kristal Shegrud
Centerville, UT USA - Mon Apr 9 15:04:41 2001
i am doing a report on memorial day, this sight is a big help. P.S.- i am not plagerising
bud erickson <>
west point, NE USA - Sat Apr 7 22:20:55 2001
This is a great website to honor all veterans and is very informative. Many interesting facts are exposed that are not known by the general public. So many people think of Memorial Day as the beginning of summer and just another day to be off work and have fun.
Mahlon Yost <>
Oakland, MD USA - Tue Apr 3 10:30:15 2001
I am glad to see this web site on the internet, I am glad that someone cares enough to honor our American Heros lost at war.
USA - Mon Apr 2 21:01:44 2001
This has helped me with a poem that I read out at my Aunties Funeral on the 29th March 2001
Dawn Louise Mudie <>
Leicester, England - Fri Mar 30 03:19:40 2001
Beautiful Site! The picture on the first page is so touching!
Brandi <>
Beaumont, TX USA - Thu Mar 29 08:39:22 2001
I like your webpage alot and I wish you would send me some information.
Timmothy Maddox <>
DeRidder, La. USA - Wed Mar 21 09:35:10 2001
Very informative site. It would be great if people really remembered America's heroes and observed the day. Perhaps more awareness will help some from just thinking it's a beach or shopping holiday.
barbara woods <>
New York, NY USA - Mon Mar 19 21:51:53 2001
our freedom we enjoy and take for granted in this country is because of the veterans who went to war
Richard <>
lansdale, pa USA - Fri Mar 16 02:52:41 2001
Very good but where is information about the Vietnam Veterians Memorial
Kelsie Flanscha <>
River Falls, WI USA - Wed Mar 14 19:01:17 2001

[Memorial Day Webmaster: you can find several resources on the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial at the Memorials & Casualty Page: Using the site's search engine should bring up more information and resources as well.]

I was researching Memorial Day for the Main Page of the Internet Service Provider that I work for, and I just wanted to thank you for your informative and moving web site. I was, unfortunately, unable to access the Moment of Remembrance link, but was otherwise very impressed. It is unfortunate that school children are not taught more about the meaning of this special day, or even adults for that matter. Too many people view Memorial Day as the third day in a three-day weekend. Thank you for reminding me what this day really means. I will be sure to pass that knowledge on to our customers at Senior Explorer. Sincerely, Marie Brathwaite
Marie Brathwaite <>
Santa Ana Heights, CA USA - Thu Feb 22 17:13:21 2001

[Memorial Day Webmaster:We've fixed the Moment of Remembrance link. The change in Presidents meant the old pages were removed.]

I wanted to sign your guest book. My father, George, served with Third Army 1944-1946. I'm in the process now of trying to put together a memorial box for my mom. Dad passed away 10 years ago and I only wish I had taken the avantage of that time to learn about how it was to serve during that period.
George S. Beaudion <>
Batavia, Oh USA - Sun Feb 18 15:05:13 2001
As a new Honor Guard captain at American Legion Post 252, I have been tasked with changing past Memorial Day ceremonies and bringing them up to date. Well this site has given me plenty of material to work with. I must also say that this is an outstanding site well put together. Sincerely, Ross R. Browne 111, TSgt, USAF, Retired
Ross R. Browne <>
Seminole, FL USA - Fri Feb 9 19:22:01 2001
This site is a rally good web site I like it a lot.
Brendan Sherrer <>
Snohomish, WA USA - Mon Jan 29 21:46:16 2001

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